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  1. I hope this is released as a mod. I have a very cool scene in my next machinima that this mod will have a part in if so.
  2. Thanks for looking into this. I think I may have found the culprit. I was using a download program that downloads several parts of the file at once and I have a feeling that was it. I am re downloading everything without it and will report back once I install. EDIT: That was it...install successful. Thanks all
  3. I purchased TOH via direct download from BI. I keep getting the message below and it wont install: --------------------------- Take On Helicopters --------------------------- Data file too short 'E:\Program files\Bohemia Interactive\Take On Helicopters\addons\united_states_h_data_layers_02_03.pbo'. Expected 417697879 B, got 258975872 B --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Can anyone help with this? I have tried several times, Thanks
  4. dcal

    Arma 3 - Pre-E3 Livestream Hangouts

    Combined Arms walkthroughs? Is that what I think it is? Arma 3 combined with Arma2 etc.?
  5. dcal

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    Thanks man, you just answered my question about recording before I typed it. I want to use this but do a lot of fraps recording. Now that you cleared that up I will be downloading this for sure to use in my new machinima.
  6. dcal

    AlienZ Mod

    One and the same my friend;-) I have two videos that I will be making. One will be a movie trailer style vid highlighting the AlienZ mod and the second will be a little longer. I have other machinima I am working on for War Thunder, Planetside 2 and Arma 3 so I will work on those while you are tweaking the models. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this.
  7. dcal

    AlienZ Mod

    Don't sweat it my friend, you guys are doing a great job providing some very cool content for the Arma community. We all appreciate it greatly.
  8. dcal

    AlienZ Mod

    Congrats on the release!
  9. dcal

    SciFi SW Mod

    My jaw hit the floor when I saw on Armaholic that you are porting your SW content over. Great to have you back McRuppert. This is going to be excellent!
  10. Sorry to be a little off topic but has there been any indication from BI on tool release if any? I may finally jump into the modding scene once they are released. Thanks IB.
  11. dcal

    Visitors for Arma2

    Wow....I had not checked back in a while because of messing around with Arma 3. This looks great....hope to see it in A3 at some point too.
  12. +1 on the maps ported to Arma 3. Amazing work my friend
  13. I hope its a bug or there is another way to make it happen. Not sure why they would change that.
  14. dcal

    ARMA 3 Gcam Mod

    Nice work AmisJack....man I hope the stuttering problem on troop and vehicle movement can be fixed.
  15. Looks great! Looking forward to this.
  16. dcal

    ARMA 3 Gcam Mod

    This was a great mod when it worked. I used this to film all of my Arma 2 Machinima. I would pay $50 to whoever could fix this mod....that is not a joke. Fix this and you are $50 richer. I tried reaching Gigan the orginal creator but did not have success
  17. dcal

    PlanetSide 2

    I just finished a new Machinima for Planetside 2 called Collision of Empires, enjoy:
  18. Man I love the sci fi stuff but I had to go with vehicles becuase we need those in Arma 3 first
  19. dcal

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I hope so. I am really itching for some Arma 3.
  20. dcal

    War Thunder [MMO]

    War Thunder is a blast. Great game. The replay system and cameras are a movie makers dream and I hope Arma3 will have something similar. Here is a new Machinima I just made using War Thunder and its movie making tools:
  21. Unfortunately we are not likley to see a new or updated camera tool until the release of Arma 3. I would make one but I just dont have the time to get into it.
  22. Yes! The legend continues, thanks IB