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    Icebreakr, I can't wait for your visitor mod to come out. I have scenes for a video all planned out and already scripted in some parts. All it is missing are your visitors. Thanks for all the mods you make, we appreciate it:)
  2. If Arma 3 used Euphoria it would be over for all the other want-to-be combat sims.
  3. Wow, problem completely solved. I found the 'remoteControl' command which is set via a trigger that allowed me to place a soldier and remotely fly a helicopter right in front of me. worked better than the drop cam theory above.:D ---------- Post added at 11:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:20 AM ----------
  4. OK guys, disregard the above. I found a workaround for what I wanted to do with attachto and alot of monkeying around(I am still somewhat new at this). For the record, I probably should have used a better example above. Those that have played older flight sims may remember a camera view option called drop cam(even the old Warhawk game on PS1 had it) where as soon as you pushed a certain key or button the camera would stop following your plane and you could see your plane continuing forward into the distance, but you would have full control of it still. You could actually loop back around and hover in front of the camera and move from side to side up and down if you wanted to. That type of feature would be great for movie making to be able to film some specific actions without alot of scripting.
  5. I have ideas for a new video when this comes out. Looking forward to introducing one of those things to the business end of an SMAW:D
  6. dcal

    Visitors for Arma2

    Man! I wish I would have know this was in the works. This is exactly what I wanted to use in the video I just made: Looking forward to blasting those things Icebreakr:D
  7. It is funny you mention that. I just finished a video using some of the stargate units:
  8. Exellent news guys! I have been in contact with the original maker of the VF-1 from Arma and he has just notified me that he is beginning work on a full Arma 2 conversion. This is what Ghost. had to say on through PM on armedassault.info: {Hello, I already have the "BI Editing Tools" for ArmA2 and the last version of Kegetys tools. Looking the readme about BI tools, I wonder if my mod, made with the previous version, will be compatible with the new one... I'll see... If you want, you can make an simple announcement that I'm back to work (Official announcement will be made on this site). Currently I can't tell you a release date. Not before having done a first try under ArmA2. But I already know how to spend my time until I have the game} :yay::yay:
  9. Same here, I have it working in Arma 2 but can't figure out how to keep it from changing. I noticed that when Autoland is on at the same time as auto hover it converts back to fighter mode, but once autoland is disengaged it goes back to Gerwalk mode. It is probably something simple to script or change but I am a dolt when it comes getting into the guts of a PBO and making it work. If someone figures this out can you post back here? You will be made an honorary captain of the SDF-1 by some grateful gamers:)
  10. dcal

    Emita City

    Definately looking forward to this!
  11. dcal

    Rhodesy's Projects

    I say go fictional and do GI Joe and Cobra soldier packs. As far as I know this is not being worked on yet.:D
  12. Addon Request - GI JOE Mod - surprised it has not been done by someone yet. Wish I had the time and talent to make one but do not. Anything in the works I may not have seen?
  13. Anyone else working on a GI Joe mod in addition to the side project DDAM is working on? Just curious.