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    Trees killing performance

    Yeah there is a noticable performance drop, I'd say when your in some wooded areas it just about halfes the performance.
  2. Which is your favourite sound mod and why?
  3. This looks amazing! Testing now ;) ---------- Post added at 11:30 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:59 AM ---------- OK so I moved the addons, I just wanted to use the addon in existing missions for now so i also used the XEH auto launcher addon. However it says extended event handlers is required, I've looked high and low for this and only found the file online for the original Arma.. *EDIT* Figured it out, I needed CBA (Community Based Addons) turned on. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, which made the process alot longer.
  4. I previously posted this in the wrong section for OFP addon request lol. I was suppoed to be asking in the ARMA 2 section, does anyone have any blood addons? I want to see more realistic blood and what not. Thanks.
  5. Erratic

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks for that, I'll give it a try
  6. Erratic

    OFP Addon request thread

    Any Addons for bmore realistic blood when someone is being shot?
  7. Erratic


    Hi W0lle, I've just played your mission it was a great one. Had a good pace to it. I've had the game a week and a half, but on the mission I had a gut feeling I was always going to get shot from any direction so I kept in good formation and stuck to cover. Got a nice amount of kills racked up :) The only thing I can say that is hardly a negative is when the humvee drives off at first and you are waiting for it to change cut scene, it's a little longer than expected as you can tell it's waiting for the humvee to get to a certain destination. No biggie though and great mission. I'll have to search for any more you may have done, unless you care to point me in the right direction? ;)
  8. Erratic

    Undead Mod mission "Nightmare"

    Well can you tell me how many hours it is until you start and I can work out the time it will be :)
  9. Erratic

    Mount & Blade: PC RPG.

    I've never played the original Mount & Blade but I have infact tried Warband, it just asn't fun for me. I knew the basics blocks and basic attacks and that was it, I played for about ten minutes and I know you should give games longer but I was really bored after ten minutes haha.
  10. I thought that was a Graphics mod :P Or does it contain a sound mod aswell? I'm just curious as to everyones favourites so I know which one's to try out, as far as I know there is, Chammy's, VOP Sound and ACE Sound Mod.
  11. Downloading looks very impressive thanks
  12. Erratic

    Undead Mod mission "Nightmare"

    Good stuff Brooklyn718, I should be there on sunday. Do you know what time that will be GMT? I think it's like 3am isn't it lol.
  13. Erratic

    Is arma ... fun?

    I've just recentely purchased this game. I think I bought it about a week ago. I've already put 30 hours into it! lol. Now, this number will soon go up. But I mean the second I was dropped into ARMA 2, I accepted that this is going to be hard. I don't even get frustrated when I die, because this game really is alot harder than your run of the mill FPS. ALOT harder. But don't you find it good that there's so much to learn? And already after playing for a short time, I've got loads better. I've begun to control my AI squad nicely, yes there's still things I need to touch up on and the AI control is probably the only real frustration for me, but I'm getting there. As far as the vehicles go, I found if I use the mouse to drive the vehicles, you can drive them real nice once you get used to it. I was using the keyboard before and I was driving like a drunk! At first for me, it felt like the mouse wasn't sensitive enough to drive the vehicle as it is to aim your weapon, but it seems to be very good once you give it a go. Give it five minutes and go nice and steady with it and you can already begin to do some nice driving. As far the graphics and immersion go, amazing. There's times where I laugh and think, man this is the real deal as far as immersion goes. I think the graphics are top notch also. All the missions, mods and everything make the whole community really great too. I've sat here for god knows how many hours reading about the stuff and choosing which ones I want and what not. My collection is building and building! What triggered it for me about how good this game was, was when I downloaded a user made mission to test one out, and I was controlling my squad to take an airfield, and we got into a massive firefight. It took me 40 minutes to finally get onto that airfield because of the resistance, but I remember after thinking. That was crazy! I get bored out of my head playing MW2 for 40 minutes now, I mean, imagine slowly moving towards a point in MW2 for 40 minutes! You'd fall asleep at your desk. But this game is completely different. I'm telling you I could go on and on. I'm going to use the Armoury later and play around with that! I've got some new mods to test out (sound mods and stuff) and missions to practice and try to complete. I've also got the editor to mess around in, I had a brief look, it looks endless. Where do I start? There's just so much to do :) If you ever want some co-op with a fellow beginner, hit me a PM. You or I can host a server and we can select some nice and simple missions that we can try and complete.
  14. Erratic

    BlackOps and desert mercs

    Very nice units! Cheers
  15. Erratic

    [CAMP] Chesty Puller

    Downloading this campaign now! Can't wait to play it, everything is saying alot of good things about it ;)
  16. Erratic

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    Thanks Ari, I've signed up to your forums now so just waiting approval and then I will goto the Sign Up thread. In the meantime I'm going to get my practice boots on ;)
  17. Erratic

    Steam overlay on Beta

    Yeah the game is actually very Alt-Tab friendly! Atleast so in W7-64 :) But I want my friends to be able to see when I'm playing the game so I'll just stick with 1.5 until 1.6 is out :P Thanks anyways guy.
  18. Sounds like the kind of thing I'd want to play man, thanks, just downloaded! I hope some servers give this a try, I might host a 4v4 one myself.
  19. Erratic

    Isla Duala

    Looks like you have done an amazing job with this island! Thanks.
  20. Hi, just bought the game via Steam so I am downloading as we speak! First off, I've read someones handy multiplayer guide and I have infact played the original ArmA a little bit so, I'm aware of all the customization and Add-Ons that are available! But I'm just curious as to what game modes people play? From what I've heard people have created their own new game modes. It would be interesting to try some of those out. Also what launcher is best for ArmA II and is there one that can both handle my mods that I want to use and also download Add-Ons from servers? I know I'm asking for a lot but I recall seeing these programs when I was looking the other day so I'm just curious! Can't wait to get playing! I know I'll be sat there messing around with all the graphics settings for ages until I'm happy that I've got it looking and running the best it can. I'm looking forward to playing online, I can imagine it's going to take alot of getting used to :D Cheers.
  21. Thanks for the info Zipper, great to know. Just patched my game and going to download Yoma's addonsynce, I'm certain I'll be able to use it though :)
  22. Erratic

    Undead Mod mission "Nightmare"

    The mission is looking sweet!
  23. Sounds nice man! While I'm here, Is there a server browser that can download addons and stuff? If there was that would be perfect.
  24. Thanks zipper! As I understand, Evolution is like an RPG style mode in which you progress ranks based on how many kills you get? I Presume Domination is based on control of certain locations for points and I did hear that Berzerk is similar style to BF2 as far as the way it works goes. But what about Devastation? Haha, it sounds cool for sure! I think some nice firefights would be good, both close quarters and long range :) My games 88% downloaded on Steam now, so not too long until I get a blast!