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    Setting up your FOV

    That's awesome oktane. I bet it's tons of fun! What size are the screen? I might buy 3 x 23.5 inch widescreen monitors, since I own a computer biz, I get them dead cheap. Whate are your recommendations if any? *Edit* Well I just checked and I can get a little smaller in size, but 3 x 21.5 widescreen monitors with backlight LED's for £300 total. I would love to get these now but I've got so much outgoing that I will have to wait. I'll be able to research in the meantime anyway and find out what works best.
  2. Erratic

    What is fillrate?

    Ok Myke, I've always understood how this worked, but never considered disabling AA and trying the 3D resolution on it's own. Thanks.
  3. Wolfstriked - I've noticed you've made alot of different threads lately, it doesn't sound like you are too happy with some of the ways the game works :P I think the weight of the weapons is good. I can hardly think of any other games where each weapon type is based on a certain weight so to speak.
  4. Your graphics card is bad I'm afraid, also the amount of memory on your card isn't the most important thing. For example having a high GPU clock and Memory clock alongside a good amount of memory is what you need. Although there are plenty of other specs on a graphics card that make the difference. I'm afraid you can't really blame it on the game, because you've got everything else needed to have a good game on it, it's just that your graphics card completely bottlenecks it. It's the same performance as your old PC because your graphics card is the source of the problem. When you can upgrade your card, you will see how much better it works with your new PC for the game. - In Regards to what Wiggum is saying about what graphics cards you need, I think you should go a step higher if you can than those he is recommending. That's if you can afford it ofcourse, food for thought.
  5. Erratic

    Play ArmA 2. Win Prizes

    Yeah definately, good game
  6. Erratic

    DM Real Tournament 2

    That persistant weapon option would be a nice addon Kondor! As for the money, bets and winning each fight is good yes! Cheers.
  7. Erratic

    DM Real Tournament 2

    I think we should be able to keep weapons and also win money after each round you win. Because I got to the final fight, spent all the money (that I only won from bets ofcourse) on an automatic rifle, I killed my opponent once with it, then though right well I'm glad I saved my money the whole game for this gun, and then it was gone on for the second time we faced! I was back to 0$ and default gun.
  8. This looooks amazing, downloading
  9. Erratic

    JadeWars TVT/COOP/SP

    Looks very nice man, downloading. Also I didn't know you released Jade Groove recently (Which looks top notch) and that new one you've got on it's way looks great too man ;)
  10. Erratic

    DM Real Tournament 2

    Nice, this looks really sweet man! Downloading now :D
  11. Hmm there's a chance on low, but the specs aren't so good my friend. Even on low you would be playing with lag I believe
  12. Erratic

    Arma 3!!! Your Expectations

    Currently not expecting anything from Arma 3 as we are hardly done with Arma 2 yet! The expansion is not even out yet lol.
  13. Voted for short movies!
  14. Erratic

    Demo does not do this sim justice

    Is that a steam version you've got Slag? If it is you will have to install the 1.05 patch also, after it's downloaded, as steam doesn't install that. :bounce3:
  15. He got us like a bullet skimming the buttocks, atleast we never really bought it. But Monk, if I ever see you ingame. A headshot will be my first welcoming to ya' ;)
  16. Bit childish isn't it
  17. Ok we've seen enough now. *EDIt* LOL well there you go
  18. Hmmmmm, ok then, why don't you aim up in the sky in OA, and fire 3 shots?
  19. He's only kidding W0lle pal
  20. Laides and gentlemen, he's about to present the grand prize
  21. Lol it does look pretty damn compressed don't it.
  22. I was referring to the arma 2 video that someone posted in this thread that you could have taken pictures from, it wansn't even me that originally suggested that man.
  23. It's liar liar, pants on fire, but I think ya knew that Laqueesha :D He's got a new screenshot gentlmen and it's definately not max graphics because it appears theres no AA, surely a trailer video for OA would include AA?
  24. He may have been caught out after that video