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  1. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    After the latest test I can confirm that this issue is still there contrary to what I wrote in the previous message. At start they target just one city. After about 5 minutes a second arrow appeared and after further 5-10 minutes there is third now with the 25% setting. All 3 are active now and the cities are not captured currently. And while I was typing the 4th appeared. I use the RHS mod selected.
  2. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Thanks a lot for those clarifications. This issue is not present with the latest versions of mod and mission. Will provide further feedback after playing a bit later. I see, that my player speaks in Greek instead of Russian as I am using RHS and opfor side. Is it configured on the mission side? Or can I change it myself? Sorry for some stupid questions. Also, it seems that AI comments are not duplicated in the message box.
  3. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    I used this link from the first post of the thread: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QNHCjh1KCzo7egraVPOXLLmkou5wcdOq/view?usp=sharing It looks like it might be outdated. The version from your previous post doesn't load for me via the TADS. Get this error when connect to the server: "Cannot open file 'mpmissions/FOW 12 RC1.' Will try to fix this somehow. Looks like I had to add ".altis" before the .pbo. Will test again now
  4. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    I used the one from Google drive as it turned out to be harder than it should be to launch a steam downloaded mission via TADS 🙂 Land transports. But I need more testing for this. It was just the very first thing when I first reached a city a few minutes after AI. There were 3 trucks/armored cars on the road, all destroyed with the soldiers sitting dead in the trucks back. Those could be caused by mines though as I didn't turn them off in my first run. The one I briefly started today, didn't have this problem I think. Yeah, there were 4 arrows definitely. Tested it again. At first, just one arrow appeared. But a minute later 3 more were there. Which is the latest version: Steam or Google drive?
  5. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Started another game now. What is the default number for "locations attacked"? I used the 25% multiplier there and 4 cities were attacked at the same time. Is it possible to lower it to 2 or even 1?
  6. yupi

    Field of war [CTI] [SP/MP]

    Hi @gc8, I've been subscribed to your mission for a long time but could not dive into Arma 3 for years for some reason. Now, started to play the campaign and want to play some custom missions. The idea behind this one looks perfect to me. Played just about 20 minutes yesterday in single player. Didn't encounter bugs but can give some feedback questions: 1) The AI started great with attacking cities with air and transport units. So great to see it after I saw that such a basic staff is missing from the official Warlords missions where AI doesn't use transports. But in both games I started those transports and were ambushed and shot when they entered the cities. Wouldn't it be better to make the AI unload units close to the cities and attack on foot? If the transport could be re-used - would be even better but I guess it's too hard for the AI to manage sending it after reinforcements. 2) A played just as a squad leader, not a commander but the money income was huge right from the start. Personally, I prefer a much slower development where you would really consider the loadout you buy and the skill level of the soldiers you hire. Again, I guess the issue here could be with the AI as they would waste the money and it would be hard for them to manage their balance. Still, would be great if there was an option (unless I missed it) where you could set the multiplier for the income. I would prefer to set it to 25%. As for AI, may be make 2 types of buying behavior: a) the current default one. b) savings. If they have less than 8k, for example, they just buy a jeep, 2 extra units and proceed with their tasks. This way, they would be saving the money until they can go to option a) For anyone willing to try this mission in Single player, using the dedicated server is must. The performance gain is huge. I used this TADS tool to set it up.
  7. yupi


    I haven't played much of this mission but I have never seen AI using transport. I prefer to play with no fast travel, so using transport is critical. Is this something planned to be improved in future?
  8. yupi

    [CTI][SP] General's war

    Hi, thanks for the mission. Two questions: 1) is it possible for both sides to be controlled by AI commanders? So, the players is just part of the side? 2) Do you have any plans to create an RHS version?
  9. Regarding finding the workshop mods, there is another option. If you don't mind spending some disk space on duplicating mod folders, you can find the mod in the launcher, press the button with "..." and then "copy as a local mod...". Choose your arma directory and the mod will be copied there. That's how I did it. Also, important that the ports should be opened if you are behind a NAT. For me that was a bit of an issue as my PC is connected through router that connects to another router :) HeroesandvillainsOS, thanks for the tips and hints. Sorry for missing them. Will take a look now. One thing that will make the mission much more interesting for me is some sort of economics(support, units, vehicles have a cost for you). I understand that for some having the sandbox is better but having an option with a limit of what you can have makes it more interesting in my eyes. You will have to make some interesting choices then. Don't know how complex is it to implement though.
  10. Thanks for the mission, even though I didn't play it really :D I just upgraded the CPU, so can finally really play Arma since Arma 1. Decided to start with your mission, so I have a few noobish questions, but hopefully someone can help me here. After spending some time I think I was able to run the mission on local dedicated server(the game got logged at Alive WarRoom). Is there any way to check if everything initialised correctly within the mission? A more important question is how to use this Commander Tab you mentioned at the start of this topic? I've seen some video on youtube with different menu buttons on the left hand side(Edit: it seems it was the video with editor) on Alive when the map is opened. But I have nothing like this. EDIT: I think I need to find our how to run an Alive Action Menu. ANy help? That is all for now I guess.
  11. I can confirm significant FPS drop with the latest update. It's very visible for me and obvious as i upgraded the system slightly 2 days ago. To set the ideal settings i spent hours running Yet Another Arma Benchmark with every possible setting. So, since i ran Arma the last time I spent another hour trying to find out what could I change to receive much worse results since previous runs. Now, I understand that it was caused by the update. It's exactly 20% FPS drop for me in that benchmark. Hopefully, that will be addressed.
  12. yupi

    Fatigue Feedback (dev branch)

    I know this was asked a few times, but really: What is the downside and the problem of the old system+ the visual bar(which should be included as irl you would easily understand how fatigues you are)? Is there any?
  13. yupi

    ASR AI 3

    HI Robalo, Thank for your awesome AI mod. I started playing Arma after a very long break with going through all VR trainings and currently go through Showcases. And I have a few comments/issues. Not sure if they are mission related of mod related. But it's better to share them I guess. 1) The firefights are much better than I previously experienced in vanilla in any of the previous Arma games and original OP. They are long and intense. But it looks like that the player and AI comparing to vanilla AI. With your mod in showcase missions(may be, the AI rank/level of the opponent is very low?) it looks like the AI is too inaccurate instead of being godlike accurate in vanilla. If the distance is 200+meters and I notice the AI firing at me I even stopped moving to cover. I know that it is very unlikely that it will hit me in 10 secs and it's enough to aim and kill the enemy. The question is, to make the AI more accurate should I make the AI setting Custom and make the AI accuracy as 0,6 or 0,7. Will it make the AI slightly more accurate? 2) In Scuba showcase after I was noticed the AI helicopter noticed me and shoot a bit. The problem is no matter what I did, it knew my location. I could swim at the low depth for a few kilometers, and it would follow me and start shooting once I get out. I tried to hide in the trees. I was successful and it didn't shoot but it still was "following"(of course, it just flew over, turned back and flew over again. But always above my position even if it could not see me to open fire) me and started shooting once my cover stopped being good enough. Again, it could be just a mission script. But if not and that is a general AI behavior, that doesn't look perfect. 3) Another issue with the same helicopter in Scuba mission is that it was never able to hit me. It fired a few hundreds of volley overall through my playthroughs of the mission but always missed. Again, it could be a mission script, so the helicopter always follows you and scares with the volleys of fire but lets you live. If not, it's accuracy is a bit too low, I guess :) 4) In the Combined Arms I encountered a mission breaking bug. When we capture the camp and repelled the attack my team(led by AI) was ordered to move back to LZ. But it didn't move at all. Again, don't know if it is a mission bug or caused by mod. But I suspect that it could be because of Team merging script. Is it working for the AI teams which consists of real players? Could it be that my team merged to another team and so the waypoints and scripts for the original team stopped working? I guess that merging team behaviour is great for generic and dynamic mission firefights but could break some linear scripted missions. Is there any way I could manually switch off this functionality? EDIT. I found a way to turn it off in config. EDIT2. That was a mission bug. 5) How is the "copymystance" working? I mean in cases when you are in a firefight and you get up to run to cover, will it make AI to stand up, as well or will they stay prone and continue firing? And vice versa, if you lay down to start shooting, will the AI be able to run to cover or will they lay down, as well? Thanks again for such a great mod! Alex.
  14. Hi everyone. I have a question regarding the CPU upgrade. Currently I have AMD x4 955. I think about buying a FX 4350 as it looks like the best possible option for me without changing mobo. It's also not that expensive. I was going to go and buy it but then read a few comparison site and it looks like the difference between those 2 is minimal. But I guess that is in general. Could you please advise me if it will improve the Arma 3 performance for me? I have 12gb of RAM and Radeon 7870. Thanks.
  15. Hi SaOk. Could you tell me if there is any way to easily change the side you are playing? With RHS Esvalation mod, is it possible to just swap "enemy" and "friend" classes? Or is it necessarily to create those side in mod menu from scratch? Super mission btw. The best that Arma 3 can offer.