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  1. G44

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    @Sennacherib When are You planing to release new stuff :) ?
  2. G44

    Fatalness is Here !!

    Jan - Very Good mission :) When next ?
  3. G44

    Dutch infantry -- Holland May 1940

    Andre I looked at this maps... A lot of addons are missing, beside a lot of addons aren't in this pack (IOH Suff). In my opinion it was 5-9 missing buildings and other small objects like walls... But I will try to look at it after we finish our project. Regards
  4. G44

    no voices with SLX WGL

    Try to run with -nomap command ;)
  5. G44

    New Taviana Screen Shots!

    Bielow said me that Martin wrote in pm to him that he don't release Taviana for ofp or Arma I... Maybe the main actor of this theater should say a few words ? Martin we waiting... I'm very sad. I was waiting for this islands for a very long time. It was the main reason why i register at this forum.. And why ? Why You release unfinished version ? :confused: This is a bullshit ...
  6. G44

    Metal Gear Faces/Units

    Good dammit looks so great! Keep it up!
  7. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    It's possible. Look at MCM-SLX mod or FFUR-SLX it'a matter of skills ;)
  8. I saw a few screens from Bielow map's. Ih he will don't have any objection I will release it when we finish textures our islands. Who is else working on mod? You,Bielow and Vilas only ? :confused: Maybe You could help them instead of talking about with Your wishes :/ żenada.
  9. G44

    Legend Of Madness - WIP

    Link don't work for me to :/ Anyway anout screens - Awesome ! I hope it will not be a project like WWIIEC Caen or similiar projects.
  10. G44

    The Code Blue Thread

    This isn't a topic to some kind of experiments :/ try to learn a few things about mission making and then make a one good mission instead to make a multiple missions with no sense.. 1st thing - more realism. look at tv or internet how army/sf works. What they did to secure objective. What is needed to transport soldiers etc 2nd thing - Orders. Look in web, try to find authentic soldiers orders and try to make similiar with Your briefing. 3th thing - Music/Sound/Radio. Try to add interesting sounds and music in triggers etc. Bronze Eagle released his archives. Check this ! 4th thing look at opec.com if You want to make a good mission. ;) 5 - it's not a lottery civilians -1, resistance 10 etc. What the hell is this ? FPS in contra style or what. So try to improve Your missions. Regards
  11. I was thinking that will be crap from that projects but now I'm happy :) no, no, no :) byle do przodu :)
  12. G44

    The Lost world Mod - jarrasic park

    Probably if someone have this stuff may be: a. innactive b. switch to arma I or II c. he isn't register on BIF d. dead ;) But I know that original creators of Jurrasic park are making in Arma II. Find their e-mail and contact with them :)
  13. G44

    The Code Blue Thread

    33BO11OF00 - Maybe You don't see but that is Code Blue topic... You have Your own 3-7 topics or God even know how many. Anyway about Your last mission... FPDR END
  14. G44

    T-Virus mod

    :mad: It's Ofp topic. If You want this in Arma do it but Yourself.
  15. Any new progress ? Maybe a few screens ? I'm big WWII Fan so I'm interesting with this topic. :p
  16. G44

    Handsignals Command System Released!

    I have a version 1.1 - on 100% about 1.2 i must chceck my disk, but probably I don't have it... :( but it's not sure. I let You know Salvatore via pm if I find something.
  17. Something new in Appleased ;) ? Maybe few new screens? BTW Will be a new version soon? Because some addons are as stand-alone :/ And a few addons have a few bugs. No shadows, unnecessary Lod's etc. Will it be update ?
  18. G44

    The Code Blue Thread

    No. Read "what exactly" wrote Broneze Eagle :mad: It's not complicated ;)
  19. G44

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    OMG That's awesome. I see a lot of new things, i was fear that mod will be dead soon but now :D I may play OFP a few long years more ;)
  20. G44

    The Code Blue Thread

    This is the only new things in version 1.2 ?
  21. G44

    OFPWH40Kv3 MOD

    Hmmm Any chance to updates this mod? It's very good, exactly campaign, but there is still a few bugs... :( So my question is: If You create a few new addons will You create a patch (new addons + bugs fixed) to W40K or it will be only a stand alone addons ? Anyway, Great Work.
  22. G44

    Thyria: sands of resistance.

    When will be a next release ;) ? Although one addons :p Your mod is a reason why i look at BI Forum sometimes. Keep it up! Good that you are back.
  23. G44


    So far so god :) Main problem is solved ;) But how many limit of FTP You an Bielow have ? :D
  24. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hmmm is someone know if are (maybe somehow have on his hdd) in big space of net WWII japan addons ? I was thinking about tanks or cars. I know that WWIIEC pacific divison released a few islands and planes. But I was looking e.g typ-92 (heavy machine gun) or ha-go tank? Can someone help me ?
  25. Another stage complete. I (with Bielow's help) finish a few new tracks for Our mod. So at this stage of time we have 6 music tracks. :D Now we must do only typical orient music and all sounds/music etc - Done!