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    Binmod Release Thread

    @STGN Sorry I didn't understanded :/ @batis4 I bet on isntaler. One russian mod have something similiar to this.When Guy provided rar file it was all ok...
  2. On flashpoint.ru i founded something like this: http://narod.ru/disk/6603452001/gaz_novyy.rar.html I hope it'll help with missing textures with Gaz-aa.
  3. G44

    Binmod Release Thread

    It's for me STGN ??
  4. G44

    WWII MP Released!

    woow! Reyhard is back :) When patch mate ;) ?
  5. G44

    Binmod Release Thread

    I have all proper installed. I'm not amator... :/ edit--- And when there are used lean right and lean left there's missing animations it's hard to show this on screen,but I'll try to show when i will had time.
  6. lol. I see that most of peoples don't have misterious skills like "reading" http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=93351&highlight=Duke+Nukem+Forever check this site: http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/index_engl.htm sdkfz 251 was released in I44 2.00 and 2.50 winter version was hiden in file too ;) You can find this version e.g in Reyhard's mod WWIIMP but non proper optymalized. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_tiger2.htm was in 2.7 patch but just only one tiger and jadgtiger was added to config :) Bielow released hot fix mean time with fixed config with all Tiger II pack,and few more things. link expired so there's no longer visible. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_pz5.htm was in 2.00 version and 2.50 http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_firefly.htm was in Arma I release with rest of sherman's from Marcel. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_m8.htm was in Arma I release too. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_pz4.htm was fixed by D@nte aka Sennacherib and You can find it in Bennie1983nl Dak mod.... Repainted and changed version of panzer 4 You can find in first arma I44 release too. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_germcrew.htm Marfy/Dr Rebus work was in IOF and Berlin 1945 addons. If i remember correctly there was in Stug addon from Italian front too. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_pak36.htm SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad was in Arma I release. Pak 36 You can find as standalone addons in IOF pack or GST work. And they are added in Reyhard's WWIIMP. http://ofp.gamepark.cz/desert/addon_T34.htm are fixed from my sources and working. They are in I44 team hands. Bielow don't have them. From Marfy vehicles he have only pz4 in Dak which is from long time working - thx D@nte and I44 team and tiger II pack. That's all. I know reading and thinking is hard guys but it's time to start. If You need addons - but You are noob like me (I checked your posts so tha's why I know) it's only waiting. If You have skills - reguest pm to I44 team that You have skills and You both request addons and You will finish them etc. and volia I wish myself to have skills like Marfy. He was genious. Beside like Relliki mentioned it's only him thing if he will release or not.And when of course.
  7. G44

    Legend Of Madness - WIP

    You posted the same twice ;) beside we know that movies-hector posted that and salvatore leee roberto ;) But to the point-will be any playable version for peoples not from south america ;) ? please :) !
  8. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    yes.to I44 D-Day dedicated to Arma I.for ofp nope. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=5767
  9. Spotted one strange thing... when i replaced gaz tex and p3d my truck in lib mod are liek...maded from rust. I checked paa and pac files and are broken.they don't open with tex view 1 and 2. I have version from filefront,but version from flashpoint ru seems broken too. Any advices termit??
  10. G44

    Binmod Release Thread

    I can read "read me". Yeah.I used jam. Few more missing sounds discovered during using east side small weapons.liek with west side. p.s and I don't using any other mods/addons or skies etc. (my addons foler and res/addons folder contain only vanilla ofp files and jam)
  11. G44

    Binmod Release Thread

    first test-big dissappoint -no sounds for weapons and engines to: -AIR (UASF) -AIR (Russian Federation) -Armored (USA) - no sounds for engines and weapons.sometimes for turrets only I'll edit post with next bugs... :mad: edit--- -AIR (USSR) no sounds for engine and weapons to... -SHIPS (USSR) -the same -SHIPS (Russian Federation) - the same -MAN (USSR) - no sounds for small weapons.no sounds for granades explosion.only sounds of throwing grenades are ok,no working sounds for rpg.only bizon have ok sounds when trying to continue test in editor it shows me error-sorry no screen.out of memory. when tried to place laser units in editor-ctd don't remember what was name on unit -SHIPS (USA)-no sounds too -CAR (USA) -the same -CAR west/rest - 5ton trucks - the same -no sounds for normal US small weapons e.g m16,law,smx,satchel charges,m-60,g-36,mortar blablabla -some weapons in LSR broken sounds like one of m249-will get name with next edit permanently error when You starting to get in/get out vehicles,when placed unit in editor etc edit--- that m240 and 249 lsr weapons: -in first rate of fire-sounds fucked. -in burst-sounds normal edit---- LSR units -m16a4 unit worng magazines-don't shoot or something else wrong next tests- evening.
  12. G44

    Job: drop particle

    I hope it wasn't Your test image ;) ?
  13. G44

    WW2 map

    Really nice screens :) What about defences? Bunkers? Trenches,wires,dragon teeths are planning too? Or bombed town ?
  14. Indeed. The only reason to play Arma I. :)
  15. Topas - thank You for info I'll keep my fingers :) Chevrolet looks really nice.
  16. Woow! Really nice! Are this lefotvers after Marek Model mod? Or it's Your standalone project? Anyway-looks marvelous Głęboko wierzę, że ten mod nie skończy jak jego poprzednicy do Ofp i Army I. Trzymam kciuki.
  17. should we have chance to see any little preview of coming island with 2.5 release?
  18. G44

    WW2 map

    Good Damm work! Woow!
  19. G44

    OFP Addon request thread

    Check this http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=4129
  20. G44


    In vanilla fop there isn't something like leaning. You must have addons like Locke Anim or e.g ww4 anim from Sanctuary. Then You can use shift + left/right to lean in standing and crouching position.
  21. G44

    Half Life Addon Pack

    Yeah...Reading is hard i see... It's not my addon and i wrote clear "Sorry for no screens- I was too lazy G44 " but I see there was too much posts to You. Download and check Yourslef dude.
  22. Another non-common WWII Addon to Ofp. Founded - probably as most great addons in Flashpoint.Ru LaGG3 Plane in two variants normal and camo. Author(s) - probably Liberation 41-45 team DOWNLOAD Needed : Liberation 41-45 mod p.s Screens from gatebuilder. In Liberation mod all will be ok-no white tex ;)
  23. Well most of addons Bielow's dig out some times ago.I'm only sending Dl's if someone don't have that addons. Maybe will be better in one pack. I'll try to upload Liberation mod Bielow's version with all that stuff and few more if I will have time. (and good transfer upload too) :)
  24. G44

    vegetation choice

    Ok- Maybe will be soon release ;) Caen I think.
  25. Not very common info http://flashpoint.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=51180 T-60 tank for liberation mod. (As replacement of old) Author: Ingeneer and Liberation 41-45 Team. Direct Link http://ofp.gamepark.cz/_hosted/lib4145/models/T60NEW.7z