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  1. Hi,

    I would like to create a mass of swarming terrorist that attack a base door or a vehicle at the door.

    I setted a waypoint search and destroy for them, setted their ability to max, movement normal and behaviour combat, but they arrive 1 by 1, not so convinced and are taken down too easily by the vehicle (a VM90 with a MG3).

    I used the FFAA terroristas, some with AK some with RPG and a lot of Hamas suicide. Theese last never detonate but simply fire with the AK. Generally they seams dumb even if I run amidst of them by feet.

    Any suggestion?

  2. no way, I tried with _player addEventHandler

    or _player addEventHandler ["KILLED", "_this execVM 'promotetoleader.sqf';"]; but it does work only the first time, now I try with _unit addEventHandler and then going to sleep

    Thank you very much I'll tell you the result


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    Victory :yay:

    The problem was that I am a donkey.........in the group there was a character setted like captain like me and so.........:o

    Now it works, I died three times with three choppers to be sure.

    Thank you very, very much.

    this has been a long night first whit the I/O analysis to chose what pbo send to pendrive and then with the respawn but I go sleeping victorious :bounce3:

  3. I paste the script this addEventHandler ["KILLED", "_this execVM 'promotetoleader.sqf';"]; in the initialization window of the officer, and create a file promotetoleader.sqf in which i paste only the script:

    _unit = _this select 0;

    waitUntil {alive _unit};

    group _unit selectLeader _unit;

    It does not work and I think is something to do with the fact the mission is Multiplayer and there's not a "unit"

    I placed 2 group of six playable charachters........maybe change unit with player:confused:......I'm trying

  4. Fantastico!!!,

    I seeked it from Wip and now I have to say you: great work.

    I already created an MP mission and it seams to work very well.

    The only thing, I've a lot of stutter even with the files on a fast pendrive.

    I will test if the problem is the map (queshkirbul) but if you think the problem are the high quality models I can spare a lot of test and time.

    Thank you very much

    e ancora: grande!!!

  5. Hi all, I'm trying to create my first mission.

    I used queshkibrul island, Pedagne mod and some terrorist.

    here the complete list of addons:
















    I menaged to create 2 group of 12 infantrymen each one lead by an officer and set the respawn to base.

    The respawn works, but sometimes I respawn again as leader of the squad, others like a member. If so I'm ordered to dismount from vehicles and can't ride any.

    Do you have any idea were' the problem.

    Maybe when I die alone it's all right and not if destroyed in a vehicle or with some AI?

    Thank you very much

  6. Hi all,

    after 6 month of setting I run ArmAII good enough whith an old rig :intel 6400 10% overclocked, ati 1950pro, windows xp pro 32 bit, 4 GB ram ddr2. Addons transferred to secondary HD, and 2 fast pendrive, ArmA retail with patch 1.05.

    I started this campaign and updated with the patch and it looks very involving and good looking.

    I have only two question. Is there a way to lower terrain detail for increase performance? I usually run it as low but it seams not to work in this scenario (maybe fixed by script?).

    I have the message of missing lighting effects too, do you solved it somehow?

    Thank you very much and again :Gret work!!!