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  1. Oh, here's the matter.

    I didn't assume that the radio triger was always present.

    To block it do I need a description file or can I make it simpler?

    To black multiple triggers how do I list them (exact syntax)

    1 setRadioMsg "NULL"

    2 setRadioMsg "NULL"

    3 setRadioMsg "NULL"


    1 setRadioMsg "NULL";

    /2 setRadioMsg "NULL";

    /3 setRadioMsg "NULL";

    can I call the line: 1 setRadioMsg "Alpha attack" as a result of the reached waypoint?

  2. How to:

    Waypoint that will KILL YOU WHEN YOU REACH IT

    1. Create waypoint put in whatever you want BUT

    On Act(ivation): reached == true

    So what we do is, that we create a variable called "reached" and we put its status on true.

    2. Create a trigger.

    Condition: reached

    On act(ivation): player setDamage 1

    So I create a waypoint "move" for alpha team.

    On act: reached == true

    Then I put a trigger and don't sync it? Or do I group/sync it with the waypoint?

    In the condition field of the trigger I put: reached

    So the trigger is active only at the condition reached.

    But I have 4 units each with its waypoints and radio trigger

  3. Uhm, I suppose I have to give a name to the waypoint, isn't it?

    Something like "alphapoint" and then in the trigger condition: reachedalphapoint = true

    Or do I need a script?

    Or Did I understand very wrong?

    Consider that theese are my first attempts and that english is not my own language.

    Coloured text may help like green for given names, black for syntax and red for values.

    Thank you for the reply

  4. Thank you for the answer.

    It works fine yet with the units arriving on a map point an a trigger that display text on screen (even if i'm intrigued of your suggestion of a side aknowledgement).

    My goal was to have the radio trigger for ordering the attack to appear in radio option only when a squad reached its waypoint.

    The reason is that often the squads reach their spots at the same time (how disciplinate are they :p) and the messages overlap so I am not sure who is in place (and maybe if I give attack order too early the units don't seek waypoints anymore).

    It would be very interesting for other missions too, as you can call for example an air strike only after AA destruction.

    Let me know what you think about it.

  5. Hi all, maybe I have a problem.

    i use to store some of the base Addons on a pendrive for fast access.

    Now I'm having problems with the usb hub and backupping theese files on the HDD. But it doesn't copy the file dubbing.pbo cause "the file or directory is damaged". Actually i play without issues but i don't trust the pendrive anymore.

    Can someone give a suggestion to save or retrieve the dubbing.pbo file of the ArmA2 standalone 1.05 patch?

    What if I copy the original dubbing.pbo from the DVD? Has it changed in the 1.05 version?

    Please help

  6. Sorry if I collect different questions in the same topic, but I just finished my first articulate mission and even if it works, some doubts rise.

    Is there a editor guide for ArmA2 like the great one in pdf created for ArmA?

    How can I create Radio option dinamically in game: I have some units going in different positions and, once there, I get a messagge (alpha, bravo etc. in position). Now with the radio I can order each to attack. How can I display theese radio options only when units are in position?

    After theese units are given order, they move to search and destroy, then with another radio trigger I order them to converge at the same point.

    Here a squad have the waypoint "join and command" synched with the "move" waypoints of the other 3 squads. I tried even with "join" for the 3 squads and "join and command" for the 4th but they never merge. Maybe because not all 3 squads arrive (probably killed)? How can I merge only who arrive? Maybe with a countdown?

    If a unit miss a waypoint (I give the order attack to alpha team before it reach previous waypoint), do it fail to seek other waypoints?

    Thank you all for reading, and of course for answering if you please :)

  7. I asked the same thing in 1.07 patch tread.

    It's strange that no response come yet.

    I returned to 1.05 for this reason and don't know what I'm missing so.

    Do you know if there are very good reasons to upgrade to 1.07.

    My specs:

    ArmA2 stand alone retail

    CPU: Intel E6400 2,13 GHz (overclocked 5% to 2,25)

    Ati Radeon HD5670 1Ghz

    Win XP pro 32bit

    4 GB Ram 800 MHz

    I Play well whit 2500 wiew distance, all very high except terrain detail (low), post process (low with okt noblur), Anisotropic philter high and AA normal.

    Great boost (expecially in LOD switch) defragging and alphabetically ordering my HDD which's not the system disk and placing some base addons in a fast pendrive.

    Please help if you can

  8. Hi, today installed ATI display drivers 10.9 for XP pro 32bit and tried ArmA2.

    I have an error with Pedagne VCC2 rvmat.

    When I load mission with the VCC2 or try to use it in the armoury it crashes to desktop and report error: encountred "." instead of "="

    Do you know if is something I can resolve or if I need to restore older drivers?

    My graphic card is ATI Radeon HD5670.

    Thank you very much

  9. Sorry for asking again, I really searched the forum for an answer but maybe I don' know the right words to key.

    Now that the new beta patch is available, I'm thinking of installing 1.07 (again after returning to 1.05).

    But I really miss the tank shake and the dust blow when it fires its main gun. I don't understad why with 1.07 it lacks and if it was restored in some way.

    I really would appreciate some answer 'cause my game stay outdated for this reason.


  10. I tryed the Gcam addon version: Have a folder @gcam with the addon folder and the gcam.pbo in it.

    The .hpp files are a mistery to me.

    I put one or the other (or both) in the Userconfig folder, or created a gcam folder in the userconfig folder with .hpp in it. I put it/them in the gcam addon folder too or in the gcam folder like freshly unzipped.

    But every time i click gcam on the menu it CTD with the error: includefile:@gcam/gcam_config.hpp not found.

    Any advice?

    Is the addon for use with any mission?

    Have i to include scripts in the mission folder?

    Is for editor only?

    It probably is something very simple but I can't catch it :p

  11. Ok, I restored default. Now would like to try changig GPU_MaxFramesAhead from the card itself but I have no CCC panel 'cause I use ATI tray tools and can't find an option about it.

    What is suposed to do this setting? Is a preloadinf of frames to have smoother flow or what? Do you know where to set in the card?

    Thank you again

    P.S. Wandering through the ATI tray tools settings I noted that in hardware>overclock settings the memory frequency is setted at 500. To be exact, I have Bios mem 1000, actual mem 500 (maybe 2d?) and the possibility to tag a "like DDR". If I do so Bios go to 4000 and actual to 1200.

    i searched the F.a.q. on tray tools forum but i'm sorry don't find a solution.

    My card is an ATI Radeon HD5670 1Gb DDR5 and I think that ram frequency should be 4000 mhz.

    If you have the same tools can give help: Have to set this value manually? what whit the settings if i disinstal and reinstall tools?

    Ati hotkeypoller is running (saw in services) so it's supposed to use all capacity in 3D Applications?

  12. I made the tests:

    GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1000;(this value is the max that the GPU can reach).

    GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=effective performance of GPU (possibly limited putting a fixed value in the previous setting).

    I tried setting GPU_MaxFramesAhead as 0/1/8 without noticing difference

    I tried setting GPU_DetectedFramesAhead manually and fixed the file as read only. The sole difference is maybe that with discrepancy in the two values it run less smooth (?).

    With GPU_DetectedFramesAhead fixed higer than the GPU can reach (8 in my test), maybe a little more LOD switch.

    I tought that from 0 and 8 the difference would be appreciable in quality or issues but it seams not.

    I'll probably let the default values with 0 Headbobbing to prevent seasickness.

    Still don't understand why rendering is default 1440x900.

    I'll put it the same as display 1280x1024.

    Any other suggestion is welcome