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  1. In ArmA2 standalone it's an effect lost vith 1.07 patch. It's the reason why I stand with 1.05.

    I think that CO have this change inside too.

    For some reason I can't figure out, I had no response in several posts about the future fix or the intention to fix it.

    I didn't notice the muzzle flash problem in my short experience with 1.07.

    A reason more to wait and resist.

  2. Hi, I'm playing the lowland mission. Really, really immersive, love the models and map and the Huey taxi.

    Only some maybe ignorant questions: In the Air transportation menu, what are for the commands THC and Out!. I searched the pdf guide and Also google for THC but found only a cannabis substance or throttle control :confused:

    Greetings from Charlie :D

  3. I don't know benchmark 08 (have a link?).

    But I made a simply bench mission and tried 10.4, 10.6, 10.8, 10.9.

    10.4 are the best for me too (for the FPS, don't know what else good other release have).



    for more details here my specs

    GPU Ati radeon Sapphire HD5670 1GB

    CPU E6400 2,13Ghz (5% OC to 2,24)

    OS Windows XP pro 32 bit

    4 GB ram 800Mhz (run 844 for the OC)

    All on secondary HDD defragmented and sorted by path

  4. I took a look to my working briefings.

    I would have no underscore:

    tskobj2 = player createSimpleTask ["Clear area."];

    tskobj2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear the specified area of operation of all Insurgent activity.", "Clear area", "Clear"];

    tskobj1 = player createSimpleTask ["Kill BORIS"];

    tskobj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Kill the insurgent leader Boris Ballbanger.", "Kill BORIS", "Boris"];

    ---------- Post added at 09:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:38 AM ----------

    It seams having no consequence 'cause I made a fake mission with your script as a briefing, (only with the add of the ";"

    It works perfecly, both the task are shown in the instruction menu so at the moment don't know what your issue can be.

    I paste the working script:

    player createDiaryRecord ["Diary", ["Black Forest Hunt", "Seek out Insurgent camps in the Black Forest area and eliminate them. The area of operation is marked on your map.

    Intel says we have a good chance of catching Boris Ballbanger, a popular Insurgent leader, in the area over the next 12 hours or so.

    Air recconisance has spotted several areas of interest within the field of operation that you should definitely secure, and has dropped an ammo resupply in the area should you need it. Just make sure you secure it quickly.

    Expect patrols to be on high alert if Boris is in fact present. Get the job done and get out of there."]];

    tskobj_2 = player createSimpleTask ["Clear area."];

    tskobj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear the specified area of operation of all Insurgent activity.", "Clear area", "Clear"];

    tskobj_1 = player createSimpleTask ["Kill BORIS"];

    tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Kill the insurgent leader Boris Ballbanger.", "Kill BORIS", "Boris"];

    player setCurrentTask tskobj_1;

  5. What a mod!!!

    The models are awesome, the Viet too, in every detail, the jungle is a jungle and even if it exagerate the bug of AI with perfect view trough vegetation, the immersion is worth the difficulty. But I note the absence of a protagonist.

    Where's the napalm :p?

    Did I miss something? Do you contemplate to release some plane else? Maybe with this armament or some cluster?

    I know I'm insatiable :rolleyes:!

    Thank you for this release for the moment. Congrats

  6. Not sure, but maybe you lack a ";"

    tskobj_2 = player createSimpleTask ["Clear area."];

    tskobj_2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Clear the specified area of operation of all Insurgent activity.", "Clear area", "Clear"];

    tskobj_1 = player createSimpleTask ["Kill BORIS"];

    tskobj_1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Kill the insurgent leader Boris Ballbanger.", "Kill BORIS", "Boris"];

    player setCurrentTask tskobj_1;

  7. This post is exactly what I was looking for.

    I created the init.sqf with the string execVM "briefing.sqf";

    The file briefing.sqf with diary and task (all work, mission status too).

    But theese all are visible only when in game, not at startup.

    Not to be untrustful, but I would like to read the briefing before jumping out of my plane :p

    I saved the mission as user mission, created pbo and played in SP.

    Any hint

  8. I used with satisfaction this tread, but now I have the last points to resolve.

    Do I have to write the taskobj in inverse order to show them in the correct one

    task2 = player createSimpleTask [".........."];

    task2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["..................."];

    task1 = player createSimpleTask [".............."];

    task1 setSimpleTaskDescription [".............."];

    Is there a reason why the diary don't show stressed letters (à, è etc.)?

    Is there a way to show the briefing before the mission start..........maybe in intro:confused:

  9. Check here for all the combat mode colors:


    In the init line of a unit:

    this disableAI "move";

    semi-colon is optional unless you have multiple commands

    For roof tops, I recommend playing with setbuildingpos command until you find the right position. The unit should stay in the right place without falling.

    this setPos (nearestBuilding this buildingPos 3);

    replacing the 3 with the correct position. You will have to experiment until it's right.

    Very useful, for the future too, thank you :)

  10. What a fortune! I was looking for this exactly.

    Only some more info: the exact syntax of theese commands.

    Should I put those script in the init line of the unit?

    Do I need space or ";"

    What I need is a unit well grouped that wait in an enclosed space without running outside so when player enter from the sole hallway, he find the unit waiting for him :D

    P.S. What is combat yellow mode?

  11. Hi, I have this error when hitting targets or ground with the panzerfaust 3 with ASZ Pedagne mod.

    Do you know if it's a known issue? What's the missing file?

    Where should it be (in case i would like to unpbo and check)?

    It's something related to visual mods (I use a lot: okt_noblur, sakusun, sakulight, landtext, warfx particles etc :p).

    I use ArmA2 standalone dvd, patched to 1.05 on Win XP pro 32bit.

  12. About the trigger on destruction of an object: Solved this too ;)

    The problem was the way the object was created and saved in the mission.

    If I make a change, I need to group again with the trigger, save the mission and restart.

    The trigger is so grouped with a radar Antenna, activated by: vehicle, non present, type: trigger (seams "none" works as well), Condition: this,

    onAct: 5 setRadioMsg "Call for evac"; 6 setRadioMsg "specops evac";

    Theese radiomessages were previously hidden like the others by the init line of an officer at the base. At the destruction of the Antenna they show up and I can call evac for the merged squads and for the specops (player unit) :yay:

    Now I should play it myself.

    It's not a long mission or original so I don't upload.

    But thank you all for helping me

  13. Solved this too.

    It's necessary give a waypoint "move" to the units before the "join" waypoint.

    The "move" WP is synched with a radio trigger, the WP "join an command" of a squad is synched with the "join" WPs of the other 3 squads.

    And as I am on run, I tought of hide the radio commands for evac of the merged squad till a Radar is destroyed.

    I put: 5 setRadioMsg "NULL"

    Now put a trigger activated by "vehicle" "present" and grouped with the radar.

    In the radar onAct: 5 setRadioMsg "Call for evac"

    The Radio message is hide, but once I destroy the radar it don't show up yet.

    If I set "non present" the trigger starts on mission start, before the radar is destroyed.

    Have I to put 5 setRadioMsg "Call for evac" onDeact or what?

    Is a issue with empty objects?

  14. I made it:yay:

    i put a trigger on the whole map, blufor present

    on act: 1 setRadioMsg "Null"

    Alpha unit had a waypoint move inside of a trigger: activation groupleader

    on act: 1 setRadioMsg "alpha attack"

    effect: text: alpha in position

    This waypoint is synched to the radio alpha trigger so:

    At the beginning the radio doesn't show nothing, the unit move, a text make me know it's in position, the alpha trigger appear in the radio and activating it the unit procede to next waypoint.

    It works with your suggestion of putting: 1 setRadioMsg "NULL" in the init line of a unit present at the beginning (player for example).

    Thank you very much.

    If I could then merge the 4 units at arrive points with the join and command waypoint it would be perfection