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  1. Hi, I returned to ArmA to play an IDF MP mission.

    I use to play by virtual lan Hamachi. This mission co_09@IDF_Convoy_Escort_v0.1.Sara sometime works but usually no.

    We are playing in two. We tried to host game alternatively. For the most, the player that joins is stuck in receving data at the very same point of the bar.

    Sometimes he enters the mission but seems to be a sync error 'cause the two player don't see the same things. One can't enter a car but the other see him in. Once we made it and played for a while till killed, both on the same HUMVEE.

    The strangest thing is that all these tests were made in the same session, without changing mods or setting. At the same settings the mission behaves in different ways, most of the times the second player can't join.

    Do you think it's an addon issue (different addons: visual and sound), a firewall issue? The fact one use XP and the other W7?

    Hamachi issue? We have no problem playing Evolution nor some EVO modification I made. Maybe some problem with the JIP? We had similar issues with some ArmA2 MP missions.

    Please help:(

  2. Just finished to play all Unsung mission (twice :D) and here's another Vietnam mod :yay:

    I'll need some dentist sucking pipe not to drown :bounce3:

    And now suddenly two questions?

    What's about debugging campaing?

    I started Aussie campaign, played for a while then was shot and died. I at once clicked for reload but it said the mission was missing CAweapons. Suggestions?

    I'm running ArmA2 DVD standalone patched to 1.05 and several visual mods (noblur, landtext, sakulight, sakusun).

    Bytheway great work to you too guys ;)

  3. Roger that.

    So If I destroy all enemy supplies (if they are limited) but don't return base enough times, mission never ends.

    Good to know cause I returned base one time in 10 hours (two now that after sunset I found me in a storm, blind and kms away from my Playboy posters, but fortunately found a taxi). I loaded the Slick like Santa's sledge :D

    Is it possible that AI can't use M79 or stolen weapons? Or are they only lazy? They have the same magazines yet :confused:

    Now I'm really tempted by an MP mission, don't know if my rig would perform right.

    Anyway thank you again for the mod and the answers

  4. Hi guys,i have very strange issue with my game :( yestarday i idiot try new drivers, and the blurry issue is here, everythink looks like i have set my eyes to some postprocess very very high :) Textures are fine, but nothing is sharped :(. OK, so i get back the old one drivers, and still the same, so i try the older one, and still the same, so where is the problem? Any help or ideas? I already try all possible settings in game, nvidia control panel and nothing.If noone help ill try tommorow reinstall windows and c, if my nice graphics will be back in work.


    Don't know if you reinstalled yet. If not, try to cancel your arma2.cfg and *.armaprofile from your documents/Arma2. They should be recreating on the game restart. Try to save the old ones for a comparation if you want

  5. All right, now I'm confued :D

    About tasks, I wonder what's that triggers the mission end.

    And now that I remember.....is it normal that I never receive side missions (only the stuff of the convoy ambushed) nor can request other support than artillery?

    Maybe the other features like air strike and ammo drops in the diary are there from a standard module text?

    Ah, the chickens are the worst. They stand fearless on the door line like a sentinel and prevent me to enter. They refuse to respond to my salute too :mad: I'm scared of them 'cause surely they are the minds behind all.

  6. Hi, a question and then a bit of divagation.

    I'm replaying the wonderful Lowland mission and I was wondering if the tasks are alternative or consecutive.

    This time I play less Elias mode and more Barnes' way. Now I have artillery and if they dare to bit I smash them.

    And bear an M60 (the second of the squad) and I dispose the load of the bullets as fast as I can:D.

    First time the mission ended cause I completed my "tour of duty".

    This time I would like to destroy all enemy supplies.

    Even if hardened I care my platoon just the same and, for those of you that mind it, I have to comunicate the loss of "4" and "8" after ten hours of gameplay.

    "4" was my first Doc, a veteran that carried a stolen Ak 47 and had always a good word in the worst situations.

    "8" was my heavy gunner, He saved our a$$ several times and had a respectable toll of scores.

    "4" was hit repeatedly by hidden VC while observing a village as I was searching a near canopy I saw from the chopper.

    "8" was earning his pay in a blitz on a outpost we scoped pursuing 4's killers, but not before he took down 2 of that rats.

    My thinking goes to their widows.

    :rolleyes: Ah, someway along "4" we lost "3" as well. By the way he was a rookie.

    P.S. I mean no offense to MIA, VC or rookies :D. It's just a joke to congratulate with UNSUNG team.

    If some of you consider it spam let me know.

    I was thinking about a post as "Letter from Viet-nam" but the spoil risk maybe is too much.

  7. Thank you all.

    In more than a year I reinstalled it several times, with the patches of the moment and on XP 32bit and W7 64bit changing grafic card and drivers. As far as I can remember the issue was always there. Should I suppose that some of you don't have it? I'm not sure but think it happens during gameplay as well and not only on reloaded game. Now that I focus, maybe it happens with some mods as Pedagne or maybe in custom mission with switchable units.....or maybe because that units have side arms.

    What about units locking to objects? Sometimes units can't move as if they are glued to some pixel: buildings, stairs, bunkers and so. It seams they can't find the exit. Is it possible that is something related to the other issue? the symptom is the same.

    Can help the fact that saluting seams a cure?

  8. Sorry for bumping on this old tread, but it's exactly what I was searching for.

    I was wondering if there's some explanation to this AI behaviour.

    Only thing I can add is that in those cases AI kneel down and extract their side arms. Often I can unlock them saluting them (they salute in response and then are operative again) but doesn't work always. Any hint?

  9. Hi, until now it seamed that AI indicated enemy position in an almost random way. Now (playing in the lowlands map) I experienced AI and my character too giving enemy position exacltly in the opposite direction of the enemy position. Anyone experienced the same? Do you know if it's something related to that specific map. Something related to some axis setting or only an occurrence?


  10. :eek: It wasn't me!!!

    I pressed the "right" button at the wrong moment when entering the NW (yes) base with the M113 (I spent half the fuel :D) and eared: "2 target that cannon!"

    As i mentioned my gunner is a sniper and that poor guy had no chance.

    I quickly buried the carcass dutyfull professional and leaved. He had a courious uniform and a plastic helmet and a luxury M16 (I fear "2" shot a big fish so I didn't take anything). Only after several hours I needed the artillery and received a "fu$k you" counsel.

    p.s. send whoever within your squad shot the arty gunner out into some open field rice paddy way way in the open and have him wear some pink bunny suit with a big red circle painted on it. That will teach him and give Charlie something to practise on.

    Funny, it's my usual way of selecting trainees.

    I return to my walk-round, see places, make friends, you know.

  11. Err....i was playing Operation Lowlands and my gunner shot "accidentally" the gunner of the artillery battery on the northeast :p (theese youngster:rolleyes:).

    Now I have not artillery support (what a pity, i never used it yet). I tried to man the piece personally or with an AI but it's locked, i think.

    Hoping for a respawn, I blew up the evidence of the "accident" and now I have only a smocking wreck of a gun :o.

    Any solution or have I to drive out Charlie the hard way?


  12. I hope you don't consider it spam.......but I want to say thank again for this fantastic mod.

    After some editor review of the troops available, I started with Lowlands SP mission.

    <Letter from hell mode on>"It's some day of duty, My squad searched all villages and found evidence and surprises. I lost some good fellas expecially on traps and become very good to spot them. I wish someone was good to deactivate them anyway.

    For some reason, command never gives me any medic, so often I must incomodate the guys of the air taxi.

    I thought that the "tracked can" was a good protection for our trips but those little devils hurted it one time or two and it was a long way for the next car repair. But my gunner is a good one and He has more scores than I have at this day.

    Sadly there's always a dense fog and I can't appreciate the landscape and beatiful sunsets.

    Wish you were here ('cause of course I hate you :D)

    <Letter from hell mode off>

  13. I tried driver from 1.01 to 1.09 the day before they released the 10.10 :mad:

    So as far as it runs good with 10.4 on XP32 or 10.6 W7 I wonder if I can improve something with this new one.

    My bottleneck is the CPU and maybe the RAM speed. The GPU is not top notch but it works very well (don't know if I can stretch it more).

    I don't run CCC but Ati tray tools.

    So do you think there's some feature in 10.10 to reduce LOD switch?

    What is OpenCL?

    Thank you in advance, here's my specs:

    GPU Ati radeon Sapphire HD5670 1GB

    CPU E6400 2,13Ghz (5% OC to 2,24)

    OS Windows XP pro 32 bit

    4 GB ram 800Mhz (run 844 for the OC)

    All on secondary HDD defragmented and sorted by path