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  1. I will fix it, sorry mate. I will have to patch my arma2.

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    Haw, no not yet.. just been doing it manually. I get an email from qbasix's email notification and then i make one. I do have some offers for hosting, just haven't had time to sort it all out.

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    Here ya go mate, cheers. Should work for ya, I even fired up olde Arma2 to test it.


    Thank you very much oktane :)

    Very kind of you

  2. Hi,

    I'm looking for a way to set some switchable unit available after a condition (maybe a trigger)

    What command you think of best?

    * addSwitchableUnit (maybe is a unit non present in game till that moment?)

    * enableTeamSwitch (conditioned for one or more units)

    * removeSwitchableUnit (united to addSwitchableUnit)

    * teamSwitchEnabled (seems too rigid)

    In a SP mission, is better setting multiple units playable in the editor and then hiding them, or specify only the player and set unit by unit playable at a command?

    I want that in a part of the story you can play only one unit, and when occurs a condition, you can choose other characters by the teamswitch menu.

    I would like also that you can return to the original character at will.

    Let's go with suggestions and examples.

    Thank you in advance :)

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    Wow, I tried addSwitchableUnit unitName and it works.

    A normal mission with a player and in a trigger onact: addSwitchableUnit unitName; addSwitchableUnit unitName;

    I think you can do it with an array too.

    You can change back to the original player and so on.

    Sorry for this post that maybe can stay as a reminder.

    If you have suggestions or know any kind of related bug, please post here.


  3. Any unit you Teamswitch into an then out of.... goes brain dead. The unit will have to be ordered to do something again before it will do anything. Not an ideal way for things to work... but that's how it seems to be.

    Don't know anything about loading saved games.....but the behaviour after loading is probably something similar to the Teamswitch problem.

    That is a problem too, they don't seek waypoints for example.

    But the case I presented are AI thet are stuck and refuse to move with pistol in their hands (no innuendo :p).

    They unlock only if greeted.

    Have we a way to greet them at distance and for sure?

  4. Are you using BETA patch? If yes, update to latest version as this was an issue some versions back.

    If "no" then; are you running any scripts?

    Have you given them wayponts etc?

    I'm running Arma2 DVD standalone patched to 1.09.

    In the mission I have many waypoints and some script, but they stop even in moments uneffected by that.

    The problem occurs when i load a saved game or if I switch unit.

  5. Hi, I tought about a solution for the bug that stops the AI crouched and with pistols in hands when you load a mission.

    The only thing that free them is the conversation menu (targets, weather...)

    But to do so, you must go in front of the AI and sometime it doesn't appear.

    Can we create a radio trigger (for debug) to salute an AI in another part of the map? Or create an object that teleport and go to salute the AI?

    Let me know your ideas or ather solution if you have. :confused:

  6. Replace

    _x action ["Eject", planeName];


    _x action ["Eject", planeName];
    unassignVehicle  _x;

    Easy! :)

    Good, and where to place forEach units groupName;?

    Another thing OT: any chance we have IDF units for Arma2 non OA?

    I like them so much, but don't want to mess my setting of Arma2 with adding OA.

    If you have some, can you link me some screenshots of IDF units?

    Did they make old units models? '48-'82?

  7. To get the variable for the group, in the leader init field put:

    Groupname = group this;

    You use _x to refer to the unit in a ForEach loop. Try this. (Remember to fill in the name of the plane and the group).

    {_x action ["Eject", planeName];} forEach units groupName;

    EDIT: If you do not want them to spill out all at once, you can put a sleep in the forEach loop.. Like so:

    {_x action ["Eject", planeName]; sleep 5;} forEach units groupName;

    Excellent, thank you.

    Mass AI Paradrop based on group name.

    Thank you too, nice link.

  8. I am fixing two mission to give them to Arremba San Zorzo.

    Even if I can play them with no bug, he has two problems.

    In one mission a C-27 flying through the mountains crash down (never occurred to me in very high number of tests, nor now).

    In the other the game crashes as soon as he select mission and return this error:

    Data file too short 'Missions\Free_Ortego_1.5.SaraLite.pbo'. Expected 92196 B, got 87572 B

  9. For the moment I solved so:


    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Info", "<br/>Author - Puzzola<br/>Version 2.0<br/>"]];
    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Forze nemiche", "<br/>Alcune unita' di fanteria e blindati dell' SLA col supporto di alcuni agenti OMON russi."]];
    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Forze amiche", "<br/>A capo di una unita' mista di para' della Folgore e incursori del Col Moschin."]];
    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Missione", "<br/>Parti a bordo di un C-27 Spartan dell'aereonautica italiana. Una volta raggiunta la LZ a NE di Bagango, paracadutati e distruggi lo Shilka che assicura protezione antiaerea alla citta' e dai il via libera all'assalto elitrasportato dei bersaglieri. Resisti e aspetta che le unita' alleate prendano posizione. A questo punto incursori o bersaglieri devono distruggere l'antenna radar che e' protetta da regolari dell'SLA. Una volta distrutta saranno disponibili i comandi radio per richiedere l'esfiltrazione degli incursori a nord e delle unita' di bersaglieri, nel frattempo riunite in una unica unita', a Ovest-sud-ovest. Una volta rientrati alla base fare rapporto agli ufficiali in attesa."]];
    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Situazione", "<br/>Quattro AB212 con a bordo altrettante squadre aspettano il nostro ok via radio per iniziare l'assalto."]];
    player createDiaryRecord["Diary", ["Suggerimenti", "<br/>Utilizza il tempo sul C-27 per scegliere il tuo equipaggiamento. Controlla ogni tanto la radio 0-0."]];
    // Finale
    tskWestObj6 = INC1 createSimpleTask ["Finale: Bisboccia"]; 
    tskWestObj6 = com1 createSimpleTask ["Finale: Bisboccia"];
    tskWestObj6 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Raggiungi le ragazze sul bus"];
    // Conclusione missione
    tskWestObj5 = INC1 createSimpleTask ["Conclusione: Fare rapporto"];
    tskWestObj5 = com1 createSimpleTask ["Conclusione: Fare rapporto"]; 
    tskWestObj5 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Raggiungi gli ufficiali agli hangar per fare rapporto"];
    tskWestObj5 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "Rapporto");
    // Obiettivo secondario Incursori
    tskWestObj4 = INC1 createSimpleTask ["#2 Inc.: Rimanere in vita ed esfiltrare"]; 
    tskWestObj4 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Una volta certi che la postazione radar sia distrutta e che i bersaglieri siano in rotta verso la base, portarsi in zona di esfiltrazione e chiamare il recupero. "];
    tskWestObj4 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "Esfiltrare_inc");
    // Obiettivo secondario Bersaglieri
    tskWestObj3 = com1 createSimpleTask ["#2 Bers.: Congiungere le squadre"]; 
    tskWestObj3 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Prendi sotto il tuo comando tutte le squadre di Bersaglieri"];
    tskWestObj3 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "raggruppamento");
    // Obiettivo principale Bersaglieri
    tskWestObj2 = com1 createSimpleTask ["Distruggere il radar"];
    tskWestObj2 = INC1 createSimpleTask ["Distruggere il radar"]; 
    tskWestObj2 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Distruggi l'antenna radar nell'atrio del municipio"];
    tskWestObj2 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "Radar");
    // Obiettivo principale Incursori
    tskWestObj1 = INC1 createSimpleTask ["#1 Incursori: Distruggere lo Shilka"]; 
    tskWestObj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Elimina lo Shilka e dai il via libera all'eliassalto"];
    tskWestObj1 setSimpleTaskDestination (getMarkerPos "Shilka");

    I specified the units that need to see the tasks.

    But its not elegant.

    By the way, no doubling, no tasks missing.

    In another user mission i found this:

    if(!isMultiplayer) then
    	EnableTeamSwitch true;
    	addSwitchableUnit player;
    	{	// objects "_from" and "_to" are available
    		if(0 == count simpleTasks player) then
    				_task = player createSimpleTask[""];
    				_task setSimpleTaskDestination ( taskDestination _x ); 
    				_task setSimpleTaskDescription taskDescription _x;
    				_task setTaskState taskState _x;
    			} forEach simpleTasks _from;
    		if(!isNull currentTask _from) then
    			currTask = currentTask _from;
    			player setCurrentTask currentTask _from;
    		{ addSwitchableUnit _x; } forEach units group player;
    		group player selectLeader player;
    		[] execVM "diary.sqf";
    		//[true] execVM "initMission.sqf";

    But I don't understand it enough to adapt.

    Last question, 'cause I'm spent.

    To show results and statistics at the end of the mission, have I to do something?

    I remember some debriefing stuff but at the moment I'm really off.