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  1. emerald 8


    Still not found.
  2. emerald 8


    I get error that .hpp file is not in the config.
  3. emerald 8


    How do you install TPW?
  4. emerald 8

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    SGT FULLER, I tried the autolanding and it didn't work on the 3 planes I tested. I am running 64bit.
  5. Is there anyway you could make this mod self-installing? I bet we all would love that.
  6. I don't have the option in betas. All II have is none. I never got the memo about betas. It switched to development but, no access to Tanoa.
  7. You did a great job on this and I love the music.
  8. It looks like fun, but when I spawned at the airfield all that was visible on my player was a bald head.
  9. emerald 8

    Did you?

    Ghost, did you write Enemy Assault? If you did, do you think you could addapt it to Bornholm or Kunduz?
  10. I'm getting an error that says. Include file x\cba\addons\main\script_macros_common.hpp not found. Why is it?
  11. emerald 8

    US Faction

    I agree the INdUS forces are neat but not every one uses it, and when they don't you can't play with the others because its not part of their game its an add-on. Not everyone likes add-ons, but if it was a integrated into the game from BI it would be available for everyone without the need to add-on. I'd rather play or have access to play as a US Force, than any other.
  12. emerald 8

    US Faction

    I'd like to see a US Faction, with Navy, AIR Force, Marines and US ARMY. With all their equipment, vehicles and planes.
  13. I have had trouble loading the game, in Beta or DEV mode, for 2 weeks and have reported it to Steam. The keep referring to the tips for ARMA 2 and back to BI.
  14. emerald 8

    cant start my arma 3

    I have the same problem. It initializes then addons are loaded and it disappears.
  15. emerald 8

    Arma 3 Not Visable

    Just re-downloaded Beta from Steam. Everything looks fine in the start but I get no screen to play. Nothing is visable.