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  1. Yeah that's the same error message I get when my video freezes, screen goes black but I'm still in the game, can move my man around and shoot etc.. I can ALT TAB out and see the desktop fine. I have never tried letting it sit for 2-3 minutes. I always End Task on ARMA then restart it. Please post if anyone has a fix for this Display Driver Stopped working bug.

    I'm running Vista 32 bit on an Intel Quad core 2.4gHz (Q6600) 4 Gig ram with 260 GTX graphics

    I have the same problem.

    Any solution?

  2. I did as I have said, but it does not work, I get all the side missions on the bottom.

    I see that all the coordinates of the side missions, ends with the number 0. Do you have something to do this?

    I copied this. Example:







    player="PLAY CDG";




    init="this setGroupid [""Delta""];";

    description="Team Delta Engineer";

    change coordinates position:

    // by Xeno

    private ["_vehicle", "_poss"];

    #include "x_setup.sqf"

    // x_sm_pos = [[8036.37,6174.79,0]]; // radar tower

    x_sm_pos = [[8261.8965,296.04001,2147.1467]]; // radar tower

    x_sm_type = "normal"; // "convoy"

    #ifdef __SMMISSIONS_MARKER__

    if (true) exitWith {};


  3. I changed these parameters of order and I think it works.

    class contermeassure
    	title = "Conterattacks";
    	values[] = {1,2};
    	texts[] = {"enemy attacks base", "no Conterattacks"};
    	default = 2;
    [u]changed by[/u]
    class contermeassure
    	title = "Conterattacks";
    	values[] = {1,2};
    	texts[] = {"[color="Red"]no Conterattacks[/color]", "[color="Red"]enemy attacks base[/color]"};
    	default = 2;

  4. Versions before there was the Mando Hitch error......and now....i know.

    Working on this ;)

    Thanks anyway at all for the Feedback here......Really constructive ! :bounce3:

    Thanks for your reply.

    I am a follower of Evolution missions since the first version of ArmA and I congratulate the authors for their great work.

    Yesterday testing the latest version evo-blue-5.53, got this error:

    Error: Creating weapon pipebomb with scope=private