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  1. I read the book about him because it was written by John Krakauer, who has written some good books in the past. I wasn't super impressed by the book overall but his interviews from friends and family revealed some disturbing things the Army did in regards to Pat Tillman and his family's atheism/agnosticism or whatever you want to call it. They basically refused to acknowledge he wasn't religious and they ignored the requests to waive standard Christian military traditions. Then they insulted the family by saying their persistent inquiry into his death must be because they believe he is "worm dirt" and not in heaven.
    There's no such thing as a atheist in a foxhole, didn't ya know?

  2. You can only discuss a mans death for so long, and then, hes dead. So if this is the case, lock the thread, make it a sticky.
    The same could be said for the codemaster's thread. Honestly I find this thread to have more merit for being open than that one.
    but it would be better if he had been tried in court.
    He was never going to get his day in court and for that I'm glad. It would have been a waste of money and an insult to our justice system to give him the same rights as an American. He was put down like the rabid dog he was.

  3. Is it true to the facts or is it like the Jessica Lynch movie? Either way TBH it's not much of a story. He turned down a multi-million contract, enlisted in the Army, Became a Ranger, was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan, the US Army tries to make him out to be Audie Murphy and fails, end of story.

    I respect him, but the only reason everyone went up in flames over it is because he's Pat Tillman. If it was PFC Joe Blow no one would give a shit. There's stories out there about regular soldiers no one's heard about that are way more moving than Pat Tillman's I'm sorry. If you want to watch something that'll blow you away watch Restrepo.

  4. @Big Mac: It's done when it's done. If you have a problem with that, feel free to report me to a Moderator for it. Have a nice day.
    I think it was done before you even posted it, but more to the point it just makes you look less credible and more like a loon.

  5. Tea Partiers arent Obama haters as you so easily lumped them. I would look up some of their sites to see what it is they DO believe in or want before you brush that broad and condescending stroke. They had problems with Bush as well. Go do some research.

    I've met enough tea party members to know this about them.

    1. They hate Obama with every fiber of their being. Be it on a political level, racial level or both.

    2. They all think Ronald Reagan was next to God. Honestly I don't know why because the man's economic policies were horrible and he was the reason every banana republic dictator's secret police was trained by Americans.

    3. They're all idiots on one level or another. I'm sorry but when you call Obama a communist or socialist you're an idiot case closed. If I need to explain why then you're even more of an idiot.

    4. They all say they're about the constitution. I laugh every time I hear that because the only thing in the constitution they give a rat's ass about is the 2nd amendment. The rest can be shredded as far as they're concerned.

    5. They say they don't like Bush either. That's only because Bush wouldn't nuke everything that looked at him the wrong way. Seriously though the Tea Party only puts out a half truth on this one. They say they don't like Bush but what they don't really say is why and the why is because he wasn't radical enough for them. They in fact much preferred Cheney over Bush. I'd take Bush over Captain Heart Attack any day of the week.

    6. None of them have any business in political office. I'm sorry but the tea party IMO would be the downfall of America if enough of them were allowed into political office. They don't care about the very foundations on which America was founded on and they would only alienate America from it's closest allies, trading partners, and the world in general.

    Can't wait to travel from Europe to the US without a visa.

    You can go to the UK without a visa I believe..

  6. I always wanted to be the dick at a wedding who opens his mouth when the priest asks if there is anyone who thinks these two should not wed or forever hold your peace and a Royal Wedding sounds like the best place to do it. Not that I don't think there is a reason either way, but I could be the Royal Dick lol.

  7. Erhm its a book, So you form your opinion by a book that is written by a study of one person?
    A book that's used to teach international relations not only at Stanford, but at other colleges in America and no I didn't form my entire opinion on the basis of one book, but the book itself holds serious merit.

  8. I'm kinda fed up on the arrogance of those that still use it to prove or voice their nations actions now! Those wars are to be honourd to those that fought them and not to use it as a structural foundation in any further conflicts or foreign afairs of their country!
    Where did I use it to justify my nation's current actions? I used it to make a point that Europe owes more to America than America owes to Europe.
    Also i don't see Americans as idiots and i'm from europe my self! I just dont have the same feeling and you should not address it as most europeans, i dare to say a lot of more people here then you think still apriciating what those brave soldiers have don, but it is not entiteld towards only the Americans to my believes to eurned that apriciation.
    You ought to read this.

    I personally am not anti-anything short of anti-bullshit. I could careless what you or anyone else thinks of me or my country, because I for one know what my country has done for europe and more importantly what my family has done for europe. I had two great grandfathers, 3 great uncles, and other family members all of whom fought in WW2 and some of them didn't come back. I have even more immediate family who were stationed in Germany during the cold war and if WW3 had broken out would have fought tooth and nail to protect europe.

    I'm not trying to be arrogant I'm just stating the facts and if stating facts makes me arrogant then so be it. I won't go so far to say if it was for America all of europe would be speaking German, because how am I to know that? History could have ended with the same outcome if america didn't join in, it just might have taken longer. What I do know is that anyone who tries to justify actions in Iraq or Afghanistan with a european by saying "we saved your ass" is wrong and ignorant and that a european who hates just because of Iraq or Afghanistan needs to be reminded of history. Now i'm not saying america deserves a free pass for all it's done but it does deserve some slack.

  9. The "lunatic" fringe comes from the far left. Not the far right. and it always has.

    Always amazed me how you all bash America despite really knowing nothing about it unless CNN fed it to you.


    Because we all know she voted for Obama..


    She's also not a looney toon either..

    Dude seriously....pull your head out of your ass...

    Aah the anti American sentiment again

    There is a lot of unwarranted and warranted anti-American sentiment in europe. So I will defend njmatrix on that score to a point. A lot Europeans see Americans as idiots and war mongers. Honestly there is a bit of hypocrisy on the part of Europeans, because from the 15th century up to the mid-20th century the Europeans were carving up the world like they owned it, Americans haven't done that. Oh yea we've dipped our wicks into other countries business when we should have left well enough alone, but we never carved up whole continents and literally said "We own this bitch" (except what is now the good ol US of A)

    Also despite what any of you say it was America who turned the tide during both world wars and prevented a third one, but I'm not asking for thanks because I wasn't there. I'm asking that both Americans and Europeans (on these forums at least) drop the the unfounded stereotypes about each other.

  10. satire?
    I hope so otherwise I think my IQ was lowered after reading all that "America saved the world' date=' you should be grateful" bullshit.
    Seriously, don't you americans have better things to do than to argue if Obama is born in the US?

    He is your elected President, so go and support him while he is. Instead of that the republicans are constantly trying to sabotage him, block him and insult him. Makes me think that your republicans are really bad loosers.

    Not all American's are idiots who can't tell what a real birth certificate looks like. It's a small minority that are actually birthers. The rest either don't like him because they think he's a going to replace the white stars in the American flag with a big red one or (and these are slightly less in number than the ones who think he's a commie) they actually oppose him on pretty reasonable grounds. Next time you want to talk about another country's politics make sure you know what you're talking about, before you insult those people with your board statements. Also the good thing about America is you're not required to support the man elected. I didn't support Bush, I supported the men who ran against him.
    And makes America look even more dumb in the rest of the world.
    You know I could say about a dozen things about how dumb Germans are...or more to the point were, but I'm not because it would insult every German here. Maybe you should show the same consideration for the Americans here. I don't know if you have ever ventured across the pond but if you haven't you should before you form an opinion about Americans. You may find that some stereotypes you've heard about Americans have no basis in truth.

  11. Sickboy you obviously didn't even read my post.


    yet you can generate revenue with good TV times and internet download sales for bargain price (price differs by quality w/e)

    You can't expect good watch rate with pathetic air times

    it works ... some can do it...

    the point is there that SyFy and similar stations fail on keeping watchers interested in them ...

    let me count ... 5 million downloads ... for 1 buck ... oh wait ...

    want tell me 1 episode of static show driven by Adobe Premiere and some CGI cost more ? :)

    note: i'm sure lot of people would hook up some dozen bucks / month for being able watch each week or two weeks one new episode

    Humble TVshow Bundle anyone ;)

    Did you not read it also? How do figure that there will be 5 million downloads hmm? Maybe there will on 500,000 or a mil? At best I'll bet you'll only get 50,000 or 100,000 viewers at most That right there wont cut the mustard buddy. That's because most people don't hook their computer up to their plasma. but also what sickboy said was idiotic because most people aren't going to bittorrent a show when they can wait till it airs and watch it then, also rating surveys also factor in Tivo and DVR recordings into their ratings of shows so that shows and networks won't be adversely effected by the use of digital recording devices such as Tivo and DVRs.

    But back to the point that both you and Sickboy missed was IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RATINGS!! It has to do with networks going on the cheap. They figure they can make just as much money on stupid reality TV shows as they would with good shows such as SGU and the like and not have to invest as much so when a show like caprica goes off the air they won't loose much in their investment. It's a business practice that will work until viewers put a stop to it.

  12. BigMac, so you are saying Sickboy's idea of the Big Companies finding a way to embrace the Internet where many of the audiences are shifting too is dumb? If yes why is it dumb?

    It's nonsense because it has nothing to do with lowered ratings due to people watching TV shows on their computers. What's going on with Syfy is a concept known as "Channel Drift" AKA "Network Decay." Syfy has been experiencing channel dirft since about 2003 when scare tactics first came on and then slowly increased until 2009 when they just kicked it into overdrive with the name change and the focus drifting from what the channel used to be about and perverting it into something I even now refuse to even watch. The same thing happened to MTV years ago. And even better example of channel drift is what happened to CourtTV when it completely went from being about court cases into another reality TV network now known as TruTV.

    BTW You can't generate the funding required for TV shows (God forbid motion pictures) today with Hulu type ads. That's why you have about 5-7 mins worth of commercials these days compared to 3-5 mins worth of commercials back in the 90s. Even paying 5 bucks an episode wouldn't cover the required funding for a TV show when you factor in SFX, actor's paychecks, set crew paychecks, transport, food, room and board at set locations, etc.

  13. It makes me wonder if these cancellations have anything to do with reduced viewer numbers, caused by users downloading the shows, instead of watching them on TV.

    Personally, I like watching things when I want to watch them, not when they air on tv, you then have the choice to either record it, or download it.

    Downloading being easy(ier)...

    Perhaps they need to see that the internet is a better replacement for TV, and start making better usage of that medium instead.

    I think that counts the same for Movies, and even telephone (why call cellular when you can call over the net).