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  1. Big Mac

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

  2. Big Mac

    USA Politics Thread - *No gun debate*

    I'd rather have Bush back in office then vote for Ron Paul...or his son....especially his son....
  3. Big Mac

    Persian Hammer

    Looking pretty good. ;)
  4. A simple yes, no, or maybe would have been sufficient. If this the wrong place to ask I'm sorry.
  5. This mod is pretty bad ass except for one thing YorT, The M47M Patton is a reskinned T34. Other than that I've been having a blast playing around with the new weapons and flying the AH-1Js and Shabaviz 2016 and 2-75s. Keep up the good work. ;)
  6. Will the Wiesels be released when OA comes out as well or are they still in the works?
  7. I have no idea if this has been suggested or even been thought of, but would it be possible to get a gimpy and/or SAW with a sustained fire kit?
  8. Big Mac

    Star Wars Stormtrooper

    I love the Stormie dance, but what really makes the video is "DJ Fett"
  9. Big Mac

    Anzac Mod Wip

    Patience is rewarded, impatience is not. I'm just messing with ya dude, this mod seems to be worth the wait.
  10. I'm really digging the UH-1D!! :D
  11. Oh yea no doubt the SA-43 was awesome. I would download it for sure.
  12. Space Above and Beyond. I loved it when I was a kid, but I just saw it recently and to be quite honest now that I'm older it's kinda crappy.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing some CSOR/JTF-2 and/or USAF STS addons. I know there was already a USAF STS unit pack released, but that pack wasn't nearly as much detail as I would like for it to have been. No offense to the author you did a bang up job. What I'd like to see is a pack the has different units for each of the 4 USAF STS teams. * United States Air Force Combat Controllers * Air Force Special Operations Weather Technician * Special Tactics Tactical Air Control Party * United States Air Force Pararescue Now as far as CSOR/JTF-2, I'm not sure if ONS or a lone addon maker has something in the works for this, but if they don't here ya go fellas.
  14. Big Mac

    Binkowski's WIP thread

    And women say I'm a freak
  15. Big Mac

    John Rambo Vs Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer (Predator)

    When you are able to kill a Predator by dropping a tree on it's head you're automatically the king of bad asses.:coop:
  16. Big Mac


    It's really not all that good. I personally rather keep my 45 Mb of hard drive space since these really look like nothing more than a rip of the SAS/SBS pack. Maybe I'm wrong but even if I am I'd rather have something other than USMC,Army SF,etc. I haven't seen a decent USAF Special Ops skin pack in awhile or a decent CIA SAD Pack since like OFP.