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    Stargate Universe [SG:U]

    The cancellation of SGU is just a symptom of the bigger problem and the bigger problem is that Syfy needs to go back to what it was in 90s (and back to either Scifi or better yet The Scifi Channel) when it first started. If I wanted Reality TV I'd turn on MTV. If I wanted wrestling I'd turn on Spike. If I wanted to watch cooking shows I'd turn on The Food Network and watch Emril BAM!! I still can't wrap my head around why when there are so many good old scifi shows they can do reruns of and generate a new revival for and maybe even make remakes for these shows or spin offs. Instead they are putting on crap that isn't even science fiction. You know how people say "I remember when MTV was about music." Well now it should be "I remember when Syfy was actually Sci-fi." I'm 25 years old, I'm too young to be nostalgic about things from my childhood.
  2. The first episode will air on Sunday, June 19, 2011 on TNT. Official TNT webpage for the show Sneak Peak video
  3. New Falling Skies Trailer. SjroVVhe8G0
  4. Personally I believe the west has enough on it's plate in regards to the middle east (not to mention the world) that we as a whole need to mind our own and not try to police the entire region.
  5. Big Mac

    Lest We Forget - ANZAC Day

    I'm surprised this battle was not mentioned.. Hats off to the Aussies and Kiwis. The Irish were considered to be cannon fodder during WW1..
  6. Big Mac

    Netflix: Special Ops Mission

    I saw the show when it aired on the Military Channel and I wasn't very impressed. I always thought the military channel should stick to documentaries that are educational and not cheap military based reality TV shows.
  7. It's about time. Good luck with this mod.
  8. Big Mac

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    True, some helicopters have less information, reference photos, etc. than some. I also can understand how some post can convey anger when there was never any in the first place, I misunderstood you on that and I'm sorry. What it after the Vietnam war or during the later stages of it?
  9. Big Mac

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    Back on topic. Good luck Berserker, can't wait to see it in action.
  10. Big Mac

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    You misunderstand. I wasn't trying to say anything against you, your Apaches are by far the best Apaches out there. I was just saying that everyone seems to be so intent on making AH-64s and AH-1s when there are way more helicopters out there. Don't be so quick to take offense...
  11. RHS T-80 FTW...that is all
  12. Big Mac

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    I agree. The AH-64 and AH-1 are so over done it's not even funny. I honestly would like to see a UH-1D or UH-1H gunship, Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw,HH-3, or a OV-1 Mohawk.
  13. Big Mac

    Mil Mi-24A Krokodil

    Moar please? :pray:
  14. Big Mac


    I think it's time for a hotfix..:rolleyes:
  15. It's better than reality TV and shows like grey's anatomy...
  16. Well that just sucks.. Good luck anyway.
  17. Yea.....this whole banned, damned, canned, whatever thing is just alittle too retarded for my blood.
  18. Big Mac

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    Belgium gave the kaiser and hitler a bloody nose before he finally took over. Personally I'd stay and fight until retreat was the only option then I'd go to an allied country and join with the government in exile.
  19. Big Mac

    Diary of a contractor in Iraq

    And even then they(Blackwater and Dynacorp mainly) still act like maniacs with get out of jail free cards.. They say they recruit former SF operators, but I find that VERY hard to believe. I'm not saying a fair share aren't ex-SF, but I'll bet you good money that a lot of them aren't SF but are in reality guys who got booted out of the military for a very good reason and then are offered major greenbacks to go and do what they did in the military, but with an added perk and that is they can act like the sociopath they are without fear of jail time. I'm not trying to generalize the entire PMC community either, as always there are usually more good ones out there than bad ones, but the bad ones make everyone look bad.
  20. Big Mac

    Diary of a contractor in Iraq

    I think it depends on the company and your contract with said company.
  21. Big Mac

    Libyan Air-force ordered to bomb protesters

    Ya know your lack of spelling skills alone would make someone not take your seriously, but when you talk about Communist News Network and how conspiracy theories are facts you really loose all creditability. I bet you believe 9/11 was an inside job too, go back to building your bomb shelter..
  22. Big Mac

    If A War Were To Break-out...

    If war were to break out in America in the sense of Red Dawn, Eric L. Harry Invasion, or Homefront then yeah I would. If however you're asking if the second American Civil War started would I take up arms that's an unfair question to ask someone because unlike an invasion of america where politics don't mean much, in a civil war they mean everything, but I'll try to answer the question. It would be a matter of who was more right, the rebels or the government. If the government was being ran by some nut job who was trying to turn America into a police state then I would fight against the government(No Obama or Bush don't count as nutjobs). If however the rebels were a bunch of right wing militias who finally got their balls up then I would take great pleasure in squashing them like the roaches they are.
  23. Big Mac

    Libyan Air-force ordered to bomb protesters

    When you keep throwing conspiracy theories out there and saying that that's proof then yeah you're an idiot... Go take your pills and put the tin foil hat back on your head..