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    AMD processors and graphics cards issues.

    My Phenom X6 1055T with a 5870 runs it fine, as does my i7 920 and GTX560 combo. Well, I say runs it fine, it runs it as well as ArmA ever runs.
  2. Dynamic Echo

    Helicopter Transport tips

    One of the most crucial things is making sure that everyone in the chopper knows exactly when to get out, especially if you're doing something fancy like a momentary stop just over a rooftop, which is always fun.
  3. Before anyone asks, yes I have searched for an answer, using a multitude of search terms. I trawled many threads (couldn't find one on the exact same thing) and couldn't find and answer. My question: when I click save/export to single/multi player missions does this create a .pbo and if so where does it go? If what I've gleaned from trawling through is correct, it does create a pbo which is sent to Install Directory/ArmA2/Missions (or multiplayer missions). When I do this, however, nothing ends up there. I can play the mission under scenarios fine, but I can't find the mission files. This is worrying for two reasons - firstly it means that I basically can't share the mission and also that I can't get rid of old versions of the mission (I have many defunct versions clogging up scenarios now, which I can't get rid of). I'm sure that it is probably something really obvious, but please help?
  4. Dynamic Echo

    Aircraft Control - Poll

    An xbox 360 controller is a good alternative. Obviously isn't as authentic but it's also useful for ground vehicles and the analogue inputs in the form of the triggers are useful. I do wish that I had a joystick though.
  5. Dynamic Echo

    2560x1600 30" monitor players

    I'll always whack 3D resolution to the maximum I can set it to while still getting reasonably performance. Normally go with about 150%.
  6. Dynamic Echo

    ArmA2 Marmite?

    Marmite is good, but doesn't compare to the godlike nature of Bovril. I mean, it's sort of like Marmite, but meaty. How can it get better than that?
  7. Dynamic Echo

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    Zipper, I don't think anyone here is asking for motion controls in ArmA 2, rather using the PC version of Kinect as a cheaper, potentially better, alternative to TrackIR. Depending on how good the voice recognition software for Kinect turns out to be, it could also be widely used for voice commands.
  8. My laptop handles it fine. It is a Dell Studio 17 which cost about £700, outfitted with an i5 540m @ 2.53 GHz, 4GB of RAM and an HD 5650m. It consistently maintains a good 35-40 fps on medium-high graphics at 1600x900, which is the screen resolution. I would definitely recommend a cooler though, I'm using one of the new Zalman coolers with a single great big fan, and this has cut about eight degrees off my average load temperature for the graphics card, and has also cur a few degrees from the CPU temp.
  9. Dynamic Echo

    Death to cute little bunny rabbits

    Hell, I actively target wildlife, even when on foot. You can't be too careful, they could have explosives strapped to them (and quite often do, if I make the mission).
  10. Dynamic Echo

    Dutch Minister may ban remains in extremely violent games

    Right, I am pretty sure that any normal child over the age of, being conservative, eight understands that indiscriminate killing is wrong. Certainly this is the case by the age of ten or eleven. Sure, there are certainly some with psychopathic tendencies who wouldn't see random killings as being wrong, but those are mercifully few and far between. I'm not saying that younglings should be playing games like ArmA (least violent 18-rated game I've played by the way) or worse things like Gears of War, but I don't think that even at that age there is any significant chance of turning normal children into psychopaths through playing even the most violent of games.
  11. Dynamic Echo

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    I would imagine so, in any case it isn't a problem, just a wee little curio. :D
  12. Dynamic Echo

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Ah right, thanks for clearing that up for me :) To be clear, I wasn't expecting it to appear anywhere else, I was enormously surprised when it showed up.
  13. Dynamic Echo

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Really, hm, I missed that. So I take it that the sprocket version of ArmA 2 doesn't activate on Impulse as well, only the DLC? Shame, would also have been nice if the retail versions could be activated on Impulse or Sprocket, as having a downloadable backup is always good. Ah well. (I have retail)
  14. Dynamic Echo

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Erm, something odd, though awesome, seems to have occurred with my DLC. I bought BAF from Sprocket and have been merrily playing it. Today I felt like it was time to play a wee bit of Elemental so I started up Impulse to see the BAF DLC listed under by games as available, though I can't download it as I don't have Operation Arrowhead on Impulse. Is this normal? And more to the point - does this happen with all sprocket downloads?
  15. Dynamic Echo

    Head Bob...how many use?

    I have it off, I did try it on 100% for a little while and it actually made me vomit (thankfully there was an empty glass nearby which I managed to contain it in. I don't recommend whacking it up.
  16. Dynamic Echo

    Operation Sandtiger (OA)

    An easier way of allowing the selection of weapons is to put them in the description.ext, then choose the gear option in the units tab of the briefing. If I remember correctly I added that functionality in that version I sent you ;)
  17. Dynamic Echo

    [SP] Hard Day

    Description: Hard Day is a short, action-oriented single player mission in which the player and their Delta force team must assassinate an enemy officer then fall back to friendly lines. It is not designed to be terribly realistic, but rather to provide a challenging, action-packed combat experience. While it is intended to be played in a very aggressive manner, other, slower, styles of play are supported, though you will still have to see a fair bit of combat. I hope you have fun. Version 1.04 Mediafire Mirror Armaholic Mirror Changelog: v1.04: Fixed radio messages to include text, added checkpoints, fixed mission to show as complete on scenario list screen, expanded playable area to allow for more styles of play, increased the number, but decreased the density, of patrols, several other balance tweaks. Version 1.03: Changelog: Fixed issue with target and essential civilians dying upon spawn. Cleaned up triggers and generally optimised small areas of the mission. Version 1.02: Changelog: Enlarged player squad size to eight (difficulty previously too high), further improved briefing, increased length of time for enemy reinforcements to arrive (difficulty), tweaked content of enemy patrols (difficulty), fixed (I think) occasional issue whereby assassination target would die upon spawning, fixed AI team mates having same faces, fixed mission ending without completing the objective. Version 1.01: Changelog: Added custom gear options, more detailed mission briefing, fixed waypoint for second objective.
  18. Dynamic Echo

    Call Of Namalsk - SP Mini-Campaign

    Looks interesting, I need to download Namalsk some time. I look forward to the full release.
  19. Dynamic Echo

    [SP] Hard Day

    OK, I have again updated the mission, quite significantly, see the first post for the change-log. I hope everyone who plays it enjoys it. This is likely to be the last version of Hard Day (unless there are some massive new bugs), as my efforts switch to another mission and, possibly, a mini-campaign.
  20. Dynamic Echo

    dePBO not working on 1.54 content

    I can't get Eliteness to dePBO the BAF missions pbo...
  21. Dynamic Echo

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    Where are you getting beer so cheap? No, seriously, £8 is 2 pints in most places here.
  22. Dynamic Echo

    How good is the AI?

    The AI is, in my opinion, generally pretty good. Sometimes it will do retarded things, and sometimes the hostiles can be obscenely good for no apparent reason, but on the whole it handles things well. Just never, ever tell your men to just 'advance'. I have never seen that work, they always just get massacred.
  23. Dynamic Echo

    registering product

    Be sure to delete the player data, as otherwise when you reinstall it will just to the 'disc thing'.
  24. Dynamic Echo

    First steps to increase performance????

    My solution: Man up. Screw performance, I whack it all to full (apart from AA which is on low and 3D resolution which is on 125%). I rarely get unplayable fps, and then it is my CPU taking the pain (lots of AI, urban areas), normally I get a good 30, same as for Crysis maxed out with 4xMSAA and high-res texture packs ;) (I'm at 1680x1050, soon to be upgrading to 1920x1080, though I can't see that being much of a problem as my PC handles 150% 3D res fine)
  25. Alternatively, you could do the same but set the trigger to anybody, and put in the condition field "unitname in thisList;". That will also work.