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  1. when playing in LAN games (sometimes solo, sometimes with my roommate), the AI eventually seem to stop shooting for some reason. it happened to me again last night when playing on takistan. a couple of hours into a great game, the AI inexplicably stopped shooting at me. i can run circles around them shooting and simply will not react. does anyone else ever have this problem?

    Hi , wich version ?

  2. Guys, this really does sound like whining. Yes, we know you want things corrected, but remember Benny is working on 0.74 which is a rewrite of a lot of code. So give him time, test 0.73 but be constructive, otherwise play 0.71 and wait for 0.74.

    Well the wait for 0.73 was very long because we couldnt play 0.72 because it was buggy , and now we must wait for 0.74 because 0.73 its buggy too . I dont want to rush Benny or anything like that , i only want to contribute to have a new bugfree version at least before we have 0.74 with more pre unsolved bugs .

  3. A part from AI old bugs,there are still unstabilities and very "disappointing" town occupation spawn (Zu trucks everywhere).

    Also,something is wrong with AI delegation:

    - Sometimes games become really smooth,but suddenly you go back to 12 fps.

    - AI are spawning for some players and disappear for some while they're still in the same town.

    - Vechile's lock,getting driver,gunner ,back actions take sometimes a long time to appear.

    - HQ wreck disappears sometimes,it happened to me on the latest version from benny.

    And a lot of random stuff happening during the game !

    Ouch.....bad news .

    Benny we need you , so we can leave 0.71 behind !!!!

  4. We are playing 0.73 coops since first the release but unfortunately we also have to confirm that some of the annoying things have not been fixed and some even became worse.

    A coop game (!) with 0.73 is still rather pointless as....

    1) AI Commander still suddenly stops developing even though lots of money and supply is available

    2) AI Commander still does not change unit templates (unit presets in the command center) according to the actual level of development or available money

    3) AI Teams still freeze out of the sudden in the field. You have to push them by hand in order to wake them up again

    4) FPS are still like a ride on a rollercoaster and dither between 12 and 50 by obscure reason. Even on a vanilla i7 2600 server with 16GB RAM

    No need to say that all these are real coop showstoppers/killers. And this is so much more sad as there seems to be "direct coherence". Let me explain that...

    1) As the AI Commander does not develop correctly you have to disable the upgrade and allocate lots of supply and money to the AI in order to have some fun.

    2) As a matter if fact the AI Commander immediately builds lots of Jets and Helicopers flying around the map and wake up every single town/unit.

    3) In consequence the server and clients suffer huge frame drops due to the tremendous amount of active units.

    4) Once the Jet or Helicopter AI units are out of money the AI commander does not change the template/preset of that units according to the available money.

    5) In result these pilots fight as "single" units w/o team anywhere on the map.

    6) ...server and client FPS rise again but the enemy is weak.

    We really appreciate all the new features and have great respect for all the efforts and work, but if there is still an intention for coop play please fix this in 0.74. The all performance and stability will increase a lot.

    Thank you !!!

    I like to play coop too but most of people online plays it pvp , on wasp, xr.... These are only bugs for ai commander. Why these servers (which doesnt play coop) dont use 0.73 ? Are there any more bugs around that makes 0.73 unplayable ? Benny should be informed about this !

  5. But they already have time to modified it , and i dont think most of the people like mando , i do like it , but the mayority dont .

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    Because,sadly ,it's still unstable !

    I didnt know that , why ?

  6. Does AI manning of positions work in 071 ? I never get soldiers in the positions even with "auto ai" in in the repair truck construction menu. I tried creating a few near the HQ within 450 meters (the manning radius) but still did not get any auto manning of positions.

    BTW I invite anyone to send me (via PM) ideas, tactics or procedures for Warfare BE that I could include in a full guide (see my current guide which is linked through my sig image).

    Thanks I'll try that.

    Hey DJ , thats an incredible contribution to the warfare BE comunity. Thanks !

    You can read some great arma2 tactics here http://ttp2.dslyecxi.com/

  7. Same error here with the latest beta 84156 and 84290, it works with 79600.....im running oaserver as a dedicated server and try to play with my arma2oa exe......i found my dedi in multiplayer lobby and the first time i try to join it says Wrong CD KEY......then i try it in any of the internet servers and it works fine (that means i dont have a wrong cd key), then i come back and try to get inside my server again and then it works, i can get inside my server but then when i try to choose any mission to play it says that error

    No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/PaperCars.tracksSpeed' .......the last part (PaperCars.....) changes in every mission. Its very strange....i dont use any mods.

    When i launch my oaserver there is an error first (No entry ´bin\config.bin/CfgDifficulties/Recruit.recoilCoef´.)

    It doesnt happend with 84108

    Ok i think i found the cure, i play my dedi with 79600 and play armaoa with the latest 84290 and now it works........i cant use the same oaserver from 84290.....it conflicts with the same arma2oa beta exe.....

  8. Not sure what you mean by that. The normal dedicated server should work fine, there's nothing special about the MSO mission, it's just a bunch of scripts.

    When i launch my dedi with gca2dst tool and choose to play mso i cant go inside menu, in the server window it keeps saying "reading from bank" and it doesnt launch the game, i dont know how to set a dedi server so i must be doing something wrong :confused:

  9. The SR5 IED script wasn't working properly on a dedicated server yet so has been disabled for now. You'll still find terrorists knocking around (civilians with guns basically), so watch out for them.

    If you too many civilians get injured, or you steel their cars, shoot their livestock or generally make a nuisance of yourself in town, your reputation will go down (as indicated by the coloured flags over the towns). If this gets too low (red flag) the Civs may start throwing stones at you. But watch out, cos one or two of them may have found their grandpa's Second World War revolver....

    There're more details (and lots of pretty pictures) in the Player Guide

    Thanks friznit2 for your reply, one more question what should i do to create a dedicated server with mso, it doesnt work with the usual way.

  10. well anyone can hellp with this? hi, i love ace mods and i tried to use fast roping, but it dont work!

    i have my squad, rope box and uh60 black hawk in editor, to initialization of uh 60 i wrote

    ACE_canFastrope = 1;

    in game i take any rope then i go as pilot to that chopper, order everyone of team(8ppl) to board, then i fly 10-20 meters, use action menu of chopper, but that option develop sling rope(or how is it in english, cos i use czech version) is blackened and i cant use it, once i atached sling rope(only this can be attached) to heli from back, then i went to pilot and still i couldnt develop it, how can i do it? please help me,thx

    Yes please, there is something wrong with the fast roping, is it broken?

  11. I'm definetly thinking of doing squad/group spawning, I've had the idea for a bit, but I kinda forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me :)

    I'm trying to think on how the unit switching would work, but I'll probably stick to the group spawn first, then move on.

    I wasn't planning on making more versions for a bit, but there was somewhat of a renewed interest by a few people, so it has encouraged me to continue working. Plus 3DArtist made some sweet new guis, gotta implement those :)

    Great news Gossamer, i like the "spawn in your own group" idea too.