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  1. Same here, the texture of trees and houses pop up a lot with this new Patch:mad:, and please BIS fix the problem that now we cant join servers if we dont remove the dubbing_baf.pbo files from BAF Addons folder!!:( Thx anyway , you fixed a lot of important things too!!!:yay:
  2. Where should we post so that BIS can see that we want this in the new beta patch?? I already posted in "Suggestions" but they closed it because it was in wrong forum:confused:......i think it is a Suggestion!! But maybe im wrong....so where can we post it??
  3. I vote for this addon, it must be inside next BIS patch !!!!
  4. BIS should implement this by default in the next Patch, it helps a LOT in Close Quarter Battles. You can check it in this link : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=109628
  5. The best addon in years, BIS should put this in the next patch[/u][/color]. We need this!!!!:yay::bounce3:
  6. Hi, i just want to know how can i use my AI Scout soldier (he has Laser Designator) to laser an enemy target while i am up in the air in my harrier. I already try the Action menu (6) but nothing appears there.....need help....THX
  7. Nec

    Fallujah City

    I agree, this is a great map, but when you tell your AI Heli pilot to land inside the city in a free space the heli lands on the roofs and not in the empty space you have pointed.
  8. Nec

    Isla Duala

    The problem for me is that i love to play Bennys Warfare mod and Duala is a good FPS Island to play but when i order the AI to cross the bridge they get stuck there (only soldiers on foot, some vehicles did cross it) and i must order them to go to the west side of Duala to cross to the south side and hope that the river is not to high. I have try to cross the bridge that is in the east side of Duala (dont remember the name) but i have the same problem there. I dont remember who, but someone here answers me that this is BIS problem, not Duala....Very sad because its a beautiful map to play.....i hope this problem can be solved in the future.
  9. Nec

    Isla Duala

    And AI cant cross the bridge....they get stuck in the south side of the bridge. Is that BIS problem or Duala problem??:confused:
  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but why is Proyect Reality so important? They must be very important because all the people in this forum are very happy that they will involve ARMA 2. What did they do?