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    Virtual Private Network

    Thank you guys for the fast answers............and yes i can play with american servers but none of them plays with 70 people like XR DAO or Wasp Warfare Server for example.
  2. Nec

    Arma 2 Player Age

    44 :cool:
  3. Try Bennys Warfare too, theres a lot of tactics, for me the best tactical mission. Im trying to convince my friends too, but they are all BLIND with COD and Bad Company 2, the first thing you must do is telling them that this is not a First person shooter game with soldiers jumping from roofs and stuffs like that, this is "military simulation game"
  4. Nec

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 77750

    I think he doesnt mean AI, he is talking about "muddy" and "popping" texture, i have the same problem but i think i found the fix, i must put in video settings "object detail" in Very High and the buildings texture going from low to high disapears, the grass still blinking on and off but less frequently, but there is a problem with object detail in very high, when you zoom with your gun where there are lot of trees , the FPS decreases a LOT!:mad: I think Bis must find a fix for us who doesnt have a great CPU so we can put object detail in "medium" and dont suffer wih "muddy" and "popping" textue. Ohh... by the way.... he AI is getting better and better! :bounce3:
  5. Nec

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 77750

    LOL:D:D: Nice comments!!! :D:D:
  6. First of all........thank you BIS for making this the best Simulation Game of the world,a few years ago was Operation Flashpoint and before that Falcon 4. I see that you are improving the AI behavior, thats excellent, but im still having some grafic problems that are keeping away some new friends, who i want to convince to play this game. The LOD grafic problem still there:mad:, textures of grass blinking on and off and the texture of buildings going from low to high is driving me crazy, this happends when I am moving, on foot and vehicle, but if im standing still and watch the horizon the problem isnt visible. When i run on foot I can see the grass appearing a few meters away, and the texture of buildings changing a lot. Ive already defragment my hd a few times and my rig is good (I7 2.8, 6 gb ram, g force 285), maybe im missing something, or is this BIS problem? If someone knows how to fix this, please help me here!
  7. Nec

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    Fallujah please :bounce3:
  8. Soak, can you confirm that the "white" grass blinking is fixed, because im still xperienced it. And the ugly LOD problem still there too.
  9. Hi ZeroG, thanks for the missions, im going to try them all, but you didnt include Fallujah, why?
  10. Please Bis, i know you are doing a great job for trying to make this game better and better (and you are doing it) but please fix the LOD problem, grass popping on and off (specially the white grass) and some structures texture blinking, i know that you did something with these bugs in previous betas but they arent totally fix jet. Arma 2 and OA looks very beatifull grafically if you doesnt move and watch the horizon, but if you start moving (on foot and specially with vehicles) you will see what i mean. I want to know if i am the only one who has this problem....im sure im not. I continuosly defragment my HD and have a good computer (Core I7 2.8- 6 GB ram- Windows 7- gforce 285 gtx) . And i doesnt need to post another ticket for it, BIS already know what im talking about.
  11. Hi to all, this is a great modification of Benny`s mission, i have downloaded the supported addons for your server but the Warfx Blastcore fix isnt the last one because the M203 HE still firing way up . Please Zero G add the last Warfx Blastcore fix R1.1 in your addon......Thanks
  12. The grass and the texture of buildings in Chernarus, Takistan and Zargabad still blinking on and off. Just drive a vehicle thru any town and you can see the problem. Anyone else still having this problem?? I have defragment my hard drive and my rig is good enough to handle the game in high grafic option. I also have put all the grafics to very high but the problem doesnt disapear. Please Bis......solve this problem. My rig......Core I7 2.8 , Windows 7 64 , 6 GB ram and Nvidia Geforce GTX 285 1 GB Please help vote to solve this problem here : http://dev-heaven.net/issues/16136 I think this is the same, but they have to look in Chernarus too not only Takistan or Zargabad, vote please.. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/16004 please look at the videos!! Thats exactly the problem!!
  13. Its inside single player-campaign-operation black gauntlet. Armex is inside multiplayer-new-Takistan-coop 8 Armory
  14. Its inside single player-campaign-operation black gauntlet.
  15. Sad to hear bad reviews about PMC:( For me this new DLC is excellent so far :D
  16. Can I play the new campaign of PMC cooperative with another player? Or is it single player only??
  17. Try to download BAF Hotfix again from Arma 2 Homepage, dont use the mirror links in the middle of page, i couldnt fix it with those, use the download link at the bottom of page....that should solve your connection problem. Old Skool the same for you, try this solution.
  18. Nec

    Patch 1.55 Issues

    Exactly the same problem happends to me. I was playing Warfare too when that happend(James Earl Jones voice), maybe is something related with Warfare or maybe 1.55. Bis should check this too!
  19. Nec

    Patch 1.55 Issues

    I have the same problem, buildings and trees popping on and off a lot in all maps. Help voting here http://dev-heaven.net/issues/15073 or here http://dev-heaven.net/issues/15145 Specs I7 2.80 gforce 285 1 GB 6 Gb ram Windows 7 64
  20. Help voting this so BIS should take care of it as soon as posible!! THX http://dev-heaven.net/issues/15145
  21. I have 3 computers, in all 3 the same problem! 1- Core I7 2.8 , 6 GB ram, Gforce 285, Windows 7 2- Core I5 3.2, 4 GB ram, Gforce 220, Windows XP 3- Core 2 Duo , 4 GB ram, Gforce 260, windows XP Dont know where to ticket it yet but im going to look after!
  22. Download the patch again from ARMA 2 . There is an info about a hotfix for BAF. When you are in the patch page use the Download link at the bottom of page. Dont use the Download Mirrrors because i did it and nothing change. Use the red one that is at the bottom of page! And run the patch again. Good luck!
  23. Same for me, very horrible grafic bug!!:mad: Please BIS .....fix this as soon as posible!! It is a great patch in other things (it fixes a lot of things:bounce3:) but this is a step back!