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  1. Many thanks for an update! Trying it now:)
  2. Same problem as Silverwave has - no way to disable animation speed option((
  3. Downloading version from 423 post solved the black vests problem for me.
  4. Everything working fine now, thanks a lot for update and your great work in general:D
  5. Well, but some missions are much more interesting when civilians are presented in the combat - the same black hawk down-style sceneriors for example. Is it possible to return the spawning of civilians in the combat as an option?
  6. Grey-Legolas

    Will Arma 3 have fast roping ?

    +1 vote for fastroping;) Guess it would be a benifit both for players and the developers - trailer with fastroping will be a revolution in arma series.
  7. Wonderful work Massi, thank you very much!:D
  8. Hi Kju, First of all - thanks a lot for your great work. I wanted to ask - if it is possible to make russian units use russian voice samples from arma 2 or just english from arma 3? I mean - their current speaking is neither russian nor understandable - so playing for them isn`t much fun. Do you think anithig can be done about it?
  9. Thanks for an update, ai movement looks much better now:) But it seems to me that in pauses between rapid turns ai manage to use arma`s vanila slow aiming - it doesnt take too much time (mostly less than a 0,75 sec in a series of 2 turns) but still a bit unpleasant cause makes aiming process longer - is it possible to fix it? Didnt have enough time to test this version in different situations though, maybe in real firefight - not during testing on the empty airport field - ai bevavior will differ. Thanks again for your work:)
  10. New quick rotation is great, thank you. If oversooting issue is fixed, than it will be the begining of a whole new splendid era in Arma series ai:yay:
  11. Thanks a lot for another grear update of an awesome mod, downloading:)
  12. Hi, I have just tried launching Takistan in A3 several times and for me it is crashing during the first 60-100 seconds of gameplay. Didnt understand the reason though:/ Will try to test Desert, Shapur & Proving Grounds later today __ Failed to launch any of these three maps - game is crashing while i`m loading missions that has been just made in the editor, tried each of them twice( Also now and in previous versions of AiA could not play in the Duala map - while on Lingor everything was ok (didnt check this time).
  13. Hi, thanks a lot for quick respond. The problem covers the whole blufor side - both all Arma2 factions and new Arma 3 unites. It happenes at all islands, whether unites are in my gropup or not. All opfor factions seemed to be ok. Blufor unites are "muted" in the editor and while plaing missions from Arma 2, while in Arma 3 showcases the problem didnd take place. Can you please help me?