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  1. Howdy,

    I've recently noticed that there are no main roads or two way streets in any of the content or screenshots BIS has released of Arma 3, I know its a bit of odd question, but on a huge island like Altis stuck on one way roads and dirt tracks would be a huge disappointment (especially to those of us who play on life servers.) Surely BIS would have nice mix of terrain including a urban street like area? (Like Chernogorsk or Elektrogorsk)

  2. I have found on most servers my FPS is pretty bad and basically unplayable but every so often I find a decent server and the game runs beautifully! OLUT was one of those servers... Find a decent server and you will find a decent frame rate.

    Can you list some good ones? I'm struggling to find any :S

  3. Although I'd normally agree with you regarding keeping grass turned on, this is an Alpha release and many people are having issues so maybe having grass turned off on a bunch of servers / maps would be a good idea while the game is being fully optimised.

    Exacley, I mean don't get me wrong I love grass. But as it stands, its just making things too unplayable at the moment. If we have grassed forced on all servers, it leaves a huge gap in the community, people that can't play due to major FPS lag. (Until BIS Fixes it) So it would be nice for now.

  4. Hey guys, I think many of us would appreciate having a server were we can play with the grass turned off. As many of you are aware, at the moment a lot of us are suffering from Low FPS due to low CPU Utilization. I have noticed that playing on my mates dedicated server that with the grass off, frames shoot up from 15 to 40-60.

    This command will remove the grass in the mission.

    setTerrainGrid 50;

    I know its not the most desired option, but until BIS fixes the Low FPS Issue, so many of us would benefit from having some servers out there that had this enabled.

  5. No, it won't be ToH with full Infantry simulation if you're asking that. It has SOME features from ToH, like the clouds and the helicopter sound engine (different sounds from different directions)

    Can we expect better flying models then? anything? god dam I was hoping for something a lot better than Arma 2... Something along the lines of ToH...