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  1. WingsOfDeath

    Harrier Can not open .p3d

    That is Correct yes, I'll try $PBOPREFIX$ now.. Thanks for your help! ---------- Post added at 18:16 ---------- Previous post was at 16:58 ---------- Still Doesnt Seem to want to open it. it's not that it cant find it, i think it's that i can't open it but i have no idea why...
  2. It Would be nice if you Actually Release this one..
  3. I've got the Addon But i Can't seem to find the script used in this video any fourm posts i look at all the links seem to be dead, is there any chance some one can upload a template mission or a example? DnsIXui186U&feature=related 40xTsUn8fgY
  4. WingsOfDeath

    Chinook Script Help!

    Wow your Good.... LOL thanks man!
  5. i Can't Wait for the Harrier !
  6. WingsOfDeath

    Chair Script help

    I've Already looked, There's Nothing there that shows me just other pepole having the same issue can some one help?
  7. When is the harrier Going to be out?
  8. hi guys i've been wanting to do a navex in my clan for some time now but i cant due to my grid Refrences for my map being incorrect i've looked everywhere and i cant find a anwser can you guys help?
  9. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 2 Grid ref HELP!

    Bump This is what everyone else gets in my clan http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/3166/gridsz.jpg > 100 kb
  10. Hi Guys in my mission i wanted to give the option to turn grass on/off so i created 2 radio triggers, one ive got set to setTerrainGrid 50;hint "Grass Off" and the other trigger set to TerrainGrid 12.5;hint "Grass On" but the problem is that it sets this for everyone on the server is there anyway i can adapt the lines of code for it only sets the grass on/off for who ever used the trigger. Thanks Wings,
  11. WingsOfDeath

    [Alpha] RTE for ArmA II

    got it to work thanks guys !!!!
  12. Heya guys, is it possible to get a tornado (NOT the plane) in Arrowhead and if so how????? Thanks Wings,
  13. WingsOfDeath

    Unit Limet

    Thanks Guys You are THE BEST! :D
  14. Hi guys just wondering is there anyway to increase the maxmam size of units perside?
  15. WingsOfDeath

    Unit Limet

    what exacley do you mean? whats going on is that i add soem opfour units then it says you can only have 144 units on each side or somthing is there anyway i can boost that number