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  1. WingsOfDeath

    Can't buy supporter edition?

    Well, They've taken my cash, but I have let too see any Links, or even the Webpage.
  2. WingsOfDeath

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    Hows the cockpit looking? can we expect it to be functional ?
  3. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Amazing I've just jizzed!
  4. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Can we expect better flying models then? anything? god dam I was hoping for something a lot better than Arma 2... Something along the lines of ToH...
  5. give me nooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!! Lol
  6. WingsOfDeath

    Sonic Booms help

    Ah thanks mate, this looks good.
  7. Hello guys is there a script/is it possible to script breaking the sound barrier? i.e in a jet? I have seen some of the addons made for arma witch include this feature but it seems to just make a "bang" sound to everyone on the server no matter were you are as soon as the jet gets over a certain speed. so can we do it? and can we do it realistically ? The reason i ask is because i want to use the feature with the addon im making. With ACE you get the visual effects but no sound. EDIT:- me being a donut - Request this gets moved into the Arma 2 section of editing :/
  8. anything on the tornado? that's my No.1 right now and it would be cool if it comes out soon. Arma 2 is in despite need of a 2 seater British bomber.
  9. Hey guys how could you get a tinited effect in game? like the tinit you get with a visor on. And if it is possible is there a way (though a script) you could turn it on/off at will ? I also need the effect just to be client side.
  10. Wait so how does this work? can the pilots have TOH and arma 2 and the ground pounders just have arma 2? or does everyone need TOH to be able to play together?
  11. How do you stop this being active with other aircraft?
  12. Give me a RAF Chinook and i'll be happy
  13. Any Update? i want a tornado! LOL :)
  14. Hi guys, i was wondering if you could help me. I am in the process of editing a Domination map for my clan and im trying to make it for the lift choppers can lift the new BAF APCs and Vehicles any help ???? Thanks Wings,
  15. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- DISCUSSION

    BAF, Chinooks, L85s, Pumas, Merlins, Lynxs , GMPGs, The Full Monty!
  16. WingsOfDeath

    Harrier GR9

    Thanks for all the Mirrors guys :) should be starting some new projects soon, as well as a V2 for the harrier although, not official as of yet. :)
  17. WingsOfDeath

    Harrier GR9

    Wooops bit of a screw up :S - Clearly you need the RKSL Air Weapon Pack Sorry if that has caused any issues.
  18. WingsOfDeath

    Harrier GR9

    thanks man :)
  19. Rock, what are the chances of a tornado for Christmas? :)
  20. hi guys, in game the officer has a red Beret is thier anyway i can script the red Beret onto other units??????? Like Rifleman,Medic's.... Ect Ect
  21. Hello I am trying to get the MFD system that is in place for the AV8b to work with an addon that I am trying to make using the RKSL Weapon pack. I was trying to find a way to do it and came across this... “All ACE basic features are supported for all 3rd party addons. The only requirement is that the addon is compatible to CBA eXtended Event Handlers.†Is there anyway to make the RKSL Bombs work with the AV8b / Any Aircraft in game? and if so how?
  22. WingsOfDeath

    ACE MFD Help!

    Yes they do but because I’m using ACE, it's system takes over and the RKSL bombs don't work with Lasers because of ACE's new system. So I need to A: add the RKSL bombs to ACE's system some how B: Disable the new ACE MFD/Laser bomb system (no idea how to) ---------- Post added at 07:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:13 PM ---------- Going to Try it thanks!