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  1. Hello guys is there a script/is it possible to script breaking the sound barrier? i.e in a jet? I have seen some of the addons made for arma witch include this feature but it seems to just make a "bang" sound to everyone on the server no matter were you are as soon as the jet gets over a certain speed. so can we do it? and can we do it realistically ? The reason i ask is because i want to use the feature with the addon im making. With ACE you get the visual effects but no sound. p.s Please delete my thread in the Arma editing section as it was ment to be here.
  2. WingsOfDeath

    Harrier GR9

    Harrier GR9 Version 1.00 Website: www.16aa.net Credits:- BIS for original AV-8B, Jones for reworking it :) Image 1 Image 2 Size: 2.50mb Features: New VTOL system New texture And a lot of little changes 5 Variants Variants include: Harrier GR9 Heavy CAS, Harrier GR9 General Purpose, Harrier GR9 Air-Air, Harrier GR9 Shadow storm (As requested from Evil_Brownie), Harrier GR9 Default BIS lgbs, Notes: Sorry it's took me so long to release something so simple. I simply wanted to test it in my clans Current campaigns to make sure it was perfect (Operation Oryx & Operation Linstock Check www.16aa.net for details.) you guys will be happy to know that the harrier performed fantastically well during the operations, therefore I've decided to release it. there may be one or two tiny bugs, but we can iron them out as them come.[/ b] Installation: Unzip the @Harrier Gr9 Mod into your arma2 directory and launch game with this mod included. OR Unzip the Harrier.pbo file into your another custom mod folder. You can find these retextured Harriers are listed under BLUFOR->BAF->AIR. BIS' BAF DLC is recommended (but not required) as the Pilot and Crew are BAF models. Currently undergoing some major changes for a V2.00 in the future! keep tuned :) Download :yay: Enjoy :)
  3. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3 & TOH

    Well there hasn't been much "showcasing" in terms of the flying from Take On Helicopters in Arma 3. there's not been much detail either. What can we expect from Arma 3? will it have ToH Implemented Fully? (Interactive Cockpits, Flight Model, ect ect)
  4. Howdy, I've recently noticed that there are no main roads or two way streets in any of the content or screenshots BIS has released of Arma 3, I know its a bit of odd question, but on a huge island like Altis stuck on one way roads and dirt tracks would be a huge disappointment (especially to those of us who play on life servers.) Surely BIS would have nice mix of terrain including a urban street like area? (Like Chernogorsk or Elektrogorsk)
  5. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3 Altis: Will there be any Main/Two Way streets ?

    Yeah exactly, hopefully BIS does do something.
  6. WingsOfDeath

    Arma 3 Altis: Will there be any Main/Two Way streets ?

    Just was wondering if BIS would adapt the map to suit for added game play ( More main roads) . In my opinion it would only make sense.
  7. Hi Guys I’ve had a look around i can’t find a chair script that works, I’m looking for a script that allows players on multiplayer to sit down on chairs while listening to a briefing before a mission and if possible with out the players having to have a persific name in the editor. Can anyone help with this issue?
  8. Intel i7 920 @ 2.6 Ghz GTX 295 2GB 12GB DDR3 Ram Any chance of high settings?
  9. Hey guys, I think many of us would appreciate having a server were we can play with the grass turned off. As many of you are aware, at the moment a lot of us are suffering from Low FPS due to low CPU Utilization. I have noticed that playing on my mates dedicated server that with the grass off, frames shoot up from 15 to 40-60. This command will remove the grass in the mission. setTerrainGrid 50; I know its not the most desired option, but until BIS fixes the Low FPS Issue, so many of us would benefit from having some servers out there that had this enabled.
  10. I think this may of been the development patch.
  11. WingsOfDeath

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    I noticed a frame boost on the Wasteland server I was just on...
  12. WingsOfDeath

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    New 14 MB PAtch, Seems to of fixed FPS issues, although I can't get on 90% of the servers XD
  13. WingsOfDeath

    low FPS in multiplayer

    Can you list some good ones? I'm struggling to find any :S
  14. It would be cool if some of the missions on A3 such as Wasteland was to adopt these features.
  15. Exacley, I mean don't get me wrong I love grass. But as it stands, its just making things too unplayable at the moment. If we have grassed forced on all servers, it leaves a huge gap in the community, people that can't play due to major FPS lag. (Until BIS Fixes it) So it would be nice for now.
  16. This one http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147533-Low-CPU-utilization-amp-Low-FPS As it stands atm, you acn't turn off grass client side (as I understand) it has to be in the mission file on the server.
  18. WingsOfDeath

    Low performance on ATI Cards?

    No its across the board mate, I've got a GTX 295 I get 60 Frames on A2 but on A3 Multiplayer I get 20, On single player Im getting 40-60
  19. WingsOfDeath

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Maybe in the next update BIS will fix it (theres always hope) anyone know when the next update is expected?
  20. WingsOfDeath

    Stuck at 18fps

    Same Issue here, it seems to be the servers like Wasteland that affect my FPS, but I've noticed, Without the grass, my FPS Shoots right back up again.
  21. No, its a different one. I will PM it you. EDIT: PM Sent
  22. They haven't emailed me at all... how do I get the order number?
  23. Don't worry your not alone, I'm in the same boat, BIS need to get there act together pretty rapidly.
  24. I have exacly the same issue. I am soooo stressed atm.
  25. I'm slightly concerned everyone's claiming they have received a confirmation Email, They have taken the cash, but I haven't received anything yet.