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  1. Completely agree with this topic, I play with headphones and would like the volume of breathing reduced by around 50%, I'll still be able to hear it just fine but it won't be so invasive, I don't mind hearing the breathing as it's an indicator of fatigue but it's so damned loud in my ears it drives me up the wall, Yes I know I should walk/catch a lift but when your vehicle has just been blown to hell and you have a 10k walk back to base and only 2 other guys on the mp server in the same situation elsewhere.. you run or you die haha
  2. I agree with what you guys have said here and thankfully we still have guys around like BiS to make games for those of us that enjoying using our brains a bit. Dwarf Fortress is a good example of a game that makes you think and it has one hell of a learning curve, EVE: Online as well, although at times I feel it's only because the UI is so spread out that it takes someone with an eidetic memory to actually make use of it, funnily it's the same with DF.
  3. slay0rwr4th

    PMC04... argh (Possible Spoiler alert)

    sorry about replying late, i'm not sure which mosque one you are talking about? I think the... 5th or 6th mission might be the one but I don't remember the convoy moving at all, you finish the mission once the area is properly clear. Another weird issue with PMC04 is as fluffy mentioned, sometimes the other cars in the convoy just stop moving, I think I got to the end of the mission when I completed it and I was on my own. it still let me pass though so all good on that front. - I think they drive up hills etc as an evasive maneuver if you get to close to the action.
  4. Woops, actually its PMC04! I have one complaint about this mission, path-finding in the vehicles.... is horrid to say the least.
  5. slay0rwr4th

    Beta spamming

    http://www.qbasix.com/ARMA2/ <- why dont you get your GSP to sign up to this, itll inform him of the latest betas as they come about, I fail to see how they're hard to install, they take 2 seconds to download, I usually miss half of them and just install the latest one that's available, it can only get better, you can also read up in the forum here about the progress of said beta, or check it's log file for gamebreaking fixes.
  6. haha yeah definately got a bit of reading and practice to do.
  7. I'm glad this thread is around, I got to be commander last night, i just got voted for lol. I've never commanded before (part-time gamer nowadays) so if it weren't for a few guys on my team knowing how things work things would've been much worse, but I made a few massive mistakes and with only one base build they really were critical. (too far nth east, hill behind the base giving positional advantage) at least I built on a road hahaha. I did spend my time upgrading infantry and gear, supply and LF though, though with how far the base was out, i was doing my best to compensate by getting to airlifts as quickly as possible... much to learn from :)
  8. slay0rwr4th

    I cannot patch the game to 1.54!

    Got the same problem as you guys do, I'm trying out damaboo's idea but in the expansion/addons folder, hopefully get to see BAF in action tonight :)
  9. Awesome! my workaround before this update was a script for a crate full of weapons (not cool, just messy) this will be great to implement, thanks Madbull!
  10. Thanks Madbull, will give it a go soon, :)
  11. This might have already been asked, but can you get this running in SP too? even if it takes learning some more scripting on my part (gotta learn it anyway :D) - I was also wondering if it's still working in OA?
  12. this mod rocks!, how much am I going to have to change in my mission when 1.4 comes out to implement it? or will it be the same just updated files? - Not that I'm worried, the tutorial last time was easy too :)
  13. Well, in Australia here, been up since 5am so thought I'd login and check things out, 2 hours eh? :D - kids are on school holidays so I'm hoping to get to check it out before they wake!