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    64-bit executable

  2. rogue trdr

    Why does the server go down all time?

    Ah because if you read the bug tracker at all you would know joining an alpha server while using the DEV build causes everyone on the server to turn into seagulls. It's likely server admins are just rebooting the server after you've ruined everyones fun to clear any lingering bugs.
  3. Thanks heaps. The piles of bodies were getting rather large
  4. In a TDM game make the bodies disapear after player death.
  5. Anyone know the despawn bodies script for MP? I've searched high and low for the thread and cant find it
  6. rogue trdr

    =BTC= TK punishment script

    I like the 'three strikes and your out' that it does now. Someone asked me today if there was anyway to have it determine an accidental TK from a deliberate TK but I don't think it would be at all possible (not without silly amounts of work for little gain)
  7. rogue trdr

    =BTC= TK punishment script

    After a night of testing I can confirm this works very very well. The consequences are far better than the old "turn them into a seagull" and really do deter *************** from the server.
  8. That's the whole thing with the arma editor, most of what is possible is only possible due to scripting. There are a couple of loadout scrips and everyitem ammo crates going around already.
  9. Do you mean a separate respawn for each squad?
  10. rogue trdr

    Need help with Tasks/Triggers!

    Have a look here mate http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148179-Tutorial-How-to-use-the-Task-Modules
  11. I've been saving it to my user missions then saving as to my MPmissions once I've done all the scripting etc.
  12. rogue trdr

    =BTC= TK punishment script

    I would love to know if this really works.
  13. R.Flagg I tried using your template however I get this- You cannot play/edit this mission. It is dependant on downloadable content that has been deleted.cba_x3_xeh
  14. rogue trdr

    how to set an ammo crate?

    Place player unit. Place new unit but select empty, type- ammo.
  15. rogue trdr

    Where to put scripts for MP

    Also be aware if you're using self refiling ammo boxes in MP it can lag the shit out of your server