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  1. We have plenty of map,what we lack is proper WWII content.Also Altis could be a perfect theatre for Crete or Sicily invasion,a good mission maker will wisely choose the proper locations avoiding futuristic ones.

    I can make a good WWII themed mission in almost all terrains and you too Giallustio(i still remember with love the one you made on Clafghan) but sadly i can't make a panzergrenadier or a sherman tank and i suppose this is a limitation pretty common on A3 community.

    So imho no need to postpone a release waiting for a proper setted map.Just give us our WWII toys to play with and hundreds arma players will be happy for the next 2 years

    It was Aliabad :P

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  2. Please use IFA3 terminology when talking about IF in arma3, IFL is IF game itself, lot of new people to this conversation would be lost as to what your referring too.

    Its been IFA3, always been IFA3 and it makes no sense to label it any other way, i would also suggest being a fan, and long time supporter of the IF community that the mod FOW

    just be made compatible with IFA3 not require it, i find that rather pointless unless the mod's aim is to expand IFA3.

    Yep you're right, I took it for granted since we're in the A3 mod section and we're an A3 mod, sorry.

    I still don't understand your point. Of course it will expand IFA3 in some ways (e.g. UK faction).

    The requirement part will be mainly for terrains, so i guess we could even split them:

    - pbos that require IFA3 (mainly terrains)

    - pbos stand alone

    But i think that play with units only in Altis won't be that interesting

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  3. I don't want to pay for a mod.I prefer to donate to modders

    This never worked out in the past and we all know that :)

    I don't want low res models
    The only things low res are the textures (512x512) and they're way better than the old IF Lite version (128x128).

    IFL had a bad impact on ARMA cause they were the first to make you pay for a mod and splitted the community

    This, imho, should be a choice of the modders, something that it's not possible atm, but it's not the right place to talk about it 


    IF conversion was a total messs in the past
    True. Infact the mod now is on the workshop and devs are looking for a new way to deliver the FULL version.


    FOW guys at the beginning said their mod  would be standalone.

    To be completely honest, the FOW project started as an IF expansion, things changed few time during the development and we needed to adapt.


    IFL has many issues in compatibility with other mod

    AFAIK they're working on it, especially for ACE and CBA.


    Just take your time and provide us with top quality assets(as you are already doing) and don't recycle old (imho) crap

    The thing is pretty simple.

    Using IF as placeholder, we can focus on improving old models, adding new models (e.g. the UK faction) and start working on some terrain.

    We can even re-texture IF models to have high-res textures on IF models (need to check with kju about it).

    We do not have any assets for a terrain and I think we won't be able to add any in this state.

    It's a small team and we have no one that can work on buildings and map assets at the moment.

    This is my personal opinion, of course. The team will take the decision ;)



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  4. The Full version is not available and supported at the moment.

    Full and Lite are not compatible at the moment.



    As already said it's not possible at the moment. We're looking for a solution that could make everyone happy, but it will need some more time.

    Meanwhile we're working hard on the config\script side to make your ww2 experience even better.


    Let me quickly quote me from the previous page.


    Plus what dmorok says

  5. Copy, Thanks. some more questions.

    1. Is Lite, MP compatible or I need full version  to play MP ?

    2. Where do I find full Iron front and what other mods do I need, example CBA3 ?

    3. For hosting server, do I need Iron front full version?

    Sorry for asking...




    The Full version is not available and supported at the moment.

    Full and Lite are not compatible at the moment.

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  6. Jokes apart, a little update:


    Tarawa is now finished. The bug hunting is now started on the island and it will take quite a lot time.

    Meanwhile we're still working on features, sounds, animations and new models.


    USMC and IJA are on their way, they still need some work, but they're coming.




    You can't have a WW2 mod without a garand:




    We will try to record a video to show tpm's progresses with the new shader sounds, but no promises :P


    The amount of work is huge, but our efforts are taking shape.


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