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  1. On 5/12/2016 at 8:25 PM, raikkofr49 said:

    I love this mod, i'm pretty sure this will be my favorite one when it will be finished !

    Is it possible to use the naval canon ?


    4 hours ago, pabloelkillo said:

    Hi guys. Thanks for the mod. Is it compatible with ACE and/or ACRE by chance?

    We're not aware of any comp problem, let us know if you find any

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  2. As you may notice there are still some weapons that are not up to arma 3 standards (e.g. M3, M1919 and so on), especially the M1919 is a straight port from HIPA2.

    Tommy_mc is working on a new model but we did not have time to include it in the first release.


    There are still a lot of things to do and a lot of assets to rework, but we decided to release it anyway and let you guys enjoy what we've done so far and hopefully get some help.


    In this right moment Lodu is reworking the vegetation of Tarawa and all the bunkers log, but we could not include this improvent since we had some problems with the objects already placed on the island.

    Probably you've already noticed from the screens of yesterday:




    Next update will focus on vehicles and fixes!

    Sadly there won't be any update for the anims.

    Jeast, our animator, will be very busy until the new year and without any other help we're stuck in this field.


    We're planning to expand our fronts adding new maps, but as already said, without any artist that is willing to create some assets, this process will be very very slow

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  3. Nope, all humans are the same :P

    Jokes apart, we'll do our best to create an amazing mod. No focused efforts on any side planned.

    As a side note, there are not much updates lately, but most of the team is away for the summer, especially me, so you'll probably see us active again from september.

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  4. The commission president is elected by the EU parliament which members are themselves elected by the EU citizens.

    As someone who holds democracy so dearly in his heart, I'm sure you've participated in the last EU elections, right ?

    It's not that easy. The role of the parliament is really limited inside the EU. They've made few changes in the past to get over this "limitation" but it's not really enough.

    Commission and Parliament are not linked, there's almost no control from the parliament over the commission. Commission is elected by national government, but often they do not have the same "life cycle".

    Plus there's not any european party, for example, if we really are "european" we should be able to vote for a french politician or a german politician, no matter where we are from.

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