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  1. 10 minutes ago, autigergrad said:

    I'm loving the new MG AI ability.


    Re: The German units...will there be any chance of adopting the German Radio protocols from Iron Front, etc. rather than having them speak English?  I didn't know if that was possible without making Iron Front a dependency on this particular mod.  


    It's not possible sadly


    1 minute ago, copper252 said:

    Is it on the Steam Workshop?



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  2. 3 hours ago, warbirdguy1 said:

    I already did and they wont accept the help.  Can't fix everything I guess :D

    We already have all those rifles in game, so I don't really know what you could assist with since probably we're not gonna re-model a weapon when we can add something new.

    As a side note, we had some bad experience with historians, not really sure why, probably because what Bed said, and reading your posts, it seems logic that the team declined your help 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, kronovan said:

    I know I want to play something that lets me do at least some missions of helo flying and tank driving. 


    It's a long time now, so I could be wrong, but OA has some of these.


    Op. Harvest Red is an infantry campaign mainly, it has some warfare missions at the end tho.

    In Eagle Wing you start as an apache pilot if you wanna give it a try


    Never played PMC\BAF, do they have a campaign?

  4. 2 hours ago, AIF_Infantrymen said:

    any plans to bring the attack transport over from Arma 2? or make something a bit bigger such as an LST, as a static object of course

    Plans, yes.


    1 hour ago, ayjay said:

    If you do this would you please make it ' optional ' and allow people to disable it if they didn't want it? Faces of War is a great addon but there is another great addon here that for me and quite a few other people is unplayable because of ambient chatter that for us totally spoils the immersion.

    It's already optional 

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