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  1. 1 hour ago, vintorez said:

    Thank you for your continued work and so amazing update! Everything looks very nice. New uniforms, weapons, vehicles are just outstanding. But most of all, I like the different versions of static Mg42. Three position at MG, fantastic idea. Defense of bunkers, trenches, firing over sandbags, windows in buildings ... is now a piece of cake. So, at this moment, only my imagination limits me :satisfied:
    If I only could suggest one thing. Dear team, could you consider to use this insane ROF which is actually in handheld MG42, also in these static MG42? I mean situations when AI firing (ROF for player is perfect). I know, I'm crazy about this point, but for me, this is the only thing which missing to the perfection.


    On my to do list ;) 

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  2. Greetings and good evening community, some of you have been waiting for this.

    A year has passed since our first public release. Our team - despite being small in numbers - pushed on to produce new assets and polish and fix up old ones (Arma 2 / Hell in The Pacific). Hereby we present you the 4th Release of Faces of War:



    • New vehicles: Sdf. Kfz. 222, 250, 251; Panther; Cromwell; Universal Carrier Carrier; Kübelwagen
    • New terrain: Henderson Field (Guadalcanal); Kokoda Track (Papua);
    • New infantry units: Merill's Marauders; U.S. Airborne troops; South East Asia Command; additional uniforms and accessories
    • New weapons: Gewehr 43; MG 34; static MG 42 and M1919 variants; new grenade types for Ger. and U.K. sides

    We are aware that some of the contents are not really up to A3 standard (lvta2, hago, gmc just to name a few), but we've decided to include those for gameplay reasons and we hope to improve the quality of those models in the future. This release build has been tested intensively by our testers and we're really grateful for their help, but we've added many things so aspect some bugs! In this case, report them to us here or on our discord!


    Our sound designer had some problems with his PC and he could not include all the sounds he wanted for this release sadly. Especially most of the vehicles are using A3 vanilla sounds for the moment, but we hope that Miska can recover quickly and get back to modding to gift us all his amazing sounds!


    We would like to thank the Unsung Team and especially Eggbeast for sharing with us their zf41 scope; Toadie for granting us the use his beatiful springfield; Jaki that donated us a very good pack of model templates that has been very useful to speed up the work; Spycer42 for donating the models of the Bren Carrer, Cromwell, Kubelwagen, panther and Sd.Kfz. 234/1 that have been used and reworked by Lodu to fit Arma 3.


    We're still looking for talented modellers to help us finishing our new maps creating beautiful props! If you are interested feel free to send me a PM!








    Handerson Airfield map
    Bike horn for truppenfahrrad
    GMC Truck
    Type 97 truck
    Type 95 Ha-Go
    Kubelwagen (MG)
    Sd.kfz. 222
    Sd.kfz. 234/1
    Sd.kfz. 250
    Sd.kfz. 250/9
    Sd.kfz. 251
    Universal carrier

    Sd.kfz. 251 wreck
    Type 95 Ha-Go wreck
    Sd.kfz. 222 wreck
    Willys wreck
    Universal Carrier wreck

    Dienstglas 6x30 binoculars
    German Nb39B Smoke grenade
    British no.82 "Gammon bomb"
    British no.79 Smoke grenade
    British no.77 White Phosphorous Grenade
    British no.73 Anti-tank grenade
    British no.69 Hand grenade
    TNT explosives
    M1919a4 tripod
    M1919a6 deployed
    MG 34 General-purpose machine gun
    Gewehr 43 Semi-automatic rifle
    FG42 Fallschirmjäger gewehr
    MG 42 deployed
    Radom Vis P35
    Pistole 640(b)
    Walther PPK
    Welrod Mk.II Silenced pistol
    P08 Luger
    Zf41 scope (thanks to the Unsung Team)
    M1912 shotgun
    Ithaca shotgun
    Springfield M1903 (Thanks to Toadie)
    Panzerfaust (Klein, 30, 60, 100)
    Rifle No.5 Jungle carbine 
    No.4 bayo for Rifle No.4
    M1 Garand tracers ammo

    US munitions containers
    UK munitions containers
    IJA munitions containers
    German Fallschirmjäger Drop canister

    UK SEAC units
    UK Radio operator unit
    UK LT textures for PIB, BP, and CAN 01 and 02
    UK RHA beret variants
    UK RTR beret variants
    UK Radio backpack green variant
    UK Backpack variant with shovel
    UK Jungle hat

    US Engineer, Radio operator, Sniper, Rifleman M1903a1, SMG guner M1a1, SMG gunner M3, rifleman m1 Carbine, shotgun riflemen
    US Army paratroopers and gear (82nd & 101st)
    M37 & M41 US groups and units
    US Army Merril's Marauders units
    US Army HBT uniform variants
    USMC camo uniform variants
    US M1 helmet NCO variant
    US M1 helmet folded variant
    US M1 closed variant
    US Haversack M-1928 variant
    A4 Wool Cap (nvg slot)
    US Daisy Mae hat variants
    AUS faction
    M4A2 US army markings by Jaki

    Waffen SS uniforms
    Waffen SS M43 Smock
    Wehrmacht Herringbone uniform
    Wehrmacht Panzercrew uniforms & gears
    Wehrmacht M42 helmet
    German Fallschirmjäger Helmet with net
    German backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42
    German Torn radio backpack
    German Backpack ammo boxes for MG34/42 as cosmetic options (NVG slot)
    IJA rifleman AT (frag) unit
    Parachute (placeholder)
    Carlisle fak
    Facegear items
    Glasses, Gloves and Watches
    Burned Characters

    Reyhard's advises for caliber & hit calibration
    AT disposable system
    CSA comp for magazines
    New main menu
    Uniform icons pics



    PIAT is now a primary weapon
    Darkened US gear
    M1 Garand dark texture variant
    M1 Garand improved sight
    STG44 texture
    STG44 distance settings
    Improved RoF sys
    Disabled A3 protocols for IJA and GER units
    Improved SS Peadot textures 
    Added ADV tag in the weapon backpack (mortars)
    Improved Vickers shooting anims
    New German M24 'Splittering' model
    New German M24 Concussion Grenade model
    Allies and Axis are set enemy by default for new scenarios
    Increased capacity for all backpacks
    Reworked US units load out
    Reworked UK units load out
    Handanim M55
    M1a1 Thompson textures



    Willys driver anim 
    Surfacesound wood on wx_woodenRoadBridge
    Type99 reload bug
    LCVP roadway bug
    Wrong get in\out point for 6 pounder
    British para webbing cargo space


    Album: https://imgur.com/a/pCV9x






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  3. On 17/9/2017 at 6:17 PM, simcardo said:

    Idk if i miss it, but I haven't seen someone mentioning this:


    there seems to be a bug on the british para webbing (the one that has bandoliers on it), that it can carry only 6 enfield clips, which is less than the standard webbings which can carry 10


    Confirmed! It will be fixed in the next release! Thank you for the report!

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  4. Hello everyone!
    We are all slowly returning from our respective summer breaks, currently we are focusing on the last few tasks in preparation for the highly anticipated IV release.
    The coming update is going to be a rarther big one and it’s taking a conciderable amount of time, but we are confident it will be well worth the wait. ;)
    Therefore I would like to give you a little update on some of the backstage work we’ve been doing!


    In the last few months we have been focusing on three main areas:

    1. Porting old assets.
    2. Creating completely new vehicles.
    3. Developing new terrains.

    While the work of porting some of the older HIP assets has been completed we are well aware that some of them are not really up to ArmA III standards and would need a graphical update,but we’ve decided to release some of them for two primary reasons:

    1. They could potentially be important for gameplay purposes.
    2. We felt that all the hard work of the HIP developers should not be wasted nor left behind.

    In short you can expect some new tanks and trucks to play with. ;)


    While we were porting the old assets Lodu was hard at work on the creation of some new models, focusing especially on german recon vehicles.
    I won’t reveal every single model in the next update but I would like to show you something:

    The first recon vehicle is the venerable Sd.Kfz 222, it mounts a 20mm cannon and a mg34.

    One of the features we are most proud of, you will be able to choose diffent camouflage patterns and even the ability to add some camouflage on it!












    The second vehicle is the Sd.Kfz 234/1. While It mounts the “same” turret of the Sd.kfz 222 and as the 222 you will be able to choose different camos!








    We will probably add some variant of those new vehicles in the future, like the famous “Puma” that mounts a 75mm gun.
    There are few more in the making but I’m afraid you will need to wait a little bit longer... :)


    The good news is, we are FAR from finished! We are also working on two brand new terrains as we’ve already announced in the past. The new Pegasus map will require much more time because we decided to create some unique assets for it such as the famous Pegasus bridge, Horsa bridge and some new French houses and farms!
    We also have plans for a European vegetation pack that will include the famous bocage of Normandy.
    While the project is rather ambitious, We are determinated to accomplish it!

    While the development of the assets for the Pegasus map continues, CypeRevenge has been really busy on finishing our second terrain that will focused on the Pacific theater. More specifically the Handerson Airfield area.
    You will be able to fight for your chosen side in the dense jungles of Guadalcanal, Scroll up to see some screenshots! ;)


    As always we don’t have any set date for the next release, the amount of work required is enormous but you should be able to play with the new toys soon!

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