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  1. Hi,
    It's been a long time since the last update. Most of the development team has been inactive for years now. We had a bunch of new sounds made years ago for a proposed "sound update" and lately, I have been fixing some stuff.

    So here we are. This is just a FoW patch with different / reworked combat audio, a mission, and several small fixes. Hope you guys like it.

    FoW Team



    Added New sounds for small arms, handgrenades and static MGs
    Added New bullet sound effects, including impacts and sonic cracks
    Added Garand now uses a set of altered PING sounds (3 variants), only audible at close range
    Added reloading sounds where applicable
    Added mission Operation Mercury
    Added statics can now be reloaded
    Added TFAR comp for backpacks
    Added IJA radio backpack (dummy)
    Added radio operator for IJA troops
    Added radio operator for USMC troops
    Added overview MP screen picture for mission Galvanic
    Added Owen gun (WIP)

    Added Operation Mercury


    Changed tracers colors (red for Allies - green for Axis)
    Changed AI SMG firing behaviour - they now use more bursts instead of single shots
    Changed Shotguns now use pellets properly

    Improved fire geometry for Type 92
    Improved fire geo for 6pounder
    Improvement and fixes for Op. Galvanic


    Fixed RoF static bug and removed scripted system
    Fixed MG respawn bug on Op. Galvanic
    Fixed "voice bug" where certain nations used a mismatching chatter
    Fixed Dutch commando berets was invisible
    Fixed M4A2 turret was not moving correctly
    Fixed distant lods for Type 92
    Fixed M42 texture bug
    Fixed params for MG suppression module
    Fixed Garand PING bug where the clip eject could be heard even at great distances

    Removed BAR handle as default item

    Tweaked Carbine dispersion


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  2. On 4/2/2020 at 8:03 PM, giallustio said:


    Just synch it to a real mortar unit placed on map. Then you can adjust parameters in the module interface. I forgot to add some description to the module....I thought it was self explanatory but i was clearly wrong! Sorry about that, I will integrate it in the next update!

    This should work. Try to enable the "debug mode"

  3. 4 hours ago, ayjay said:

    So I really like the look of the AI Mortar module but I'm damned if I can get it to work. I've tried everything I can think of even coming down as far as a profile of just Faces of War and CBA but all to no avail. Can anyone tell me what I do need to do to enable it?


    Just synch it to a real mortar unit placed on map. Then you can adjust parameters in the module interface. I forgot to add some description to the module....I thought it was self explanatory but i was clearly wrong! Sorry about that, I will integrate it in the next update!

  4. Dear Community,

    Long time has passed since our previous release. We were quiet. We had our fair share of RL and other issues, however in our free time, we kept working on FoW. Hereby we want to release a little update containing some fixes, improvements and a few goodies to play with.

    Release highlights:

    - Pak 40 (different camos)

    - New terrain: Gold Beach* (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2043771912)

    - New Type 92 HMG variants (by variants, I mean suitable for different heights)

    - Static MG suppression / RoF system

    - A new mission

    - AI mortar fire

    - General fixes and improvements

    * Gold Beach requires additional mods.


    Sadly, the planned sound update had to be excluded from this release due to some unforseen issues. Our buddy and Sound Pope, the Grandfather of Reverberation in Arma, tpM is working his ass off right now to fix it and get it ready and polished for the next update (because yes, there will be more... details soon).


    We've decided to set up a Patreon page to let everyone contribute to the project and help us grow it more rapidly (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=26577659).
    Faces of War is and always will be a free modification available for everyone. Our goal is to improve quality and increase the player experience.
    Contributing on Patreon is not mandatory. We will continue to work on this project regardless, but your help will grant us to speed up the process, develop new features and acquire new assets.

    Have fun!!!




    Added m1 carbine reload sounds
    Added mp40 anim reloads
    Added reload action for the greasegun
    Added m1919 ui picture
    Added PAK40
    Added mission Op. Galvanic - Red Beach 1
    Added new trenches by Fyuran
    Added new Type92 model
    Added missing weapons as placeable in editor
    Added Dutch Commandos (No.2 Troop)
    Added camo selection to US M41 uniform
    Added M41 uniform color variants
    Added M41 uniform for USMC
    Added AI mortar fire support module
    Added Suppression system for static weapons module
    Added RoF system for statics (MG42, Type 99, M1919, Vickers)
    Added rails and vegetation
    Added Rommel asparagus
    Added Gold Beach map

    Fixed sniperspot model
    Fixed weapons have no reload sounds
    Fixed removed "open door" action for bunker 3 & 4
    Fixed greasegun open bolt
    Fixed fg42 some bullets were visible during reload
    Fixed g43 mag was moving in the opposite way during reload
    Fixed can't get in static weapons from behind
    Fixed Shotgun ammo were invisible
    Fixed type95 firing effects
    Fixed US Bandoleer clipping issue
    Fixed mortar sight view & added Direction value on the UI
    Fixed Chinese voices
    Fixed M42 texture bug
    Fixed enfield magazine for reload animation was not visible
    Fixed mortar ammo boxes can now be dragged with ACE
    Fixed lod order m1897_bayonet

    Reworked smg AI firing behaviour

    Tweaked hit value for rockets
    Tweaked fire geo for bunkers 3 & 4
    Tweaked reload time for static weapons
    Tweaked M4A2 hull gunner aim handling
    Tweaked tone of US gear
    Tweaked gunnerview for mortars

    Synched reload animation for mg42
    Synched reload and bolt animation for type99
    Synched reload animation for mp40
    Synched reload animation for lee enfield
    Synched reload animation for m1a1


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  5. The plan is to deliver this update, focused mainly on bug fixing and few addition and then switch to a different approach. We would like to have smaller releases, focused on one/two assets at a time. This way we hope to reduce the time between each patch.







    What day is it Wednesday?


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  6. Tha main "problem" with the sten is that A3 is not really friendly with weapons without a grip. if you move the weapon closer to the shoulder, the wrist will be in a "broken" position. Sadly this is how A3 hand animations works, we had to choose between giving the character a right weapon's position but a broken wrist or a "wrong" weapon position but an "okay" hand position

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  7. 4 hours ago, mrsandbox said:

    How can you mute the chatter of soldiers?

    Its strange hearing the SS or Wehrmacht talking english and there are allready german voice profiles.

    I tried the module, but this didnt work. Thanks in advance.

    They should be mute by default, otherwise it's a bug. Are you using any other mod?

  8. New update on Steam WS!


    - AB new helmets
    - US helmets reworked
    - ranks for AB
    - Dutch Windmill asset
    - Flags 
    - Horizon Islands Faction
    - UK mkII helmet with Foliage camo
    - Fallschirmjäger Knochensack Sumpftarn camo variant
    - Panzer Lehr Division
    - Some EU map assets (wip for now)
    - M1903a1 modeloptics
    - UK Para gear Khaki Variants
    - Polish Paratroopers
    - Polish Commandos (No.6 Troop)
    - Polish Commando and Para berets
    - UK Commando Wool hat Variant
    - maroon and tan SAS berets
    - Norwegian Commandos (No.5 Troop)
    - cromwell optic 75mm (petrtlach)
    - fow_optional_increasedGearCapacity_c
    - A6M Zero (very wip)
    - F6F Hellcat (very wip)
    - new texture for NCO M1 helmet
    - minor cfg tweaks
    - improved attenuationEffectType for vehicles
    - Kokoda: 
    - more FoW vegetation
    - Some new tunnels/caves + filled in defence areas more
    - EnvSound tweaks, shouldnt be silent anymore + river volume decreased slightly

    - hatches sounds
    - mk2 fak camo texture bug
    - Cromwell tracks don't move
    - Corrected spent cartridge eject location to bottom side for MG34 and MG42
    - Panther coaxial MG smoke is coming from the main gun hole
    - type 77 mg was very inaccurate
    - folaige attached to the turret was moving with the gun barrel
    - m5a1 collision
    - mass for TNT
    - mass value for m1928 (USMC)
    - manual bolting module
    - US Army M4A2 texture bugged in VG
    - USMC Rifleman (M1 Carbine) has an M1 Garand webbing instead of the carbine one
    - cromwell commander cupola can now rotate

    - AB uniform improved
    - removed movements' sounds for the moment
    - Improved garand ping sound (fixed MP bug)
    - improved get out\in for statics


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  9. 11 hours ago, Barden said:


    Although you would have to make sure simple stuff like Airborne uniforms being slightly able to carry more than a standard uniform because of the pockets, and maybe including the bandoleer to an Airborne vest to stick to the principle that the soldier carries the ammo on his webbing, you have to remember that they don't take into account initially then working with an ACE expert to figure out how much the weight since I would assume they make sure it fit an arma 3 medkit or two, like they stated, leaving the backpack for any extra gear.

    Already done for the next patch

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  10. 3 hours ago, Red Partisan said:

    How do I get the Manual Bolting module to work? I've tried both simply placing it and syncing it to playable units, but I can't get it to work?

    Also, (could just be an issue on my end that'll fix itself, knowing Arma), but does anyone have issues using the short sleeve uniform that the light Australian units wear? Vest and hat seems to function, but the uniform model is in a t-pose. Thanks for the addon, really enjoying it!


    I've to take a look, it seems to be broken

  11. 16 hours ago, bars91 said:

    No such thing as "realism" with regards to ArmA3 inventory.


    Esp. regarding WW2 infantry loadout habits (not manual of arms often written by armchair officers)

    How would you configure it then? Every vest is the same? How do you decide which vest can store more stuff or not? How would you set the "mass" value?

  12. At the moment we've configured the vest space in this way:
    number of magazine you see on the vest + 20 cargo space (20 is equal to 2 german grenade, or 4/5 US grenade more or less)

    it could be changed, but i can't understand how a soldier could carry and store all that stuff

    If you want more cargo space you can add a small backpack or a bigger backpack like the bergen.

    We've to adjust a bit the cargo space of the uniforms, especially for the paras since they have more pockets than M37 and the M41.

    We could tweak those values if you provide some tech info, but as you said, we don't want to re-create a one-man-army soldier

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