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  1. giallustio

    Sound Of Anders (soundmod)

    Awesome sounds mate! But i have a little problem... I use CO and when i launch the game: "Addon anders_s_aceguns requires addon acex_wep_hk"
  2. giallustio

    OA back packs

    I think it's impossible
  3. Sorry! I forgot: set trigger repetely!
  4. Try with AddAction: Create a Trigger: Condition: player distance officer1 < 3 Activation: Action_join = officer1 addAction ["Join","join.sqf"]; Deactivation: officer1 removeAction Action_join; Join.sqf:
  5. I have a problem with the fast rope. I have to insert a squad on a roof but when the chopper stops and it's at the right height the action of the fast rope doesn't appear. The mission takes place in Saharani. CAA1 could be the problem?