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  1. If you like Oz forces the check-out the Australia at War mod.

    IIRC it is ACE compatible and generally considered to be pretty good.

    There's also a clan that seems heavily involved in the development of the mod.

    Finally most clans now use the ACRE mod.

    We (AAF) dont make the mod that would be http://www.xtremedefenceforce.com/.

    Pretty Much every Australian Clan hangs out on the AUS ARMA TS3 server ( and most clans let new players play with them. There are also a few public games that get organised by AUS ARMA. Feel free to jump over and say hello!

  2. We were playing a mission the other day on cherno. One of the objectives was destroy some BM-21s at the damn on the northern side of the map. After killing a few patrols we we sitting on a hill over looking the camp, we opened fire killing all the bad guys.

    we then sent a few guys down to put sats on the GRADS while the others were covering, we got back to the hill and soon after the sats exploded, 2 seconds after they exploded all of a sudden on of our team memebers just died. We think that a lone peice of shrapnel got him but this hill was at least 600m away haha.

    He then cme back in as a butterfly (because it was no respawn) so we decdied that he would be our "UAV" for the rest of the mission. :D

  3. However, the player does not have to do all this on foot

    By the sounds of this there might be an option to play on foot or as an RTS?

    Maybe something like ARMAs warfare but more in depth??


    Edit: as Panzer baron said as well

    Iron Front

    PC - FPS-Strategy

    could also be a clue

  4. RTS hmm... but it will be played like A2 or is it 3rd person isometric view or something?

    I wonder how they have solved the warping players / bad netcode that A2 has online, cos they do say that "online is where the battle heats up"...

    I am definitely not going to buy this game if they have not solved this problem...

    Hopefully they do fix it, and then BIS use the code in the next patch. :D

  5. I voted no because of many reasons..

    The main few are:

    mods. There are some members of the clan/squad i am in with steam and its been a major hassle with mods to try and get them to work.

    updates. I dont like the idea of having to download GBs for updates were with a disc copy I only have to download a few hundred MBs.

    I prefer having a disc just because a disc isnt as vunrable as a HDD.

  6. Can some one please send me them as well? lol ive looked every where on the site, cant find a thing, but once i get them i will be like you have to be kidding lol.


  7. Hey guys, Im half way through making a mission for a COOP match and i cant get my scripts to work, ive done exactely the same thing in other missions and it has worked fine but for some reason its not this time.:confused:

    Here is the mission file http://rapidshare.com/files/420969678/Why_isnt_this_working.zip

    If someone could help me and let me know why its not working that would be great...

    Thanks in advance