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  1. Hey guys, Im making a mission were you need to pick up a Notebook Computer however I cant seem to figure out how to implement it. Ive tried some scripts all ready however to no avail. Help would be greatly apprecatied. Thanks in advance.
  2. Jazzadazza

    Picking up objects

    cheers mate!
  3. Hey mate, Just wondering what weapons you used in your screenshots and were to get them? Loving your Units by the way!!!!
  4. These look awesome!!!!!, will donwload once i get the chance. THANKS AAW!
  5. Jazzadazza

    Why are you playing BIS games?

    Simple. Because they are the best games i have ever played. :bounce3:
  6. I would like an english version.
  7. Jazzadazza

    Help with transport.....

    Got it to work thanks guys.....
  8. Hey guys,,,,,, I was wondering if it is possible to start a group in a chopper while it is flying without them being grouped.... Cheers...
  9. Is there any chance of some one doing an Africian Civlian mod and an Africian Miltia mod?
  10. Jazzadazza

    Boeing 767

    Keep up the good work guys!!!
  11. awesome sounds great.Thanks mate.
  12. Is there any chance of adding some standerd classes like rifleman or grenider??
  13. Great Mod mate....Just cant decid weather to use ACU or multicam lol
  14. Hey guys,,, i was wondering if some one could make a new skin for the fr class assualt rifle man and assualt grenidear placing them in acu? cheers