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  1. resistance-rat

    [CODE SNIPPET] Countdown Timer

    Wow. Works like charm! Lessons learned for me regarding serialization. My thanks to you Sir. Will surely mention it in credits :D
  2. resistance-rat

    [CODE SNIPPET] Countdown Timer

    Hello Sorry for bringing this old thread up, but I really like design of this timer and I decided to use this in SP mission. However whenever I load saved game, timer doesn't appear. Any ideas how to display timer when mission is loaded? Thanks
  3. resistance-rat

    MP Compatible Conversation

    Well, is it even possible to make a conversation (using kbAddTopic and kbTell) on dedicated server? :confused:
  4. Hello everyone, I have some problems with Arma 2 conversations working in MP. It's my first MP mission and I am not experienced enough to deal with this one, so I hope you will be able to help me. I have a mission for 12 players with manual controlled conversation between Player Leader (RESRAT_Leader) and AI character (RESRAT_Velitel): RESRAT_Leader kbTell [RESRAT_Velitel, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Leader_02"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Leader kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Velitel, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Leader_02", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_01"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Velitel kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_01", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_02"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Velitel kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_02", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_03"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Velitel kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_03", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_04"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Velitel kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_04", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_05"]; waitUntil {RESRAT_Velitel kbWasSaid [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_05", 1]}; RESRAT_Velitel kbTell [RESRAT_Leader, "NAPA_Conversation", "NAPA_Slava_06"]; The problem is, that nobody, including Player Leader can't see or hear AI's sentences, only player's ones. I know it has something to do with local and global scripts, but that's probably all I know. I searched through the forum and I found that I need to set up some MP Framework working and to be honest, I have no idea what to do :( Conversation is working in SP, but it's useless on server. So basically: Is someone able to help me with making this conversation MP compatible? I will be grateful for any help :)
  5. resistance-rat

    [SP] Speed A

    SPEED A Description: AAF Colonel, Georgios Nikolas had tough day solving out problems with FIA rebels hidden in the north. It's about 11:00 PM and Colonel is about to go home to get some rest. However he doesn't know he is going to experience deadly situation, when he will have to fight for his own life. Features: - Short, Atmospheric mission - Voiceovers (ENG) - Briefing Additional info: Size: 2MB Type: SP Mission Version: 1.0 Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE (Steam) Screenshot #1 (164 kB) Screenshot #2 (270 kB)
  6. resistance-rat

    Car is breaking, when mission is loaded

    Thanks, will check that out :)
  7. Hello everyone, I've got a problem with mission loading and driving a vehicle. Everytime I save the game, while driving a car and load it, car brakes itself, even if I'm holding E button. I tried to fix that with eventHandler, but setVelocity makes car unstable and undrivable for a while. addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded",{RESRAT_Car setVelocity [((velocity RESRAT_Car) select 0)+(sin (getDir RESRAT_Car)*20),((velocity RESRAT_Car) select 1)+(cos (getDir RESRAT_Car)*20), ((velocity RESRAT_Car) select 2)]}] Any suggestions, how to force car to do not brake?
  8. resistance-rat

    Satchel charges make AI stop

    Thank all of you guys. I've just added more WPs in the convoy path and it's seems that AI is ignoring those charges now. You mad Arma 3 AI? :D Anyway I think it is how RogueTrooper says, that AI tries to avoid object not a mine or charge.
  9. resistance-rat

    Satchel charges make AI stop

    Well, I don't want to create charges by scipt. I want to force player to set charges and ambush the convoy (obejctive), but all vehicles, even APCs and Tanks notice them.
  10. resistance-rat

    Satchel charges make AI stop

    There is only Marid, Ifrit and Zamak. There is no one, who could detect a mine.
  11. Hello everyone, I have a serious problem with AI. I want to make convoy ambush, but AI will always notice satchel charges on the road and stop. I've tried all behaviour modes, but nothing works. How can I force AI to ignore those satchel charges?
  12. When I am in Arma 3 and there is no player's input for a few seconds, game will "jump" out to desktop or screensaver. Anyone else experienced this problem? Any solutions? It's really major problem, I can't watch cutscene, cause game will just automatically jump to desktop.
  13. resistance-rat

    [SP] Night Patrol

    Hello everyone, I would like to introduce my new mission. Description: CSAT ships are circling around Stratis like vultures. It seems they are preparing invasion. Even worse there could be some CSAT units at Stratis already. Follow Lt. Davis and check it out! Features: - Intro - Voiceovers (Czech language) - Briefing - And much more... Additional info: Size: 6MB Type: SP Mission Version: 1.0 Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE (Steam) or DOWNLOAD Czech version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=173380109
  14. resistance-rat

    the Memory (Sarge studio)

    Awesome, best campaign since Arma 2 came out. Great story, great interactions, minigames and glorious czech voiceovers. Well done Sarge :bounce3:
  15. resistance-rat

    Firing Drills - Challenge!

    Red Course Took a long time to do not forget about bridge targets :D