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  1. goodfella66

    Lock and Unlock bug

    Hard to tell... Exile is pretty unique in it's kind...
  2. goodfella66

    Lock and Unlock bug

    What he meant is asking if you were just a player or a server owner. These forums are mostly for server owners / admins who need help or contents for their servers.
  3. goodfella66

    Trick or Treat

    lmao I need to test this, thanks
  4. goodfella66

    Arma 3 Exile Virtual Garage (updated)

    You could at least have mentionned or given credit to the original content creator.
  5. goodfella66

    DMS Statics

    Sooooo, you want heavy vehicles on your server, but can't use them on missions. And the server is PVE. Can I ask what players would do with those vehicles if they can't use them, neither against AI nor other players ? What is the point of leaving them on your server in the first place ?
  6. goodfella66

    DMS Statics

    Think about it, there's plenty of "normal" vehicles that have normal firepower. What are your players gonna do with heavy AA or AT weaponry if they can't use it on your missions ? They will be allowed to nuke each other but not use the vics on mission ?
  7. goodfella66

    DMS Statics

    I'd think your best bet is to remove any vehicle with heavy firepower or bulletproof shield from your server entirely. That way people will have no other choice than doing the missions the old school way. I'd think it's easier done rather than scripting it out of the DMS mission in itself.
  8. goodfella66

    Missile warning for all vehicles

    Thank you, it works just fine !
  9. So I tested the config line of Noelite, it didn't work. I did configure config.cpp to get negative temperatures, but it still rains instead of snow... I don't know. I'll try the snow addon mention by Thomas TKO edit: The WY snow addon linked by Thomas works just fine, and does everything I needed. Thanks!
  10. I did test it it works. It wasd the stuff added in the config.cpp that was missing for me during all that times I tried. It was DMS that wasn't configured properly for the map; I fixed it and now it's ok. I just have to reconfigure ExileZ addon because it's now back to default settings since it's a "new" map.. should I set class Snow: Snow { enable = 1; surfaces[] = {"#nam_snow"}; in order to make it snow ? (Map is all white and snowy but right now no snow is falling down)
  11. hmmm i'm gonna check that out when I get home, because I did the rename of the folder before and the server wouldn't launch... If I recall correctly, it looked like it had something to do with Infistar, but I don't remember too well. It was me who actually asked you the same question on Discord some time ago 😛 You explained it quite well, but I don't remember you mentionned the config.cpp thing... 😉 Thx