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  1. Great mission dr_strangepete, perfect for training. I hope you will add new features by time, like the possibility to choose helicopter, and so on. Realy good job.
  2. IconoclastDX: Not you are the only one who have this problem. Joining to servers that has disabled "signaturecheck" it's fine for me, but joining to a "signaturechecked" server most of the times crash the "game/kick me from the server/session lost message". I don't know why it's happening, but as I seen it's have some relation with the "signaturecheck". Hopefully BI will fix it soon.
  3. mlacix

    [H.AR.C] DM/CTF Minipack

    We probably found a bug in the "CTF" mission, that couse all the "touches" score for the BLUEFOR side (The OPFOR touches too). The source of the bug is a class name change that happened in the latest A3 Alpha build by BIS. New, fixed version of the mission will be posted here in the next few days.
  4. mlacix

    [H.AR.C] DM/CTF Minipack

    Predator.v2: After you killed the carrier, you need to find the cone on the groung (it's will stay there, even if the body despawn), look at on it, and you will get a scroll/action menu, that say "Return the cone" (or something like this). This action will "port" it back to it's original place/building.
  5. The server temporarily went down. We are working on to fix the problem and hopefully it will be back soon.
  6. mlacix

    game support ?

    For more information about this "situation" please visit Official Statement from the Developer on the future of Iron Front thread.
  7. USAF77: We will publish a new DevBlog article at the weekend, and there you will get the full manual for the game. Stay tuned for more information. ;)
  8. The v1.02 patch is out now. For more information, please visit the Official forum Announcement topic.
  9. The v1.01 patch is out now. For more information, please visit the Official forum Announcement topic.