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  1. Hi everyone Right now the NSS-Gamers.com community is hosting Sahrani Life: Reloaded on a sponsored server by https://www.euknetworks.com/ again. For details on where to get the addons and how to join the server take a look here. http://www.nss-gamers.com/viewforum.php?f=18 If anyone has any questions i am more than willing to help.
  2. MAD T

    Enhanced Movement

    Hi. Is it intended that the Steam Workshop link is not working anymore? I wanted to show this to some friends.
  3. As i said it worked for vanilla helicopter. I am doing this on the ground as i want to prevent certain people from getting in the pilot or gunner seats.
  4. I was in as crew. Does not work when i am pilot or gunner. Just tested it again and it works only when i am passenger.
  5. Hi There seems to be an issue with Helicopters from CUP Vehicles. When i am inside of the helicopter UH-1H and i try to run this code player action ["Eject", vehicle player]; It does not work. It does not even work for other helicopters though i just tested it with one. When i use that command on vanilla helicopters everything works fine.
  6. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    Changelog: - Added: Hint based variable monitor which keeps running as a hint message when the GUI is closed - Added: Loading / saving and exporting of Zeus creations (only objects) - Added: Placed / loaded objects via Zeus are shared amongst each console user for cooperative editing. - Zeus: Every object gets saved even if another curator has placed it There is still the possibility to spawn vehicles via Zeus. I know it is kinda different though but It is unlikly BIS will break Zeus with an update but it happened often enough in the past that after updates community work is broken. It is already too much work to keep track of everything. Good idea. Could be easily added with a button switching local or server variables. I just added the variable hint monitor for now so i do not know when this will be ready.
  7. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    Freezing a player was and is still planned since a long time. It will be done in the near future as the console is mostly complete now. It was abandoned as it was abandoned in the past as it was not that much of an important feature but is now back on the list. Disableuserinput true or enablesimulation false are bad ways to do it in my opinion. The first command does not allow the client to do anything anymore not even chatting or closing his game. I think about freezing him rather to its position by teleporting him back if he tries to move.Teleporting a player to the admin seems like a good idea especialy for training purposes. I add it to the list. Thanks for your suggestions. Btw i can not click on that armaholic link. It seems corrupt somehow. Sorry but VVS got already removed in the newest update. It first got replaced with the garage but even the garage was removed due to certain issues in multiplayer like others could not see the vehicles. To be true i rather never wanted to add other peoples work. They are good made but it is about having dependencies of other peoples work if an Arma update breaks something which happened in the past more than often. I would rather have own solutions added. Since i added the ability to open the Zeus interface i think the use of the garage is obsolete. I admit i do not even know if zeus recognizes all addons though. While testing zeus with some addons i noticed that they got added.And oooops. I forgot there was a little update recently which i forgot to post here. - Workaround to have Zeus interface working - Added functions viewer - Added config viewer - Added animations viewer - Added GUI editor - Removed garage as vehicles could not be seen by others
  8. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    I always try to have the console as open and accessible as possible. What i try to avoid most is having people edit their missions for it. However i currently struggle a little of getting a proper way for a login implemented. Also due to time and having other projects. Your suggestions are welcome. I am thinking about creating an own extension for it to prevent having the need to install dependencies just for a simple config file. But my programming skills lack alot so it would be some learning project. I´ve never realy done coding except one year C++ in school, some Autohotkey messing around and alot of Arma scripting which most is pretty much self taught. About filePatching i doubt that extensions are affected by it though i am not 100 % sure. At least i did not read that they could be affected. Anyway thanks alot for your suggestions. Especialy about BIS spectator mode. I was not aware about it. Seems to be a very good way to replace my old and crappy specator mode.
  9. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    I forgot to add animations viewer, functions viewer and stuff like that as the BIS console gets disabled by this. Will make an update for it most likly tommorow if i am fast enough.
  10. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    There was a little update to the console. after a very long time i got myself back to some scripting. - Replaced VAS with Virtual Arsenal - Replaced VVS with Virtual Garage - Added the possibility to enter the Zeus interface even if no curator module was placed in editor. It creates it on the fly during mission. - Rearranged alot of code and made use of cfgFunctions to make source code more read and understandable Having multiple admin support is kinda tricky currently. BIS disabled file patching in Arma by default which means loading data from an external file is still possible but it needs to be explicitly enabled with startup parameter -filepatching. However doing this means there is a security risk as hackers can read files on the server like ban list or admin password which are located in the Arma folder. Otherwise i would have done a login feature with a password and admin levels. But i am still thinking of a way to create something like this maybe in the future with the help of iniDB which allows to read and write to ini files. It would mean the console would then have a dependency to another addon which i tried to avoid. However i could maybe implement a check that if iniDB is loaded and the specific config file for the console is present it behaves different allowing password like login dialog and admin levels.
  11. MAD T

    NSS Admin Console

    Hi Everyone I was long away from Arma but i slowly come back to it. I am not even sure if my console does still work as i have not tried yet but will do later today. My Plan is to sort things better inside the PBO as right now it´s still just a mess and see if anything is broken due to recent Arma updates. Thank you for the info. For VAS i was thinking to use the Virtual Arsenal and for VVS i am thinking about an own solution in the future maybe. Even though i credit Tonic´s work i rather want to be indepentend. Btw. I did not work to the console long ago. I only made it cause i needed a mission developing and administrating tool for our community server. So once it was done it served it´s purpose. Therefor i am sorry for any delays in updates. There is a folder inside the @NSS_AC folder called keys. You copy the file inside of it to the keys folder located in your Arma root directory on the server. After restarting the server it should work.
  12. Hi With the last update it seems animal life got added to the map. But it seems it is the same with snakes and rabbits which are only local to someones client. We develop a mission with an own animal script for hunting and we noticed that goats and sheeps were spawned not from our script. While someone else was able to see them i was not. So is it true that animal life got added to the map config? Is it possible to be synced in a mp environment? If not is it possible to be removed again as it is messing things up for us now. Not just maybe for us but even on other missions it might get confusing as people see things which are not there for others. Thanks for taking care. Regards.
  13. MAD T

    Sopwith Camel

    Many thanks for bringing this to Arma 3. I realy loved flying them back in Arma 1 alot. But there is one thing about them which i do not like. You can do hard 90 degress turns and keep doing them the whole time without loosing speed. In case of dogfights you do not have to consider your speed to keep that thing in air anymore and so does the opponent. While that might be funny and a laugh it is far from being a challange as it is leading to people just turning around each other in very close curves. If there is any possibility for a version which flies like back in Arma 1 were crashes due to pilot mistakes happened because right now i can do all crazy stuff with them and would never crash. Anyway, good work.
  14. Our Sub Forum regarding everything about our mission. For anyone who is interessted you will find addon download links, server password, changelogs and discussions there. http://nss-gamers.com/viewforum.php?f=112
  15. I got this random error for some unknown reason. After a restart i got no error anymore. Also i noticed that i have the use Cellphone option as a civilian even though i don´t even have the mobile phone. http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/31859108338534219/BF71E0AC0F3D7336521567D318D55188BEB093EA/ (146 kB)