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  1. Hey Guys i found this video with dinamic english and german voices ...but i cant hear this in the new version 2.5 whats the problem ?
  2. Hey guys ...can i the german voices for german soldiers somehow set in a menu. or there is not yet.
  3. Thanks for this wonderful mod ...but whats with the german voices ingame i have notice that in a Inv44 Promo vid. will this come later with a patch ? vonLück
  4. i think the Zoom from rifles,pistols every handheld weapon is a little bit to strong. Essential by the targeting,but now is not so extremely important,even if it is a bit strange. cant wait for the next update with the new units and tanks. :D is a update in plan with new effects (explosion,impacts) ? thx so far
  5. yes we all hope of a sign:D
  6. yes I vote for a release ,and the game-mode with a next patch ,this winter was strong enough and we need a little joy:o Regards
  7. wow this looks amazing ...i hope the performance are good...i come in junglefever:yay:
  8. Is the mod kompatible with GL4 ...because Ace and GL4 have AI changes givet a conflict ? Regards
  9. vonLück

    CiA co-op night

    good pics ...i wanna join your team:rolleyes: