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  1. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    Just released Version 0.16 (updated to work with Marksmen update).
  2. I'll release a new version soon with some fixes and updates. cheers. -- EDIT -- I released version 1.2: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3pfwgqfwbheb4cg/prpl_benelliM4_1.2.7z
  3. Thanks Jackal, i'll try your workaround and keep you updated whether it fixed it. As for the animation, i really would like to improve them but i really suck at animations ... (i have a script in the work to reload the shotgun with a shell at a time, but i still miss a good anim for that). stay tuned for updates
  4. Hello Mates, i was a little bit away from ARMA3 lately (but i still check the forum from time to time), but yeah, im still supporting the mod. I'll try to look into it and update the mod with a fix if i can... thanks for your feedbacks. I've already noticed this issue and indeed, i thought it was due to bug with the shotgun shell implementation....
  5. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    Hi Apache7, i came back from vacation, i'll update the pack with fixed rtm soon. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I released version 0.15 with the updated rtms. cheers
  6. Hi Dorak, when do you have this error ? I made a lot of tests, and could not see that error anywhere
  7. Hello mates, version compatible with 1.24 was released
  8. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    Pack updated to work with 1.24: version 0.14 cheers, Purple
  9. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    @lonesquad: i may add the grenade sights, the problem is that most of the famas i have made have the additional rail mounted on the handguard, thus you won't be able to unfold the grenade sights (especially when you have optics) ... so i don't think these sights are really in use anymore: ... but maybe, if i have some extra time to spend i'll make an raw famas without rail (like used in the 80s and 90s) and with the rifle grenade sights
  10. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    @distractor2004: to fix the issue, i simply removed the references to classes WeaponSlotsInfo class SlotInfo and Rifle_Base_F from CfgWeapons definition: Before: After: It looks like when you refenrece those class, it messes with some other configs ... @Corporal_Lib[bR]: ok, thanks for the feedback; I'll try to reproduce it (because ive never experienced it) and fix it... cheers, Purple
  11. purple

    Purple Famas pack

    released version 0.13 to fix an issue with vanilla sniper rifle attachements
  12. @Scruffy: Yes that's the idea... since you can also add a new mag and specify the amound of ammo in it; Let's say you have a 8rnds mag in your inventory: then when you "reload" a single shell, you can remove that mag, add a new one with only 1 round, remove add the weapon again so the gun is loaded with the 1 rnd mag; and add a new 7 rnds mag instead of the 8 rnds mag... For each iteration, you can get the number of ammo in the weapon, remove the loaded mag, replace it with a new mag + 1 rnd, and add a new mag in the inventory decremented of 1. The only limitation, is that once you've loaded a round type, all the following rounds will be of the same type. But if you track all the mag in memory, you could theoretically have multiple ammo types mag... anyway, i don't know why Bohemia coded the weapons and mags like they did, this is so poorly designed... and it is like this since OFP, that's depressing; It would have been so easy to code it right from the start and simulate ammo, magazines load, weapon, chamber ... etc ... correctly All those realism issues related to weapon handling in ARMA are just that: poor coding design from the start. Im almost sure most of the source code of ARMA3 is basically OFP code that they never touched... @distractor2004: i'll look into it; I thought i corrected that bug already with the famas pack ... ---------- Post added at 10:05 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:44 PM ---------- @distractor2004: i release version 0.13 of the famas pack to fix the issue
  13. @Scruffy: thanks; ideally i would like to find a way to simulate reloading shells one by one and have a single animation for reloading one round; Im thinking of binding a shortcut to "override" standard reload to reload a single round and not a whole "mag". If i can figure out how to do it, you'll have to press that shortcut 8 times to reload 8 rounds (or keep it pressed until the gun is full), or press R to reload all 8 rounds at once the standard way
  14. Hi guys, sorry i was quite busy IRL lately, i'm releasing the version 1.0 of the benelli pack. I've added a removeable muzzle break you can add to your rifles... and mainly updated materials and textures. Check the first post for links... A screenshot: @Scruffy & arthuro12 : looking into those reload animations thing will be my next task; Im not happy at all with the long and boring animation, especially since you can't interrupt it ... stay tuned
  15. hello Robalo! ok thanks for the tip! I'll fix it ... also thanks a lot for your addons! cheers, Purple.