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  1. Xerxes-17

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Also considering that Insurgency is a far superior mode for Players vs Ai.
  2. No thanks. While steam is fine for many other games, I feel that arma2 is a very different beast.first up, steam will auto-patch and etc your install. While I have heard that you can disable it, i've heard far more from people saying that it does it anyway. Just look at the patch differences as well. BIS patch = a few megs. STEAM patch = hundreds of megs more. For arma 2 you really need to have control over your game folder. I'd much rather use sproket :) (which i did for getting BAF and PMC)
  3. Eg, set all game sounds to my speakers, but VON comes out of my USB headset speakers.
  4. Xerxes-17

    Personal Track Addon

    A link to that plugin please? I can't find it.
  5. The GP25 sight is set so that the notch is aligned for a 150m distance target. Beyond that, get practice :P
  6. Xerxes-17

    Target vs. Engage vs. Attack

    Target means they stay in position/formation and just keep an eye and a gun on that target. Engage means they break formation/position to move up to a point where they can shoot.
  7. Xerxes-17

    Please....Stop the intervention

    Yeah but the big issue is of course all of the kit that is available is still along the lines of NATO vs Warsaw Pact. So you'd either end up with two sides of 70's equipment from each of those sources or both with random mixes of the two. With that in mind, that limits the potential locations for such a conflict as being somewhere in Africa, the mid east, or Asia. None of which I would imagine having much of an appeal to a mostly white-european (USA, EU, Russia, et al) fan base as the antagonists in the conflict are non-relateable.
  8. Xerxes-17

    Shoulder-launched AT weapons roundup

    If you're ever testing stuff the editor is far better than the armory. You can place down units that you wish to attack without any ammo to them so that you can shoot without fear of reprisal. You can also place down ammoboxes that are just full of weapons that you can then employ to whatever.
  9. Xerxes-17

    Shoulder-launched AT weapons roundup

    Yeah the Metis is an excellent weapon. I prefer it over the Jav as it can be fired faster than the jav as there is no need for a lock-on. Also the RPG7 could do with more detail, eg, the warheads each handle very differently. Also, each warhead has a different "zero point" on the sight post that you will need to get used to. For example, the VR round is right at the bottom, while the VL is at the top 1/5 line. OG-7: This is a frag round with a large blast radius. Effective against inf and unarmored vehicles. PG-7V: This is a light HEAT round that is effective against unarmored vehicles like cars and lightly armored vehicles like the BRDM. PG-7VL: This is a heavy HEAT round that is effective against Everything up to and including an IFV like the M2 Bradley or the BMP-2/3. Will work well against older tanks like the T-34/55/72. Modern MBT's like the M1 or the T90 can still be taken down with massed fire. A good tactic is to immobilize then start hitting the turret. Or follow up with the PG-7VR. This should be your bread-and-butter warhead to use. PG-7VR: This is a tandem warhead HEAT round that is effective against MBT's. However it has a very short range and takes up more space than the other grenades.
  10. Xerxes-17

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    I think Mi24's doing air attacks are broken with zues.
  11. Xerxes-17

    TGW Vehicle Fixes

    Is there a reason why it changes the zeroing on the GP-25 and the like? Make it impossible to use them with their normal sights.
  12. Xerxes-17

    Expansion (New Forces-IDF) and Map.

    I can't wait to drop bombs on terrorists*! *civilians
  13. World-WarfareXE-V1 This is a derivative of mine created off “Warfare Benny Editionâ€. It is a continuation of my previous work (WarBE-ModX and the WarXE-RC's). The goal of this derivative was to retain the original spirit of WarBE, but to change a number of small things. Of course those “small things†started to snowball and this version mutated into a separate entity. Changes from Stock Warfare Benny Edition V66 ------------------------------------------------------ Gear: The AA12 is added to both sides. The MAAWS with HEDP is at gear 0. Barracks: Medics and riflemen are now always available from depots. Light Factory: OPFOR: -Vodnik PK is now LF0 -Vodnik HMG is LF2 -BTR40(MG) added -M113 APC moved to LF1 -M113 Ambo moved to LF1 -BRDM ATGM both LF3 BLUFOR: -Stryker MG is LF1 -Stryker MEV is LF1 -Stryker GL is LF2 -Stryker TOW is LF3 -Stryker MC is LF3 -AAV is LF 2 Heavy Factory: OPFOR: -T34/T55 is HF0 -BMP3 is HF2 BLUFOR: -Stryker MGS is HF0 -M2 Bradley is HF0 -M2 Bradley ERA is HF1 -M6 Linebacker is HF1 -M1A1 is HF1 -M1A2-TUSk is HF 2 Aircraft: OPFOR: -L39 is AF1 @ 14k -Mi8(rockets) is AF1 @ 20k -Mi24-D is AF1 @ 22.8k -Mi24-V is AF2@ 25k -Mi24-P is AF1 @ 29k -Su25(FAB) is AF2 @ 40k -Su25(Kh29) is AF2 @ 45k -Su34 is AF3 @ 50k -Ka52 is AF3 @ 50k with unit balancing on (Vikhirs replaced with ataka's), @75k otherwise Blufor: -F35B is AF1 @ 16k -AH11 Wildcat is AF1 @ 20k -AH1Z is AF2 @ 35k -AH64(BAF-AH1) is at AF2 @ 39k -AV8(LGB) is AF3 @ 35k -AV8B2 is AF3 @ 45k -A10 is AF3 @ 40k Artillery: Howitzers (D30/M119) are 40k each while Grads/MLRS are 80k each. This ensures that the only arty that will be close to "common" will be the mortar as it's price is unchanged. The arty call system seems to be bugged as well, but that's an issue with WarBE afaik. Player slots: -Blufor Get more people to choose from (ACR,KSK,BAF,US,USMC) -Opfor normalized into 2 red hat officers, 2 medics and the rest as squad leaders. MASH: Officers in the first 2 spots. Spot: All of the rest except for the medics Repair: None! If you want repair on the go bring along an Ai engineer. Lockpicking: Gone so that people cannot screw tech progession by looting tanks even if res veh are locked. ---------------------------------- Permissions: Feel free to dePBO this mission to use as a baseline for any creations you might have. It's how I learned! Acknowledgements A massive thanks to Benny for his amazing WarBE mission and helping me by answering a few questions I had. Why hasn't BIS hired him yet? All the people who have played the previous versions and given feedback. Download: http://dev-heaven.net/attachments/9999/World-WarfareXE-V1.rar
  14. Xerxes-17

    Civil Warfare XE - CDF versus ChDKZ

    New Armaholic mirror, thanks Big! Armaholic mirror: - Civil Warfare XE - CDF vs. ChDKZ
  15. Xerxes-17

    Civil Warfare XE - CDF versus ChDKZ

    Thanks! However there were a few issues that slipped by testing and now have been fixed in the V1a version.