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  1. ok,

    hey cheers man anyway and thanks for the heads up...

  2. Hi Hollow Point,

    I was reading thru forums about the WarFX and JTD fire and smoke "dissapearing smoke" issue. I am now experiencing it and was wondering if you ever found a way to work around it as it's really annoying and breaks the immersion!

    Thanks for any advice!


  3. Hi ChazMan,

    Hey, thanks very much for your quick reply, appreciated man. It's mad, because I did have it all working at first, then tried to install the HiFi A10 one and then it messed it up! I've just reinstalled the ENTIRE ArmA2 game, but same problem still... :(

    This is a long shot, but is there ANY chance you can zip up your old version and email it to me please..?

    I understand if not,

    all the best,