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  1. Wow Shelestov..! This map is looking bloody fantastic..! :) It's very impressive at how real the locations seem, not just randomly placed assets- you guys are putting a lot of thought and effort into this and it shows. It's interesting for me to read your notes on your methods, and I look forwards to putting boots on the ground here. It's a beautiful looking map and I wish you all the best with it..! Marc
  2. meshcarver

    Make lower definition lods

    Everyone is different and has their own ways of doing this, but I prefer to do it by hand in this case mate- you have total control of the mesh topography then and there's less distortion as you do lower and lower poly LODs. Takes a little bit longer though yes.
  3. Hi Adanteh, Guernsey is an absolutely beautiful island to visit mate- it's an extremely picturesque cross between English meadows, tranquil little country lanes and almost Mediterranean coastlines and is WELL worth a visit if you want a relaxed holiday camping somewhere (I prefer to stay in a tent most places I go as it's great to be outside most of the time!). There's a very varied landscape to it too, so in that regard it'd certainly be a challenge but you may have to use a smaller tighter res size for you actual Terrain mesh as there's a lot of little hills and dips you'd have to capture if it was truly to be like Guernsey I think. Hope that answers your question mate, and for the record I MIGHT be going with either Anglesey or a part of the Kola Peninsula for my basic starting point for NOVA ZONA- I still haven't decided but will do some more research as the time nears for that side of development. Aye, I still whittle away at the structures when I can and it is a hell of a lot of work but not too difficult as it's my job anyway but it's just fairly time consuming. Also bear in mind all the structures you've seen so far also haven't been lodded up yet (lower poly versions of which I plan to make 5 levels of each as I want it to be as smooth as a freshly buttered bannister) so there's another 2-3 days each if done correctly and precisely. The actual creating LODs like Collision/Shadows etc is simple geometry wise but again just takes time and there are constraints in the way you can make them so that's why maybe some of BIs models still have a few little glitches. I've found some and then tried to replicate the same glitch in a similar model I've made and the glitch replicates too! There's nothing to be done for it sadly- like being able to "step over" against a solid wall and you can momentarily see outside the wall which is damn annoying, even after making the Geolod 50cms thick! As far as "effects" go, I'm toying with the idea of having two versions of NOVA ZONA- one (the main one) with all Anomalies and such ACTIVE, and a NOVA ZONA "lite" where it's got none of the strange and weird effects so in effect is a "normal" island, albeit a freaky looking place anyway! I'm completely in the blind as to how possible it will be for me to create these two variants but look forwards to seeing if any seasoned vets here could shed some light on this idea? :) As far as the weather goes, it'll be in a very similar vein to the STALKER series type of weather with everything from sun to storms, but will be "biased" to around 60/70% grim weather as the norm... Anyway man, thanks for your comments! :)
  4. Hi chaps..! :) Good to be back, even if it's only from my iPad..! @ AngelWingGamingJacob- NOVA ZONA is indeed an abandoned island mate... The story behind it revolves around the total damage wrought by mans desire to harness and expand upon natures unknown aspects, and also scientific experimentation on an unsuspecting populous (and the resulting consequences). @ -Ghost TF-- Cheers dude, I will try mate. @ MysteriousStranger- Thanks man, appreciated. @ RiskPickles- I'm probably the most impatient of all..! I like that you see a desolate side to the structures up to now as that's one of my intentions with this. This theme will be pushed further as the island develops. @ LinuxMaster9/MikeTim/serjames- serjames is correct lads, the actual new Terrain itself is someway off as I am methodically creating all the assets I'll need to populate this island with first. Only when I have at least 75% of those will I consider starting work on the Terrain itself. @ Handicap- Hey, thanks for the video mate and I've already seen that one and more like it! :) I am adding a hugely affected environment to NOVA ZONA, so sounds and atmospherics (like in the video) will play a large part. @ LinuxMaster9- Cheers dude, I just hope the wait doesn't bore you too much as it's gonna be awhile yet..! @ mi24- Thanks for your comments and that link. Aye, I've seen many Urban Exploration sites now and have an extensive library of reference but it all helps- even if I only use one photo from a whole site so cheers..! I am happy you're picking up on an atmosphere just from the pictures- that will only get stronger when you're actually hiding inside one of the places with rain hammering on the rooftops..! ;) Alright Stalkers, I hope that answers your questions and comments for now. Again, I'm sorry I'm not as active as normal right now but I'm confined to my little iPad..! It's always a fantastic boost to see your thoughts and comments and it helps massively to keep me in The Zone and walking the line... so thanks. :)
  5. Hi guys..! I've JUST got back from a great familly break in Guernsey, so will try to reply to all the questions and comments posted recently when I get time, probably tomorrow... I'll be back in front of my PC in a couple weeks anyway, so will hopefully have a few weeks free to do some more NOVA ZONA before RL work starts calling again lol...
  6. meshcarver

    Bornholm, Denmark [Terrain WIP]

    Wow- looking beautiful man..! Your work on this Island is an inspiration to me- keep going, it's great to see this place come to life..! :)
  7. Damn MistyRonin, you win the "fastest reply" award..! ;) Aye mate, I also love brick architecture and will be putting a LOT of it in NOVA ZONA so you will see all sorts of different brickwork structure formations- especially in the many Industrial areas. When you are running around at night with some ground fog, and one of those towers is on the horizon it makes you want to run the other way, so I know what you are saying. ;)
  8. ++ EMPTY REFUGE ++ ++ BRICK HILL ++ ++ SISTERS ++
  9. meshcarver

    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    ...is that you DAP..? If so... Fantastic. :)
  10. meshcarver

    "X-Cam" and "DAC" Project

    This looks extremely impressive. Am I wrong, or could we use the X-CAM to assist in creating islands/terrains etc? Is that what it will be used for? Excuse my ignorance on this.
  11. meshcarver

    JSRS: DragonFyre -- WIP Thread

    Damn, I REALLY like these new sounds... especially the shattering glass FX when houses etc get blown up. :)
  12. Guys- to those who are interested anyway: as I ain't got too much time left before I'm away from the PC for 5 weeks, and what time I DO have left atm is evenings only when I'm utterly fragged out, I'll try to get another structure ingame so I can show a few more screenies for you (Love making screenies now lol...). It'll be one I've made a while back now, but I'll just have to LOD it up and convert the textures and run a SPEC and NORM pass on them. Which one it'll be I'll leave as a suprise though... ;) I just haven't got enough time to start another from scratch atm being this tired out.
  13. @CaptainObvious- thank dude, nice of you to say..! @13isLucky- Yeah man, me too- I really love Dark Ambient when it's done well. I want a really evocative ominous sounding audioscape to NOVA ZONA when it's done, not so much music but rather ambient sounds to push a feeling of desolation and an island gone bad. I am using Altis for all screenies mate- that's BIs work right there as it's gonna be awhile before I start on the actual terrain (I'm concentrating on building an asset library right now)- but when I do you can be sure it'll be utterly twisted and sinister. @TokyoIndia- Indeed I have heard of The Woodpecker mate, thanks. I've done a lot of research over the years and more recently because of NOVA ZONA so am aware of quite a few of these kind of places. I love the Numbers Stations too..! Thanks for sharing anyway man..! :) @MistyRonin- Sadly, these recent updates are just because I actually had three whole days back to back free so finished some stuff up to show. I am utterly bereft of time in general and am trying to think up ways I can free more time up as it is... In a few weeks, I'll be without a PC for 5 weeks too, just so you know. :( That's a nice idea about the checkpoints too thanks- I'll be having various checkpoints and gate systems in NOVA ZONA anyway, so you will see them in some crazy forms too... ;) @AngelWingGamingJacob- I don't know what ALIVE is mate, but I'll try to make it compatible with as much as possible. @CSLA[LUKI}- No problem :) @Midnightm3nace- don't worry man, there'll be LOTS of things like that in NOVA ZONA. @RangerPL- Aye, I've heard that a few times now- rest assured it is entirely coincidental.
  14. ...in motion.@Ckrauslo- hey, that's a nice offer mate, but I'm ok for the time being. :) @WarLord554- Cheers dude, appreciated. @Moon_chilD- Sadly not man... It's just that in the past 3 days I've had more spare time than usual so decided to create a few nice scenes with my latest pieces in game and show how it's all coming on. There is still a LOT to do. Even making a map using entirely BIS assets is a HUGE undertaking- but I'm creating 90% of the assets first, and THEN starting to make the map, so you can imagine the time frame we're taking mate. All these latest shots and videos are just so I can cut loose for a little while and remind myself why I'm doing this- as it's quite enjoyable to create little scenarios and see them play out in the engine and hopefully you guys like to see updates once in a while too, so everyone's a winner! @[CSLA]LUKI- Thank you very much..! :) @TokyoIndia- Unbelievable you linked the Buzzer as I watched the same video about 2 months ago..! Don't worry, I'll be having so MUCH of this kind of stuff in NOVA ZONA mate- I love the Numbers Stations Transmission too, fantastic stuff..! :)
  15. @Ckrauslo- Hi man, hey thanks for your enthusiasm- it's more motivation for me..!!! ;) It's funny you mention Silent Hill as I almost got hold of a sample of that particular Siren sound taken from the movie I think, but when it came to downloading it'd been removed so I assume it was a no-no to use it. After that, I quickly found something as close as possible to it. In the actual map, I'm going to be doing (Or will ask for help off a sound guy I used to know..!) all these sounds myself (Or said guy) so we'll get it ratcheted up to a screaming drone that will make every STALKER in NOVA ZONA crap their pants. ;)
  16. @stephsen- lol XD @Mr Pedersen- I'm glad you like it man, I'll try to get a few more screenies of this large Raised Block today...
  17. Well holy sh!t, Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and suggestions! I apologise I didn't reply sooner to people but this latest structure has been built in between RL work- which is, incidentally a really difficult way to have to do it. Consistency suffers a LOT when you have to create something in snippets of hours or even 30 mins here and there as the clock strikes midnight..! It is a massive annoyance that I just can't get the time needed for this to be as good as it could be but priorities are priorities as this community knows well enough! :( Anyway, I'll try to answer everyone if I can which will be a challenge as I'm A; on an iPad, B; in my beddy bos, and C; slowly succumbing to sleeping pills as I type... @Moon_chilD- thanks man. It'a ALWAYS fantastic to get little positive comments like this- always! I'm new to mod making but I reckon to 99% of the old seasoned salty mod makers out there it's comments like yours that let you know in the best way that people are out there and have enough interest to let you know what you're doing is making them happy. Thank you. @MarkoCRO- as above mate, nice of you to say and I'm glad I found the time to at least make this new building! (Your sig is awesome btw) :) @stephsen- cheers dude, but still creating objects/structures I'm afraid. How I wish I had 24 hours a day to work on this! You would be seeing SO much more progress... as it is, I'm getting about 2 hours every other night. In the meantime for the purposes of showing progress I'm having to place objects on Stratis which is beautiful in its own right- a hell of an achievement. @sttosib- thanks man- well up to now AI navigation has been fine, but it works a LOT better with TPW mods activated (which incidentally I can't play ARMA3 SP without now!). The ONLY issues I've had is ironically with this last large structure I'm showing now because it's basically 48 meters tall, and has many floors connected by multiple ladders and stairways. The AI can be ordered up so far but then they just stand there like zombified STALKERS! For now, I'm letting things like that go, as I could waste precious time trying to fix what cannot be fixed. But rest assured I will try to make everything fully functional fir AI as best I can... Hope that answers your question mate. @Wiggum- gee shucks man..! ;) @MikeTim- hey thanks for your interest in NOVA ZONA! Right now it is early days and I'm loving the process of creating this- it's my dream project. It's just too early to say but, @PuFu has it pretty much spot on as always! I'll see once it's released! Sorry I can't be more specific mate but this is a bloody big undertaking that initially I wasn't even going to make public. @rzon- wow, thank you! I just hope the final map does not let you down rzon. @KevsnoTrev- bloody hell, amazing to know NOVA ZONA is on someones desktop in New Zealand of all places..!!! :) @CaptainObvious- indeed sir, they are big- and scary..! :) @serjames- thanks for asking mate, appreciated but please see above answer to MikeTim. @evil-organ- firstly lol @ your name! XD I'm glad you like the piccie mate and as I've mentioned before, for now I'm simply placing my objects on Altis and trying to emulate the weather and atmosphere as close as possible to what I want it to be like on NOVA ZONA, but rest assured, the very rocks and earth will be vastly different than anything you will see in these shots. I have big plans for the terrain... @Higher- shame on me, I don't ever remember hearing about Nogova until reading your post so checked it out this morning! Aye, looks like it was a classic map, but I never got to experience it as I'm late on the scene! @PepeHal- Great..! I'm glad you're looking forwards to it..! :) As I said in an earlier post, I'm really trying to create a map that will stand on it's own two feet here in the ARMAverse both visually and in regards to the genre. I've got more ideas about how to make it unique, but the only and biggest stumbling block is time I'm afraid... It's killing it. :( @Babylonjoke- aye man, dynamic shadows, and even BETTER (Dare I say it- essential!!!) true Underground implementation would be awesome... Goddamn if there's ONE thing that will be sorely lacking in NOVA ZONA it'll be underground structures and tunnels... They're just not supported though at the moment and I really think they won't be either sadly. :( @chrys45- Hehe, you will man, all in good time... @superpower- aye mate I know. I was in a rush today (that "time and RL" thing again!) and just dropped in that siren sound from a free source I found as I am planning to eventually hook up with a sound guy I used to know in the Industry to create some spot on bespoke sound FX. The siren is in the video to get across the atmosphere I am hoping to achieve. Alright guys, once again thanks for all your comments- it's a real pleasure and motivational shot in the arm to read them. I'll try my best to find time to pick away at this and in the meantime I've splashed out a bit and bought a lovely new A4 Moleskine bound pad to start really fleshing out the background and history of NOVA ZONA, as my old crappy A4 sketch pad is literally FULL and falling apart with drawings and ideas!!! There IS an ominous backstory to NOVA ZONA that is more or less solid, but now I need to start nailing down the details/names/locations of events and incidents so that when the time comes for me to start on the Terrain layout it'll be more grounded. Alrighty, those sleeping pills are kicking in..! :p ...zzz...
  18. ++ THESE FATAL SHORES ++ Hey guys, VERY quickly as I gotta run right now to meet my better half..! THANK YOU very much for all your comments and questions and I'll answer them all as soon as I can- byeee..! PS- Do NOT get stuck inside one of these on a stormy night... it's pretty scary.
  19. Hi guys, as it says really- I've just finished a structure and when in third person I go inside it the Unit goes darker as he should- but if I switch to first person he's all lit up as if he's outside in the sun..? Is there something REALLY basic I've missed here please? Cheers, Marc
  20. Hey guys, ok before I hit the sack, I tried a few of these class variations but it seems nothing will work with both those lovely sharp stencil shadows and making the unit dark inside. Also, by dropping the shadow settings to LOW those stencil shadows appear everywhere on BIS models too but the unit doesn't go dark in THEIR structures either..! So it must be an engine limitation..? Either way, looks like I'll have to get used to those jaggy shadow edges if I want my units to go dark inside structures... Thanks very much for all the input lads. :)
  21. Ah shit- hang ten a sec lads... Just noticed that the shadows look a lot worse with the Prefershadowvolume = 0. The edges are very noticeably worse- I spotted it straight away. With it set to 1 they look great, really clean and sharp? Why is this..? :( Damn, I hope this isn't a "one or the other" thing...
  22. Kiory..? I love you and want your children... It worked..!!! Thanks very much for taking the time out to help man, very much appreciated..! It MUST'VE been the Prefershadowvolume = 0 as I had mine to "1". I didn't know what they were even for- just that I got it from a sample properties somewhere... I might even try without a VIEW PILOT LOD? See if it still works maybe? Either way, thanks again man..!!! :) FTR, all my settings are on ULTRA, so it wasn't that mate but thanks anyway.