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    Question about Gaea Mission

    I think you are right. Despite being called Carrier Command, it is not for fans of the original. It is for Arma 2 players who never heard of original.
  2. I am a fan of the original Carrier Command. I have some question about the direction of this new game. First I shall say what I found enjoyable about Carrier Command and what I think could could have been simple improvements to make it better. Please let me know if you have attempted to recreate any of this in your new game. There are many different aspects of the original game that made it appealing to me. Everything is very accessible. None of the vehicles or carrier have a steep learning curve. You could take control of any of your vehicles very easily, and pilot them simply with a mouse or joystick. The depth was created in managing the ship. Choosing payloads for the vehicles and managing your fuel and supplies. Setting waypoints on an easy to use map. One fault with the original that I found was that vehicles did not attack unless you were piloting them. I would like to see more AI commands added, such as being able to issue orders like: Manta 1 defend Walrus 1. Manta 2 bomb enemy command centre. Manta 3 defend Manta 2. Walrus 1 deploy command centre. etc. The game also had a RTS elements. You had to strategize the capture of islands into resource, factory and defense type islands. Depending on the role you assigned to each island affected how many supplies were available to you when you needed to restock. Of course trading off on defensive capacity. It was good to keep the weaker factory and resource islands near the rear and keep frontline islands as defensive. Encountering the enemy carrier was a thrilling experience. So far you would have only been getting messages about it's movement. "Enemy carrier has captured Thermopylae". You would use these updates to try and locate it's position. The hunt and the chase. Making visual contact with it was very exciting. I would like to see more tactics involved in capturing an enemy island. I would like the game sped up a little bit. Strategy games took a loooong time. One way to compensate for this could be to have more enemies. More roaming enemy vessels. A bit like a game of battleships. Each fleet could comprise Commandship 1x carrier Replacable 1x battleship 2x cruisers 4x destroyers enemy fleet could having increased numbers, depending on gameplay. The carrier would be the central command ship, and the other vessels simply gun, or missile platforms controlled through the map interface. Enemy islands would have better defenses, missile boats and destroyer class ships as well as air defense and missile sentries. Requiring tactical decisions to take them out. and making combat more dynamic and exciting. One thing that I like about the original game was the attention to detail. I really used to enjoy setting up missions and watching it through all the different camera views. As everything happened in real time. e.g. viewing the Manta through the laser cannon as it took off/landed, etc. So far I am OK with the designs shown for the Manta and Walrus. I wonder what the point of making the islands so large is. Are you reducing the strategy aspects of islands serving specific roles? currently; I do NOT like the design of the carrier. I do NOT like the sci-fi soldiers I do NOT like the characters you have created. I do NOT like the silly story of planet Gaea