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  1. re fatigue

    we all know from personal experience that a trained soldier can run 40 miles with a battle load inc camelback, and rifle and mortar plate/mgammo/radio/log/giant rope/ or w/e platoon deigns to give you to carry on top of your kit. we do it by speed marching - walk, run, walk, run and can fight effectively at any time on that run, or after the 40 miles (assuming we have some water! esp in arid conditions).

    That's how the game works currently. You can slow-run pretty much indefinitely unless uphill with 30-40kg of gear on, fast-run maybe a few hundred meters before having to walk it out a while without getting too taxed. What you can't do is:

    1) fast run over long distances with significant loads on

    2) all-out sprint more than 250m

    3) go up hills/stairs quickly

    4) ignore your fatigue until it gets to 50%+

    I've not been in the military, but I have backpacked and I do jog/sprint regularly (and shoot guns), and none of the current system seems ridiculous to me like some people are claiming. Is it perfectly accurate in depicting a Marine? Hell if I would know, maybe not, you seem to think so at least. It works for me, a mere civ who likes the outdoors.

    Here's some data on the game for you to mull over:

    Tac pace = 6.5MPH (with gun) 9min mile (not bad with a gun in your hand and some crap on your back, but nothing to brag about, I'd guess this is the "indefinitely maintainable speed" for an inshape person like that)

    Run = 8MPH (with gun) 7.5 min mile (this is pretty good times for someone without any gear or a gun in hand on even flat ground)

    Sprint = 12MPH (with gun) 6.8sec 40yard (it's 5.6sec without a gun, and I'd be thrilled to hit a 5.6 on the 40 personally)

    You can indefinitely run at tac pace usually (with gun down), except uphill, maybe with walking for a bit every 500m or so if you've got a lot of gear on. So how fast DOES a Marine with 40kg of gear run a mile over uneven terrain with a gun in hand? You tell me. If you do 40 miles, do you do it in much under 6 hours? If so, well, the game has underestimated you I suppose (tac pace would take 6 hours to do 40mi).

    re weapon sway

    anyone civ or soldier (like some of us in the team who are expert civilian gunsmiths) can aim ANY weapon and hit a man at 200m square in the chest even if we had been sprinting for 400m before...it might take a few secs to calm your breath, but as you need to hold it slightly when you fire, so long as you can, it doesn't matter that your next breath might be a big gaspy one... the point is you can still train your weapon, aim, breathe in, exhale, hold, fire... in the space of a few seconds.

    That's also how the game works if you master the sway mechanism! I just tested in VR. I got up to "no more run" fatigue. Then I stopped, pulled up my gun, waited 3 sec, held breath, and I could hit a guy at 200m with probably 75% hits on the torso.
    basing it on time under fire, time firing, and wounds sustained is a far better approach for realism.
    Well, they do base it on wounds. Just imagine the outcry if they added an additional adrenaline malus to this game, though.

  2. That is for standing. I have literally just come off a range. I wish my point of aim was anything like that steady.

    First, what Mjolnir said.

    Second, you fail at reading comprehension.

    Third, what is that in your video, a whole 1 or 2 degrees of sway?

    Fourth, maybe 1x time and actually try to steady the aim and it wouldn't look half that bad, literally.

    Yeah, if I wasn't actively trying to steady my aim, I'd be lucky to hit groupings that tight while standing.

  3. I really want to see video from one person claiming it's unrealistic. In that video, the following:

    The person

    with a sidearm of choice

    30kg of gear on

    Runs 250 yards within 30 seconds.

    Immediately stops and shoots a 50+/6 shots on the NRA 25 yard timed pistol shot target within 20sec of stopping.

    Then I'll say, "you know what, you're right. I stand corrected."

    Heck, I'll do that even if they're just not sucking wind at the end.

    Heck, I'll do that if they can just finish the 250 yards in 30 seconds.

    Heck, I might just do that just if they make the video, just for putting in the effort to prove me wrong, even if they fail.

  4. IMHO best solution would be not to buy their products in future. I lost all respect I ever had for BIS because of ArmA 3 and DayZ. Neither has improved the #1 problem with their games; piss poor performance. They gained large following with ArmA 2 and Dayz mod and choose to blatantly exploit it and sell subpar products with no intent to fix them.

    BTW. If someone says SSD improves the performance of the game don't fall for it. I have Intel 910 400GB PCI-E SSD which is significantly faster than any SATA SSD and there is ~0 difference in performance of ArmA 3 when compared to using plain regular HDD. Loading screens are like 10 times faster but that's it. No FPS increases since the game is so CPU limited. Now the same snake oil marketers are trying to push ramdisk as solution to shitty ArmA 3 performance...

    I have an SSD. I saw a significant improvement after testing it. Of course, not all improvements are readily seen in FPS numbers, though they do come up in frametimes.

    Guess I'm a liar.

    I also have seen significant performance boosts since A2/OA, as have many others. Just run AinA, it's obvious, the engine has been improved. MP has been seriously improved too. 120 player games now, yes. In 2009? lolno, be lucky with 60.

  5. No.

    I severely doubt it will be in the next DLC. It's not specific to weapons. I also doubt it will be in the expansion, simply because such are my expectations.

    Something needs to be done, but midrange textures and grass concealment are two things BIS is dragging its feet hard on.

  6. The game is multithreaded, but it's still restricted by the main thread, which is a combination of draw calls (which even AAA devs have a hard time multithreading) and a sole AI thread (which BIS probably could multithread, but it would take a major rewrite, so it's not to be expected for an inter-release update). If we're ever going to see the AI multithreaded (and in a way it already has been 1/2 multithreaded with HC), it'll probably come with the first major expansion.

    Personally, I'm content with all the success they've had at reworking the engine for multicore support since A2. The fact it isn't perfect yet isn't getting me down. It's a lot better than it used to be (even the much-maligned MP -- 120 players wasn't possible in A2, 50-60 seemed the max, so we've nearly doubled performance there it seems). They do need to do something to either cut down on draw calls or multithread the AI going forward, especially since single-core processing power isn't likely to improve much in the future barring a gamechanging new tech. Either the AI won't improve for A4 much (which would be horrid) or graphical complexity won't, because either way we're hitting a performance ceiling right now.

    I'm guessing the real breakthroughs are going to happen in the newer and well-funded DayZ team (which wants like 1000 AI to be feasible), and get sent back to the Arma team once they succeed. DayZ is the place where a lot of fundamental rewrites and code work is being done right now. Arma seems to be a mixture of adding in a few new minifeatures and content, bugfixing, etc, milking the franchise a bit.

  7. Hmm that's disappointing..i thought its gonna be Taiwan or China
    You and me both. And what pics are you talking about?

    It looks exactly like Altis from Google Earth. Mostly flat and empty farmland (which BIS executes very poorly), with a lagoon instead of a salt flat, and more cities with 2- and 3-storey buildings only. If they include more of the mountains, that'd be great, but if the focus is just on that Altis-copy area... meh, I've got that map already.

  8. I like the sway and fatigue systems as they are now.

    Seems realistic, maybe a bit too punishing for the slowness of sway cooldown when coming to a stop, but otherwise solid. The end result is realistic anyway. At any rate, the end result changes the tactics in a way that makes them more realistic, which really is key. The days of run-and-gun killing people with quick-scoping ms reactions at 150m after sprinting 200m are over, and that's for the best. If I want that, I'll play BF4.

    As for the speed of sprinting, it's ~15MPH over 300m, which is realistic. Yeah, typical people can get up to 20MPH, but can they sustain that for a full 500-750m usually? The speed:stamina ratio is realistic at "sprint". Wanting an extra 33% speed is reasonable, but it would come at a higher stamina cost, and it'd be all but useless given a full 100% energy burst is hard to sustain in reality for more than 150m for anyone other than Olympic athletes and Tier 1 SOCOM operatives.

    The different speeds and weight effects and stamina impacts all are reasonable as well. They force you to seriously consider your loadout and pace. If you want to cover large distances with much gear, you need to be low-jogging. If you are lightweight, you can fast-jog for most of it. If you're wearing 100kg, you better walk everywhere. This was the desired outcome, stated by the devs, and it's succeeded. While a few tweaks here and there might help, I think it's 90-95% "good as it can get" for the stated goals.

    People are complaining because the game isn't CoD anymore, and the devs have come through with an actual realism feature that works and is reasonably accurate and forces more realistic gameplay.

  9. Hey, so I got a SBZ card installed finally.

    While the positional sound is working just fine regarding XY coordinates, there is no Z taken into account, nor head tilt. So when I look dead on at something, it makes the same sound as if I'm looking straight at the ground.

    Thought I was supposed to hear some tonal shift or whatever.

  10. I'd like a balance, but we've been getting new features with the last DLC and the next one, so I'm okay if we just get content. Honestly, we need the content more right now.

    A good island, not needing to be as big as Altis. I'd settle for another Taki/Chernarus sized one.

    The island does need a new terrain type, though! This arid and semi-arid stuff is getting old. I am simply not buying another relatively empty and boring terrain from BIS unless it comes with a major engine/feature upgrade. I've said before I want something lush and developing world, and I'm sticking with that desire. Whether that is in Asia or Africa or Latin America, I don't care, though I would put money on Asia being it.

    I do hope there's some improvement to how they handle vegetation as well, but that's not a priority, though it should be worked on for A4. The simple FPS-chugging ground clutter sprites, and the concomitant lack of concealment past 50-100m, needs to go, and the terrain probably needs a good decrease in grid size for more detail, if not coming up with a new way to draw far more convincing and appealing close-range terrain.

    I'd also like it if BIS would kindly port over and upgrade/touchup the A2 assets so we can play MP with them without mods, maybe with some HK/G/FN additions for the guns.

    So just that, I'm happy, assuming Marksman really does add a good bit of new features.

    Of course, AI improvements are one feature I'd kill for and which is well needed at this point.

  11. There's not much weapon sway when in shooting range mode in Arma, by which I mean full stamina, no wounds, no gear on. I find that it as closely mimics real-world handling as you can expect a game to. Maybe not when moving exactly, but then I normally don't run around while shooting, so I wouldn't exactly know. Perhaps a bit too much sway on movement, okay.

    Generally speaking though, Arma wants to mimic real-world accuracy results and combat styles, where people are tired, possibly injured, on an adrenaline high, and getting actively shot at.

    I've never done that, but I'm guessing it's a lot messier than when I try to get them all in the 10-ring ;)

  12. Yeah, KOTH with 120 players at that. A2 would just straight up crash if you tried. Performance has definitely improved. It's still not BF4/CoD level FPS, and MP still has its issues, but I'm happy now with what we got. BIS isn't EA after all, so it's a bit ridiculous to expect $500m budget results for a $15m budget game.

  13. In guess you should look at all this from another perspective. Some time ago we had 2000-3000 players online, now we are at 33000.
    Exactly. Back in 2012, A2/OA servers with 30+ on were few, save DayZ of course. The community was nearly flatlined.

    And the ones that were heavily populated were about the same as what's in OP's stats. Rather than complain about the new game modes, we should be thankful, because without them it's unlikely we would've even had an A3, and certainly we wouldn't be surefire on DLCs/expansions/A4. The series likely would've died with OA otherwise, or at least been on its last legs. Whatever you think about the current state of the game, imagine what it'd be with a third the budget...

    It's worth remembering as well that there hasn't been a revolutionary mil-style game mode in ages. Modes like domination and Insurgency are ports from Arma and Arma 2. Maybe people are bored of playing the same modes for 5 or 6 years. Personally, I never liked the CO-OP COIN missions where players spend their time taking pot shots with their thermal scopes at AI running around with AKs.
    Zeus? It's gone nowhere, but it was something the COOP community had been calling for since A1 at least: live mission editing with 3D placement.

    There's like 20 people playing ZGM modes usually now, though. I'm disappointed, because it's something I'd like to do more often. However, there's 2 crucial issues with Zeus:

    1) the AI still sucks horribly, and a lot of GMs are not as aware of how to work around this than experienced scenario makers.

    2) GMs decide the quality of the game a lot, and too often totally inexperienced people take the reins. Aside from the afore-mentioned AI issues that can result, they just end up making a mess of the session.

    But yeah, I otherwise agree. At the very least, a total reimagining of Dom/Evo/Insurgency is needed. Otherwise, it's private servers with private mission makers making hand-tailored scenarios.

    Do note that Warfare can be fairly COOP depending on how it's set up, while also having PvP elements in addition. Of course, when you put PvP right next to COOP, the AI's failures become way more apparent and immersion-breaking.

  14. Nothing. Only suggestion is to get a faster CPU. I know the 45xx series is fairly new and fast, but 3.3GHz is going to chug on the main thread. 4.0GHz+ would run it better.

    That said, it's Arma, so there's hardly a guarantee that you'll actually get better performance. MP performance probably won't change at all.

  15. [TABLE=class: full]




    [TH]Games Played[/TH]

    [TH]Player Time[/TH]



    [TD] 1[/TD]

    [TD] Altis Life RPG[/TD]

    [TD] 97240[/TD]

    [TD] 1735014:29:48[/TD]



    [TD] 2[/TD]

    [TD] Epoch Mod[/TD]

    [TD] 71052[/TD]

    [TD] 1062829:28:16[/TD]



    [TD] 3[/TD]

    [TD] Breaking Point[/TD]

    [TD] 2321[/TD]

    [TD] 348349:14:16[/TD]



    [TD] 4[/TD]

    [TD] King of the Hill by Sa-Matra (vTEST)[/TD]

    [TD] 2937[/TD]

    [TD] 191869:28:18[/TD]



    [TD] 5[/TD]

    [TD] battleroyale[/TD]

    [TD] 12269[/TD]

    [TD] 163624:39:44[/TD]



    [TD] 6[/TD]

    [TD] A3Wasteland Stratis v1.0b[/TD]

    [TD] 4575[/TD]

    [TD] 151500:40:05[/TD]



    [TD] 7[/TD]

    [TD] Community King of the Hill by Sa-Matra (v8)[/TD]

    [TD] 2070[/TD]

    [TD] 123097:36:54[/TD]



    [TD] 8[/TD]

    [TD] A3Wasteland Altis v1.0b[/TD]

    [TD] 6594[/TD]

    [TD] 118405:57:50[/TD]



    [TD] 9[/TD]

    [TD] Altis Life ASYLUM[/TD]

    [TD] 1667[/TD]

    [TD] 100445:46:42[/TD]



    [TD] 10[/TD]

    [TD] Stratis Wasteland by Sa-Matra (v13)[/TD]

    [TD] 505[/TD]

    [TD] 97035:16:55[/TD]



    Better than just looking at servers.

    KOTH/Wasteland are as milsim as you make them. You can get in a squad and play it fairly seriously with a small group over TS in the larger server, or you can just pub it and play Arma-style BF4/COD. Breaking Point and Epoch can be similar, just with a zombie theme.

    Seems like there's a ton of interest in the game still, that's what's good. About 1.5 years since the alpha release, and we still have tons of full servers. The Arma 2 populations weren't nearly as healthy at this point in that dev cycle, if I remember it right. It also probably had a similar breakdown, with DayZ, KOTH, and Life mods making up the lion's share of play time.