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  1. If your are willing to help out, you are welcome to do so. Raining sounds are pretty important to me too, so maybe you can come up with some nice recordings for that. Dont really need animal sounds though. The most important thing would be environmental static sounds that can be looped. Like forest areas, meadows and what so ever...LJ
    Would you need separate rain recordings for nature (like in a forest or something) and rain on concrete/metal for an urban locale, or just one sound for both? I mean, the sound of the impacts is very different.

    I'll look into this next week and see if I can find some places nearby without any modern background noise.

    PS: can you add a wind sound for when driving in an open vehicle (chopper/ATV)? I nice "whoosing" would really add to the immersion there.

    Edit: ehehehe, apparently a typhoon is on its way. You will have your rain sounds.

  2. Your recording is actually not bad. Still I hear many things that bother me.
    It wasn't intended for audio but for video soundtrack. At the time it was on top of a camera that was on top of a tripod that I was actively panning around. So... the popping noises (from the panning) would be absent in a proper recording (those are me interacting with the assembly, which wouldn't be necessary on a solely-audio recording). The static (I can't hear anything 'static', but I think) is a motorbike or car on a nearby road, the sound of tires/pavement and engine. The recorder itself is noise-free unless it's windy.

    I can get some serious frog sounds if you like (like a lot of frogs, plus crickets/etc). I live in a rather swampy area, and latenights are quiet enough I can get 1min+ recordings without "modern ambiance". For more birdy/etc sounds as in the video it will need to wait for my next hiking trip, which may be a bit of a wait, but if you're interested let me know. I might also be able to get fairly isolated tropical birds (without background ambiance) since lots of people keep them here as pets.

    Oh, and rain. I can do that and then some. You want heavy rain sounds, let me know quick since the wet season is drawing to a close.

  3. One big suggestion: make the tooltip popup for equipment/weapons also include weight. If you're going to make it this important, we should be able to quantifiably know how heavy a given piece of equipment is. Currently, there's that quite elegant lower bar oranging thing, but it's not terribly precise for smaller things like magazines, and I can't find the .bin that holds the weight info.


    Awesome awesome awesome. I was just about to complain in another thread about the weak effects of fatigue, and how it should (A) have a stronger stamina impact based on weight, (B) slowdown, and © more weapon sway, and then I come here and bam! You guys did it already.

    Can't wait for this to hit an official update.

    My suggestion (note I don't do dev branch anymore). Also max weight is now 3/4 of current main branch (in my table):

    Increase in Fatigue

    [TABLE=width: 500]



    [TD]1/4 weight[/TD]

    [TD]1/2 weight[/TD]

    [TD]3/4 weight[/TD]

    [TD]full weight[/TD]































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  4. Get that sometimes. I get stuck badly on some odd surface that probably wasn't meant to have me on it (roof) or AI gets stuck randomly on terrain after being told to move somewhere. Try telling them to go back out the way they came it, and mixing that with return to formation commands. That sometimes works. But this issue has been around since ye olden times of yore.

  5. Like with FX mods or terrain mods or AI mods or anything that adds real proper quality to the game, I wouldn't mind paying $2-5 for a DLC (or $5-10 for all 3 things together) or having it rolled into an expansion. That said, I do feel like a lot of this should've been included in the stock game, and I really dislike spending money for features that ought to be in the gold release, but since I know it's a community member working on it, I am less hesitant to part with money on the issue.

    Look, as nice as the new A3 vanilla sounds are compared to A2 vanilla, the ACE2/JSRS/CSM mods were a huge improvement on A2, and it's fairly distressing that seemingly none of the great work done on those was incorporated into A3's sound approach. I'm pretty sure Ghost Recon 1 had much better sound modelling than this game in its current state... I'm not sure, but I know games around when I had my old nForce audio board had way better 3D/env sound than A3 does 10 years on (though the samples might have been lower quality, the simulation was better). Maybe that was the audio processor, but I'm pretty sure most modern onboard processors can handle these sorts of things now.

    Same sorts of reply for AI and FX as well. Definitely watching this mod and Blastcore with much hope.

    If you need any tropical environmental sounds, I have a Zoom H2 (up to 4-channel sound recording, fairly high quality) and live in a very tropical location. I wouldn't mind on my next hike taking some recordings if I can find a place with minimal modern noise (this is the hard part). I can also get developing-world urban/rural sounds (chickens, motorbikes, etc). Not sure how useful any of this is to the Mediterranean, but just offering.

    Here's a sample, stereo but it's actually the two front channels merged to left and the two rear channels merged into the right stereo channel (so a 360-degree stereo recording, but I can do 4 full channels if needed - also I was moving the setup around while shooting, hence some instrument noise):


  6. Well if you have 4 files for each: shot, occluded shot (more bassy and lighter), inside reverb, outside reverb, then you can have ___ types of playback:

    - next to inside source = full shot + full inside reverb

    - next to outside source = full shot + full outside reverb

    - nearby inside source = bassy shot + half inside reverb (the reverb would be partially occluded)

    - far from inside source = half bassy shot + half outside reverb

    - far from outside source = full shot + full outside reverb

    But, yeah, JSRS will probably do this, so focusing more on animations would be better I guess.

  7. 1. They don't use buildings without being placed in one. This makes CQB dull as hell.

    2. They don't move much, especially when under fire. This makes CQB dull as hell. This also makes them fish in a barrel, even when the player is on a hill engaging them in the middle of a city - they just stand around in the middle of a street (also see #1).

    3. They don't use cover well. Better than before, but again their primary response, especially when in the open is: stand/crouch and shoot. (basically #2).

    4. They suck at long-range engagements (#1-3).

    5. They're super-accurate (why balance the 0-1 scale such that anything after 0.3 is "superhuman"?).

    6. They can't do/use X feature.

    So, yeah, all of that hasn't been fixed. There are some definite improvements, but their general inability to do anything other than act like superaccurate fish in a barrel makes them a dull opponent.

  8. Hope you come back to it, Nord, but I know this sort of thing can take literally 100s of hours and is just truly boring as hell work, so I understand your hesitance. You certainly don't owe us anything. I wanted to do a very, very similar mod to another game, but gave up after about 15 hours of work since there was at least another 100 to go and I just wasn't that in to the game.

    To people bashing the devs, which is quite fun at times, let's put it this way: they weren't sitting around playing with their cats all the past 16 months. We've gotten the best they could do with the resources they have had. It's clear they can't make everything 100% perfect and graphically on par with AAA games and engines. Personally, I find Altis to be a huge improvement over Takistan, though of course not without its issues (like, why is every farm random grass/shrubs instead of crop groundclutter?) and inadequacies. But the map is a huge improvement itself, and I'm really impressed by how the mapmakers have progressed in creating more and more realistic and detailed terrains since OFP with each new iteration of the series.

    Anyway, Nord, I hope you can come back to this in time. I hope even more the devs hire you to do this, since a task of this scope deserve some compensation. If you want to make it a paid mod, I'd happily pay $5 or so for access if the end result is as good as the screens show.

  9. It's already possible. JTD Fire and Smoke is a mod for A2. One can talk about how graphically rudimentary it is for the fires, but it can be done in the engine. With a lot of particle effects work, I'm sure it could be convincing WITH wider area effects (smoky air within 500m).

  10. Just want to see an "injured out of combat" state/animations like they have in A2 when enabled, which isn't just "ragdoll unconscious" but rather has the characters rolling around on the ground or occasionally flopping over in pain or whatever - a continuous prone animation set. I think that was set up fairly well in A2, with a large percentage of casualties being non-immediately fatal and even recoverable through medical assistance. A combination of this with an ACE-like system would be best.

  11. Another thing, team balancing. I think it's a good idea, but then the team that gets swapped to immediately knows the location of the enemy base. Locating an enemy base is usually a struggle in itself, and the fact it can take so long on Taki/Chern (usually requires air) is one of the reason games on those maps can be as long and epic as they are. If you institute auto-swaps to balance things, it takes all of that away. In games I play, things can get very unbalanced, not because one team all quits, but because new players all stack up on one side. So my suggestion is to prevent new players (who haven't played the round yet) to be forced onto any team that is behind the other in player count. Even severely unbalanced games (12v3) can become severely unbalanced in the other direction soon enough, and so on. There's regular see-sawing I've seen, and there's no reason to auto-swap. Just auto-start on one side.

    One other suggestion: make artillery only buildable at the MHQ. It can be a game killer too often, and it's a bit OP for any single player being able to build it and shell an enemy base from 3+ km away with it and effectively ruin their game, if not end it all within a few minutes. It's hard to really counter, especially if the base limit is set low (1-2). Keep vehicle arty, yeah, but letting arty be repair truck buildable is OP. Basically, if you want to shell the enemy base, you need to have your "base" within its range also - some risk needs to be present for all that reward. Currently, there's little risk, just the time in getting it set up once you've located the enemy base. Strategically, it's a no-brainer decision, and the way I think almost every game I've seen ends. It leaves the end-game feeling shallow and anticlimactic.

    Take it away, and gameplay can last much longer and make for more interesting late games where you actually would have to use overwhelming force to defeat an enemy, rather than just having 1 guy take an MTR out to some hill, rapidly set up a large arty FOB, and shell them into oblivion.

  12. First, awesome mod. Been playing it since A1. Thought it had been discontinued a long time back, but I guess not :) been getting back into it lately.

    - Weapons are used for gear and infantry (Soldier (base) > 20 Weapons. Javelin Gear > 50 Weapons)

    - Fuel is used for vehicles along with Weapons

    - Supply is used for building and upgrades as usual

    - Supply is capped by default, building some kind of Service Point in the base allow the supply/fuel/weapons limit to be increased

    - Each bases has it's own set of resources. A supply chain can be built between them at the cost of an upkeep

    - Commander can elect some Field commanders which are allowed to build FOB

    - Commander can restrict access to factories/gear (to be worked~)

    So, a CoH approach to supply, which worked well.

    Right now, I think the biggest issues in my play are revolving around the commander role, and I think you're moving in the right direction with your changes there. Making it less important is key, because I've seen lots of issues over the years because it makes a huge difference, and yet very few players are willing to take on the role, especially for more than 1 round. Adding field commanders and making an "auto-commander" slot are great.

    That said, the commander also needs less power. Allowing him to restrict access to things seems counter-productive. Also, as currently implemented, allowing him to set everyone's income to $0 is going overboard. That should be capped at like 60% or something (which is a ton of $/min (or weapons/min, etc) for 1 person anyway), no less. I don't want to have to beg to play a game. Limiting that also limits the commander's influence in the game, which means things stay more balanced, which means longer and more challenging matches when one team pulls a "bad/no/selfish commander" card and the other gets a good one.

    On that note, in long games with a lot going on, commander votes can take 5-10min to resolve due to the timer ticking down at super-slow speed. That needs fixing.

    If I was killed by friendly player I want to see a menu: Punish or Forgive. If player receives 3 punishments within 5 mins then he will be auto kicked from the server for 15 mins.
    I'd be even stricter. I hope this can be configured to admin taste... But, yeah, it's about time this got included. Base structure kills should be like a permaban. The community is healthier with none of those jackasses around.

  13. And again an official dev member walks into a flame thread to publicly explain that (1) they are aware of the issues and (2) they are trying to fix them, only to meet with:

    Incredible rage that they have not officially stated that they are aware of the issues and will focus on them enough.

    Smilies don't to my sentiments justice, so I'll just leave it at that.

  14. @white (to cease the derailment but say my piece)

    civ to me is civilization, is that what you are talking about? theyre games in which you dont have to aim precisely, and hell, with turns you can take an hour to click once. doesnt even make sense to bring that game up.
    If my mirror responses to your absolutish posts seems nonsensical, perhaps you should reflect on that...
    any shooter-like game needs fps for precise aiming and to compensate recoil. thus the same goes for war flight sims and other genres. and ive competed on live for speed and fps also makes a lot of difference in racing games. and who said anything about lag spikes, is that your rationalization? one doesnt exclude the other so it has nothing to do with it. clear case of cognitive dissonance.
    Yeah, all those consoles are impossible to aim in. Only a thumb, too. Where's a "lol smiley" when you need one?

    To spell it out for you, I've played most FPS titles since the genre was invented. There are many that I wouldn't play today at 20-30FPS because I wouldn't be competitive online. Most on the forum know these games well - cutting your reactions by just 100ms can make a huge difference in your gameplay and success in MP because you have opponents coming at you from every direction almost every second in some fast-paced constant-respawn mess of a small map. On the other hand, I can get by with 25FPS and a 300ms ping in Arma without many issues. Funny how you ignore actual experience when you hand-wave away opposing opinions as "cognitive dissonance" (and what's the term for believing everyone who disagrees with you suffers from psychological problems exactly?).

    To take another game as an example, BF1942 was a game where low framerates would kill your online success, but playing the DC mod made them significantly less important because A) the maps were generally much larger and B) the engagement ranges and deadliness were much larger as well. There were still classic-'42 moments and maps, but many other scenarios where tactics, surprises, good positioning, and teamwork made more of a difference than good old spray&pray. For those latter situations, framerate was far less important overall than your approach to play and how tactical you were. Reflexes, hand-eye, and ping would help to an extent, but you could still be a "good" player with a solid head and a little teamwork instead. Try just having those two on a classic '42 map, though, and you'd get nowhere fast as it was more of a melee than anything.

    And, yeah, I managed to do pretty well on the older BF titles with equally poor FPS and pings. I really loved those twitch shooters, and wouldn't mind picking one up again for a bit for fun now. They're a different type of game, and can be a good bit more fun than Arma at times. Doesn't change the fact that just because they're all "FPSes" doesn't mean they're all the same sort of game with the same skills being tested in the same ways and degrees.

    and as usual fanboys jump to attack anything or anyone that disrupts their fantasy world. so people should attack the one that went offtopic to begin with and not the one who replied correcting him, and simply stop replying with more inquiry about it so i dont need to answer.
    Come into thread, state some nonsense in the most trollish way possible, claim everyone disagreeing is a delusional fanboy, don't apologize for clearly baiting a thread offtopic, and claim it's everyone else's fault. Got a psychology term for that one, so I can hand-wave away your entire online presence with two words?

  15. Yup, the direction of the current target needs to not be a primary factor when said target is obscured. By using whatever the devs did to stop AI from shooting at unseeable targets, they can also disable such targets from determining their orientation.

    Additionally, AI REALLY need to be able to respond quickly to footsteps and nearby gunshots. They should be able to hear anyone moving within 10m and should consider these their primary target for at least 60sec after hearing them (meaning watching THAT direction, so players can't just sneak up on indoors units or shoot them through windows at point-blank).

  16. there is no such thing as "this or that game runs smooth in 30fps" what goes on is cognitive dissonance (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cognitive_dissonance) of accepting what you have and making due with it
    I'm fine with CoH running at 30FPS or Civ4 running at 20.
    any experienced gamer that is used to good smooth fps around 60 knows this. its not in vain that pro players try to use 120hz monitors and use gtx690 on low settings
    I've been playing FPSes since DOOM I came out on floppy. I don't need a 120hz monitor because, guess what, I'm not a "pro". I play casually, usually COOP which requires the reflexes of a snail most times. I'm "fine" with 30FPS right now. More would be nice, of course, but I've settled on the 30s and 40s as being acceptable.

    Anyway, FPS is less important to me than lag spikes. So long as the action is smooth, whether it's at 30 or 80 FPS is less important for my experience. 60FPS regularly and jarringly stalling for 100-150ms is almost equally as painful as 25FPS regularly stalling for 100-150ms. I'd much rather have 30FPS constant than 60 with constant spiking.

    Not saying Arma does that, but saying that your outlook is fairly simplistic and your overgeneralizations about "everyone knows it" are just that.

    Civ4 is fine if it runs at 20FPS because you don't need twitch responses in a TBS. CoH is fine at 30FPS because, again, twitch reflexes are fine. Same for Arma at 30. It's less pleasant than 60FPS, but playing without grass and a 600m viewdistance is even worse. I'm not trying to win a tourney, I'm just sitting back and shooting AI fish in a barrel or skulking around trying to not get shot by bandits most of the time.

  17. Also getting this line issue. Basically, about 20m away in all directions there is a 1-pixel-wide bright line on the terrain. It moves with the player. It appears polygonal (not circular). I have seen it on Utes and Zargabad, but I haven't tried the other maps yet.

    Additionally, the AI are getting "caught" a lot in buildings where they can't move. The same is happening for AI in the field, like after giving medical help to someone.