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  1. Arma is and was never a game for public servers. I guess 90% which are playing this series online are playing it with friends and with teamspeak. If you want awesome public gameplay play BF4.
    Rubbish, rubbish. There are tons of fun pubs that build up communities around them. I've joined squads and pubbed throughout Arma 1-3, and both are quite viable ways to play. Some of the pubs are very close to (or significantly better than) privates, and yeah some are full of headless chicken(shit)s and children/teens.
    What is gads? I'm assuming it's an acronym for something bad, so I'll say this... wasteland still counts as MP :).
    Good God or something of that nature.

  2. The really necessary changes are taken too long!
    The changes always take a long time, though, precisely because this is a fairly small company taking on a very large and ambitious task (the games). They made $6 million in 2009 on the Arma series in revenue... AAAs make like $6 million a day around releases. Now compare the end products of DICE/Ubi/etc to Arma 3... Arma 3 is actually way more ambitious, large-scale, and complex than BF or CoD.

    Can we come to understand why all these features are not included, or scrapped, or why bugs take a long time to fix, or why there's no 64-bit engine yet, or why it's not "multithreaded' enough yet, or why assets are having to trickle in over many months instead of a flood at release, or why some performance issues linger for some players in some instances after months of development?

    resources / tasks

    I'd love more features, better netcoding for the 100+ player servers. But one must have excessive patience given the situation we, the fans, are in here.

  3. To Mister Andry, I can only say that my point on that matter has been made by now as well as can be made.

    Do note my tone herein to be one of civility and pleasantness, after a quite delectable dinner of turkey and bacon.

    NEWSFLASH: Calling someone out on their BS is now considered Animosity, more at 11.

    Seriously, how is it animosity to point out the flaw in logic?

    I will hold up the mirror only...

    "Hey our engine is crap"

    "naive masses"

    "That whole statement is so stupid"

    "It's also stupid"

    I'm not sure what to call this other than "animosity", by the definition of:

    .......ill will or resentment tending toward active hostility : an antagonistic attitude

    And I do not see, nor have ever claimed, a "conspiracy to destroy BI". What I do see are many individuals acting similarly, out of their own flawed reasoning and expectations.

  4. I would keep you up all night pointing out all the differences JSRS2.0 brings to the game compared to the Alpha. So I could keep it short and just say: EVERYTHING!

    So let me kinda explain what I mean!

    JSRS Alpha is like the empty hull of a old fashion hot rod with nothing in it. JSRS2.0 will bring the paint job, the seats, the blown hemi, the sidepipes, the dragster wheels, the supersport suspension, the psychobilly music and the Custom Kulture Babes!

    JSRS Alpha is like bare pizza dough with nothing on it. JSRS2.0 will add tomato sauce, salami, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, tons of cheese, something to drink and the hottest woman in the world who would like to share this pizza with you, NAKED!

    JSRS Alpha is like drinking without alcohol. JSRS2.0 will add the moonshine, bring all your friends, babes, music, fun and a lot of awesome moments you will LIKE to think back in your future!

    Well, I guess you'll get my expression hehe. Thanks for staying patient guys! Running a difficult time since a few weeks and it changed a lot, for now and for the future -.- But JSRS2.0 is not dead!!!!!!

    Thank you guys so much for all the nice and kind words which are really helping me staying on this route so finish what has been started!!! THANKS!


    This explanation is as empty and infuriatingly tantalizing as any one of your own analogies.

  5. tl;dr:

    Follow the links.

    "Community manager" = "wall of marketing jackass" that will further widen the supposed gap between community and dev team.

    Devs aren't going to hang themselves, especially when modders are claiming to want to leave the series (that they've kept afloat) over some issue.

    Campaing > minor bugs.

    ;2558860']DNK the series only survived because of modding.

    The modding community expects and deserves keep being informed.

    Otherwise people will just leave - bad strategy for the company..












    http://forums.bistudio.com/search.php?searchid=1640689 (search: posts: Dwarden)

    http://forums.bistudio.com/search.php?searchid=1640693 (search: posts: pettka)

    http://forums.bistudio.com/search.php?searchid=1640703 (search: posts: klamacz)

    And I'm tired of linking further. It's never enough. I see devs in the addon/scripting/editing/user missions forums making posts on and off in their free time. That's not enough. Is it just this 1 issue - Java support? I get that it would make things easier (certainly I may not be expert in it' date=' but I am well aware of the difficulty of using .sqf at times through less deep yet no-less intense modding). How this becomes a reason to turn people off from the series or claim all sorts of negative things about the devs is beyond me. How all this isn't sufficient for modders to be satisfied is beyond me. As a casual modder, I'm completely and utterly satisfied by all documentation, tools, and ongoing communication the devs have given and continue to give over the years I've been playing, scenario creating (almost solely for personal use, as is the case with many 'modders' who never bother to release their work or contribute much on the forums), and lightly modding the game. It is all so, so, so much better than what I've seen for basically every other game I've worked with.

    So, where is it modders have it so much better in FPS land, what community has both this level of dev support [i']and[/i] this sort of milsim community? I can name a few of the latter, none of the former, and certainly none with both. Certainly, certainly none with all that and anything approaching the openness and scope of the Arma sandbox.


    You guys know what a "community manager" is going to be? A marketing professional, who is never going to commit to anything, because they know better. You're going to get a bunch of non-answers and "smoke and mirrors", you're then going to claim that the devs are even less engaged because they've hired some **marketing jackass** (to be pronounced with tones of utter disgust) to interface with the community and have retreated behind this wall of marketing - they'll have gone all "corporate"... You will gain nothing and lose more of your beloved dev interaction, that's all. Not to mention hiring 1 community manager replaces 1 dev (perhaps 2/3rds of a dev only). All things have a cost here...

    And so what do you want the devs to say about Java? You basically want them to 'fess up that they've scrapped it for the time being, put it on a backburner for a much later date if at all, and then give you the rope to hang them with. Then you'll run around and claim they deceived you or don't care enough about you, the beloved modders who, you know, are the reason the series still exists. Then you'll stomp the ground and say they clearly don't want your talents in their modding community and run off to some other game, leaving them destitute because we modders made you.

    If that sounds like a really insidious take on your position, then I suppose I've conveyed my opinion of that position quite well. Those may not be how some like to see themselves, certainly not the language they would use to portray themselves, but that's how it comes off all the same.

    And there's the other rub - that serious modding teams/individuals are going to up and quit over perceived slights and a lack of total recognition of their amazing contributions. Undying community support for their work and achievement isn't enough, they need the devs to jump for 'em when they snap their fingers over X issue.

    And let my words not be taken to mean I do not respect and am not very grateful for what gifts these very same modders have given me and the community, or even to say I don't at least partially sympathize with some frustration, but the attitudes and literal statements of many in this and other similar threads current and past just leave such a bitter taste in one's mouth. Thankfully, many of the favorite community modders are not so turned off, and many great gifts continue to be given to the community.

    I agree with the OP here. I honestly think BI should completely stop campaign/DLC development if needed, just to fix some critical things like object collision (ie. indoors), movement, animations clipping through things, being able to switch weapons while moving (instead of requiring a mod to do it), possibly put more furniture in houses, etc.
    And how many people would then complain about BI not delivering on their campaign promise? Also, why can't they do both? As has been mentioned a bit, individuals on the dev team will specialize most likely, and there's no reason they can't both bugfix and handle new content creation without seriously deleteriously impacting each other.

    Campaign, promised months ago, takes priority for the vast majority of users, I would bet. I'd like those bugs to be fixed (save switching on the move), but priorities...

  6. Fully agreed with the above. It would be nice to have areas (like in cities) with higher poly counts. It would be nice to have better groundclutter. I would say, we should have taller groundclutter on average, and also crop groundclutter for farms, which currently are all 100% fallow and overrun by weeds on Altis, and this makes me worry very strongly for the island's economy...

  7. So, if you go into MP, you will have the exact same FPS as in SP on all servers? No server ever lowers your FPS? You never get FPS drops? I find that hard to believe...
    From that post:
    I don't doubt there are some MP issues, mind you (if this thread was just about MP, it escaped me, given how little info the many complainers are posting about their issues - mostly just huffing and redface and threatening and other such negativity).
    To reiterate, there are MP issues. They need fixing, but this thread isn't clearly about MP-only issues as far as I can see (which isn't very far, given how opaque many of the complainers have been).
    Also, 200 pages and a the most voted feedback ticket can't be shrugged off as a "minority". That's a very large percentage considering that's just 200 pages on this forum. Go look at the A3 community hub, reviews and etc. and you will see how many people are complaining about performance.
    It can be called a "minority" still of the entire customer base. Last I checked very, very few customers ever post in the forums, and obviously this is going to be titled towards those who have problems since, you know, people without issues don't typically sit around making threads and celebrating the fact they have "acceptable FPS".
    I don't see a reason for your sudden BI defence. None here is saying this game sucks or is insulting BI, people just want answers.
    They are all over the forums since the alpha. Maybe I got this thread mixed up with others, but there's this animosity towards the devs/company that's completely uncalled for. Um, like the post above this one...

  8. If the developers ship a game without a promised feature, and then fail to provide any status on that feature, then I am absolutely going to do my best to dissuade people from purchasing it.

    BI could have either

    a) Not promised features

    b) Provided the features they promised


    c) Given solid feedback as to why those features aren't in

    Doing anything else is a flagrantly dishonest tactic to boost sales. It is scummy, and should be called out.

    So you're punishing the company for being more open (and liberal) about their plans than other companies at the outset, basically. Let them buy from DICE, since they're so much more open. Daily development updates, weekly SPOTREPS, monthly SITREPS, constant dev interaction with the community (though not what you, personally demand, it's there)... I mean, that's not worth anything because my personal minor feature has been ignored and no one's talking personally to me and my issue.

    Also, the lack of Java support is such an issue that you're turning casual gamers away from the game - right... I'm sure that was included by marketing just to attract the 0.01% of gamers who actually were on the fence over that specific issue. devious bastards!

    And, yes, I'm angry. I'm angry because this development studio is one of the best and most open I've ever seen for a game (outside of 1-man indie teams who have to be so open to get funding, and even then BI beats a lot of those hands-down), and all a large part of the community can do is bitch and moan that they aren't perfectly, in some idealized sense of the word, open, or that their small dev studio can't deliver a AAA-quality game for 1/500th the cost of an actual AAA-quality game with every possible feature of simulated reality every forum-goer could think up over the last year and make a ticket for.

    Entitlement and completely unrealistic expectations. People can't just appreciate the amazing game and studio they have, because they want the connection of a 3-man indie team with the results of a $1-billion corporate studio.

  9. I'm pretty sure 227 pages, most voted feedback ticket, a problem in every A3 review, and more posts about it on the internet are not a "minority"...
    Reviews from alpha/beta/early release and page count and complaint threads, awesome proof. The claim that "everyone's having issues" needs to be supported, by the way. That's how logic works. I don't have to support anything - I say it's not the case. Your side is arguing for something, provide evidence, solid evidence, not hand waving about thread posts and feedback votes. Hundreds of thousands of people bought this game, if just 0.5% have issues, it's going to spawn a 200-page thread if just 15% go on to whine about their issues on the forum. Obviously some have issues. They're vocal about it, understandably (though rarely constructively). Methinks you don't quite understand how that can skew your perspective of the actual preponderance of the issue...

    I don't doubt there are some MP issues, mind you (if this thread was just about MP, it escaped me, given how little info the many complainers are posting about their issues - mostly just huffing and redface and threatening and other such negativity).

    I've seen dozens/hundreds of people posting their specs. And almost no dev response. I remember being promised an optimization dev blog 5 months ago, where is that now?
    Other people, yes. People in this thread, not really. And the devs have responded on many occasions. How much of a dev response is enough for you, by the way? 1 post/day? 1 post/week? 5 posts/issue? They do respond, and in the same thread, in the same week, people complain that they don't respond, right after they responded. What do you gain, anyway? "We're working on it" is about all they can say until they fix the problem, then they state what it was in the devblog/SPOTREPs/etc. They obviously have people working on it. They tell the community through SPOT/SITREPS about this constantly.

    So... really, what do you all want exactly?

    Also, just because you and your fellows keep posting 50x a day about your problems doesn't mean the devs are obligated to post a proportionate amount of times to respond. This may be their primary concern, but there are clearly also like 50 other things they need to spend time on. They can't keep everyone fully up to date on everything every week AND do their jobs.

  10. I'd say he's damn well entitled to ask what's up.
    No, he's not (damn well!) entitled to a personal answer from the devs. Lots of things get nixed during the course of development (of anything ever), or they get pushed back to another date. That's life. Expecting working professionals to spend significant amounts of their days answering angry forum posts by random, anonymous ranters is fantasy. You have a job with real pressures? You want to constantly take time off and stop working on those important things just to deal with the whining, implacable bs that fills a lot of these complaint threads, knowing 100% that all you'll get in reply is even greater and more heated whining because you can't give any solid response that people will accept? Yeah, devs don't want to either.

    Let's be clear: the game is what the game is. It may grow somewhat with features over the next year, but it's mostly finished now, bugs aside (which if you've got 100000 hours of playtime in previous titles, you know many will never get fixed or will be replaced by new bugs when they are). If devs don't hand-deliver personal replies to your queries, it's probably because your desired feature is on a backburner and there's nothing really more to say other than "release TBA". That's how a lot of game studios work with releases nowadays, "TBA". You should be used to it by now.

    I've simply resorted to cautioning everybody I know against purchasing the game, despite the fact that many of us have well over 1000 hours logged on the previous titles.
    Why? SP is fairly rock-solid, and most people play SP. The campaign is also getting released finally, and there's a decent stock of missions already available, but no, the community thanks you for your "support".
    And I'm not even asking for Java support. I'm asking if the developers still plan on implementing it or not. All it takes is a yes or a no. Which is the same kind of thing this thread is asking for. Just for BIS to be a little bit more engaged with the community.
    How's "maybe" sound? The second they start giving you their expectations (which any developer knows is a very rough guess), then they get held up to those as though they were set in stone on Mount Sinai. Probably this is not a core priority, and as such no one's paying much attention to it or it's still be considered but hasn't been fully committed to yet.

  11. Either way or another (lets talk about the most voted features) are little things your customers believe are essential for them..
    Well, my customers can gfts because they haven't paid me a cent! No service for cheapskates! :D
    *Lets' get back on topic.
    What topic? The claim that MP is dead is itself dead. I'm looking on the website I linked to earlier (it's Saturday afternoon in the US). The top server has 111 people on it. The next 11 servers have 50+. There are 3,024 players online right now (Steam claims 6,000 total players, and that added to non-Steam sales means a very vast majority in SP). There are 20,000 playing Arma 2, but 17,600 of those are playing DayZ, making the two games roughly equal. By comparison, on Steam CODBO2:MW3 has 12,000:9,500, also roughly equal between the new and old versions. Steam isn't photoshopped, nor is swec.se...

  12. Coop runs WAY better than A2. Units aren't warping everywhere anymore, they aren't disappearing or doing other random things.

    wait to see if BI values Realism>Gameplay or Gameplay>Realism.
    But.... what if they value both? .... (and you can't after a full release figure out where they rest on the spectrum? You need a few more patches to figure it out?)
    BI might just not have the manpower to do all of that... In fact, I'm going to definitively say they don't. This is a company that couldn't have more than 30-40 devs on salary, and many wouldn't be appropriate for these bugs, and those that are probably have bigger fish to fry than setting up whole new systems. Not to mention a lot of those issues probably aren't worth a quarter of the necessary effort/expense.

  13. That's upsetting. It makes me feel like I've spent my time and money on a company that does not value me as a customer.
    This entitlement attitude with many members has to stop. You are 1 customer out of perhaps hundreds of thousands. Why do you think you're entitled to anything more than the game + updates? They don't owe you 1 feature, sentence, or even word beyond that, because you, personally, are a miniscule drop in the bucket of fans and customers they have to serve. The devs have more important things to do than respond to every single thread someone makes. Everyone feels their issues are important. Everyone wants the devs to respond to them, and so many seem to get hurt when they don't...

    You all can't be the center of the universe, unfortunately. We'll have to pick someone to be it, I guess. I vote for Chortles.

  14. BIS could make the cover situation a lot better, but it would take a new addition to the game: mapping objects for cover. Basically, they need to go through every object and map which positions have cover. For example, you have a house with 4 positions on one side (2 corners and 2 middle wall), you then attach to each position the relative cover values for a given direction. Same for stone piles, short walls, etc. It then becomes a lot easier for AI to quickly and CPU-efficiently find nearby cover from a given direction. It's not perfect (with ray tracing or whatever), but it would work a lot better than nothing and be pretty much non-CPU intensive.

    Actually, this should even be moddable. Someone just needs to go through each object's set of positions and add variables for cover for each axis (up and down) - so 4 additional variables for each object position. Then a simple AI script could reference these when calling for a nearby cover location. You could add additional variables for the height of the cover for each direction, so if the AI is engaged from a higher Z-level, it would select preferentially cover locations with greater height. (This latter is important due to the human team tendency to snipe from a distant high point - "fish in a barrel tactics".)

    A bit tedious is all. No, it doesn't take into account using defilade (terrain). I can deal without that.

  15. Another thread where "everyone playing Arma has problems" because... a few people in the thread have problems and they drown out or attack anyone who challenges them. Or the "look at the feedback ticket, it's so high" because, you know, people would vote against better FPS... Personally, I vote for fewer FPS.

    And then all the people complain about their entitlement to more FPS, and demand BIS fix it, and then they give their full system specs and clear feedback about where they see slowdo....

    Oh wait, they just whine unproductively and harass/badmouth devs and the studio.

    Want your problems solved? Be constructive and give details.

    Right, the devs have magic ESP powers and can just fix things without having any information on those things or the systems being used. "I have a Titan" is not terribly helpful either...

  16. Should check first to see what your game is actually using before going through a bunch of OS "tweaks". ime, tweaking is a euphemism for "messing with things you don't really understand that well." If you have to ask how/what to do, don't. W7 is fairly well optimized, you shouldn't need to dick around with things it's been built to do automatically (handling page files, etc).

    Also: Process Explorer

    It's quite helpful in figuring out what's going on with performance.

    RE: Scope Lag

    I think because you're finely adjusting things, you just notice the general game lag more. What's your FPS before and during scopes? Mine actually increases with scopes up, yet they feel a lot laggier.

  17. Do note that I put a lot of effort into getting that feature added.

    Also note that it isn't 500m+ distance grass draws, because that would be nigh impossible for a non-voxel-based engine without dropping FPS to like 1. It is adding a grass-like alpha texture drawn over units relative to their Z-position to create a more seamless, camoflaged, and realistic look. It's actual gameplay value would be somewhat minimal since the current "grass invisibility" layers are usually so low as to make units still quite visible.