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  1. Yeah that's what I'm looking for, are you sure it would work though?
  2. Yes this does work. However, there are some issues that go along with it: Respawn will break Food/water will break The slashes on bottom will disappear Bandage indicator will disappear + more I can add save game, but these will be the issues that will go along with it. I'm really not sure how I can get around it. I think all player variables and eventHandlers get deleted on the load game, and that's why these things happen. I'm not sure of this, but it's my guess. If there was a way I could check for when the game loads, I could just reapply these variables. But AFAIK it isn't possible. ---------- Post added at 07:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:47 PM ---------- A new 1.3 Beta: Changes: New Spawning system Food/Water should now work Can't escape weapon removal / fog addition by hitting Escape on skin selection screen Enabled saving, see above post for repercussions of loading a save game Saving and loading can only be done by the host. It's just how it is in ArmA as far as I know. Test, Enjoy, tell me what I did wrong. :D http://dynamiczombiesandbox.com/ -Craig
  3. I'll look into this radio spawning issue, I've heard it in the past also. I'm finally back working on this again guys! Hopefully I stick to it this time! To start things off, DZS now has it's own web page: http://www.dynamiczombiesandbox.com It isn't done yet, but I'll be adding new things as time goes on. I've set up a DevBlog to keep you updated on progress also. Thanks, Craig
  4. I'll look into these infected bugs, thank you.
  5. Yes, I haven't fixed that yet. New installation tutorial: http://www.moddb.com/mods/bobtoms-arma2-missions/tutorials/dynamic-zombie-sandbox-installation An interview from fps Guru: http://www.moddb.com/mods/bobtoms-arma2-missions/features/what-is-dynamic-zombie-sandbox-fps-guru
  6. Thanks :D My dedi isn't working, my host (defcon) is being silly as usual... These are a result of some locality issues, holding up the startUp script. The above issues should be fixed now. 1.3 Testing Download The link in the previous post will work too. To open the food/water inventory press the ~ key, there is also a parameter to turn it on and off. Barrels of water and food stands are spawned in the mission.
  7. @flaep I'll take a look, the system is looking for defined hills, if there isn't any defined hills on the map it freaks out and throws a hissy fit. On a brighter note Here is a link for the beta version of 1.3. 1.3 Testing Download New features! [TABLE=class: list related-issues, width: 1145] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #50617: New parameter option: Use only weapons from mods[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #50620: New parameter option: Use only vehicles from mods[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #50645: Make zombie classes mod compatible[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #53367: Skin selection dialog at start[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #53955: Faster, FSM, loading screen.[/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: hascontextmenu] [TD]Feature #54069: Food and Water system[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] And some changes to Infected and TownAttack. They should work better. This isn't dedi tested, so please tell me if you encounter any issues! Some pics: http://bit.ly/qbj3yb I've also got an installation tutorial going through modDB's vetting process. I'll post it when it gets approved. Expect 1.3 next weekend. Have a good weekend, Craig
  8. Yes, yes those options would be great to add. Both gamemodes are just in a Beta form right now. The goal was to get them mainly working for 1.25. Next release is probably sooner, rather than later.
  9. I've updated the links, zombies shouldâ„¢ work on dedi now. Also I've updated the front page. Writing modDB news now... This was kinda part of the plan, I wanted infected to be non-JIP, like the classic zombie experience.
  10. bobtom

    Sp mission: Namalsk Zombies

    After you complete the mission, you have the option to get on the boat. Or go explore the island. There is ammo and stuff all over the islands.
  11. Description You are one of the last elite soldiers left on the island of Namalsk. You need to defend the northern part of the island with your life. You start at the border of the unzombified lands... Some features 2 player coop Many, Many infected Both linear and free roam fighting New weapons released with PMC that may be good for killing zombies (AA12) City infection Gives you choice of either a linear short mission or an everlasting free roam mission. Free roam functionality increased Required Addons Undead mod Namalsk ArmA 2: CO Photos http://img337.imageshack.us/i/arma2oa2011012318100095.jpg/ http://img842.imageshack.us/i/arma2oa2011012317510014.jpg/ http://img546.imageshack.us/i/arma2oa2011012317463979.jpg/ http://img593.imageshack.us/i/arma2oa2011012317432911.jpg/ Read before downloading! The team leader must be played by a human, or else the mission will not work. Download Version 1.3 [/url] Namalsk Zombies Co-02 (@) v1.3 Any and all feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks! Charon Productions Sumrak F2 team for their handy readme template and Bohemia interactive of course! Change Log
  12. Good catch, I've updated the links to fix this issue. Thanks again!
  13. Dynamic Zombie Sandbox Version 1.25 Overview While 1.0 was said to be all about stability, it really wasn't that stable on dedicated. So I've completely redone multiple parts of the code, and put others i n a more efficient format than .sqf. The spawning system has been redone, multiple gamemodes have been added, and zombies control now use a system simliar to DayZ's. I ran my dedi for three days straight and zombies were still spawning. I think the total was around 3,000 zombies killed on my server alone. And that was early in 1.25's development cycle. So go out there and host. Besides performance improvements I've added two new gamemodes. These gamemodes do something that is quite unique for an MP mission like this. They change DZS completely from it's basic state. The first gamemode is entitled infected, which is a near straight copy of Call of Duty Zombies. The round sounds are there, there is a mystery box, and you may buy weapons. You get points for hitting and killing the zombies that spawn in waves. I really enjoy this one, after a bunch of waves, it gets very intense. And there is no respawn (well, there is, but you respawn as an invincible animal). The second gamemode is called "Clear out town" or "Town Attack" or "Town sweep". Call it what you want, but about a hundred or more zombies spawn in a town. You spawn just outside the town. Clear it out. It's a challenge, but the more friends you bring the more fun it is. There is also a parameter to have military vehicles at your disposal. I plan on elaborating on this gamemode more in the future. Why call it 1.25? It's true I have gone up by .05 with every version before this, but this version has some major changes and additions in it, thus deserving a larger jump. What's New? After the 1.0 release I decided to foucs on bug killing again, but the performance issues were still nagging at me. I decided to take the plunge and revamp the spawning and the control scripts. They are now run via .fsm. The new spawning is now the default in the parameters menu, but the old spawning is still there. Major Additions: Helicopters Spawn at Airports Support Vehicles now have a chance to spawn (repair, refuel etc) Random Hordes spawn around the player (script by Spam_one) Bandage Counter on the bottom left Two New Gamemodes (Infected, Town Sweep/clear) Major Changes: New spawning system New zombie control system Major Bug fixes: Dead player's body wasn't removed Zombie bodies w/ loot never were deleted Issues with sidemission markers Entering Searchlights killed zombies nearby NVG wasn't carried over on respawn Spawning outside of the map Changelog: Full Changelog, with info on each ticket can be found at Dev Heaven Bug #38458: Zombies stop spawning. Bug #38459: FPS drops for everyone Bug #38461: Side missions and markers don't update on Jip Bug #38466: Base sidemission spawn on already existing base Bug #39635: Zombies with loot would stay on the map indefinately Bug #39637: Players lost NVGs on respawn Bug #39648: Disable "E" parameter was broken. Bug #39649: Dead players clog up mission. Bug #39783: Entering Searchlights Kill Nearby Zombies Bug #40008: Markers wouldn't work if the sidemission was called twice. Bug #40009: On zargabad, people spawn at bottom corner of map. Bug #40028: Sidemission Marker Variable Error Bug #40166: Vehicle damage at start is messed up Bug #40167: With new zombie scripts, zombies attack too fast. Bug #40216: Mission marker was not deleted for JIP Bug #40738: Changing weapons spawning parameter didn't work. Feature #41869: Added Helicopters Feature #41870: Bandage Counter on the bottom of screen. Feature #46235: New GameMode: Infected Feature #46282: New GameMode: Clear out a town (Beta) Feature #46338: Random Hordes Feature #46717: Repair, Refuel and Ammunition vehicles Task #39633: Convert Celery's zombie scripts to .FSM format Task #39636: Create a new spawning system, and make it .FSM Downloads: Once again I am going with the 3 versions, and one bundle of all three. Donations: As you know we don't get paid for this mod, I've put a lot of my free time into it. If you want to keep DZS going and promote future features feel free to donate as much as you wish. Also for any donation over 10 USD we will send a DZS wristband to you home. Just include your address when you donate. Donate! Combined Operations Version (CO) Requires patch 1.62 of ArmA 2 Combined Operations. No other mods/addons required. DOWNLOAD Operation Arrowhead Version (OA) Requires patch 1.60 of ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead . No other mods/addons required DOWNLOAD ArmA 2 Vanilla/Free Version (A2/A2F) Requires patch 1.10 of ArmA 2 or ArmA 2 Free. No other mods/addons required DOWNLOAD DZS 1.25 Pack DOWNLOAD Thanks to: Dethorath - Helped a lot with sounds and testing Tonic - As usual, being great. VVC team Loyal players Everyone who hosts the mission Celery for making the zombies!! (and ArmA 3 MP) And a shoutout to all the people who make fan art and custom loading screens! They are great! Thank you!
  14. I offered help, i liked your suggestion, some people enjoy playing without zombies, mainly for the PvP. But go ahead and find your own way, but don't call it Dyamic Zombie Sandbox and don't use any of the scripts without my permission. I'm not the only one who knows how to do anything, correct. Others have offered their help and I've let others release their own modifications. And thank you, Moderators, for your support.
  15. No, I can add that parameter! :D
  16. You want to play DZS without the zombies? Not the first time I've had that request. You can play tonic's Wasteland gamemode. It would also be very easy for me to add a parameter to DZS to turn zombies off. :D
  17. bobtom

    Zombies on FLIR

    It isn't very aesthetically pleasing, you right. At least you can rationalize 'Infected' zombies as not really being dead yet, and therefore not cold. But it isn't game-breaking or anything. ---------- Post added at 10:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:30 PM ---------- Unless it's possible to change it with the following command? http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVehicleTiPars
  18. New testing Version: Changes: Did some more tweaks with the spawning, better Diag_log messages for the spawning. Default Spawn distance is now 100, the higher this is, the more realistic. Set it to whatever you like. Vehicle spawning no longer uses preset arrays, now it takes the classes directly from the config file. This means that all vehicles have a chance to spawn, even modded vehicles. Just like how the weapons work. Supply/repair/refuel/etc vehicles now have a chance to spawn with the rest. Readded random hordes. Spam_one's version. Fixed sidemissions not starting if player was in a truck In the infected gamemode, the round sidechat message should now appear for all clients. *need confirmation* Fixed onDeath event handler in startUp.sqf, slight variable error Cut down on Debug messages, switched mainly to diag_log messages. Vehicle spawning is more intelligent. Cars have a higher chance of spawning than trucks. Military vehicles w/o guns have a chance of spawning in civilian areas. Thanks again, and if you have screenshots, please submit them! I'll get around to updating the dev heaven page today hopefully. Download: http://bit.ly/1-05Testing Regarding the code changes in the vehicle spawning: http://pastebin.com/yJdxTNRe
  19. Anytime man! It's easy to overlook the easy things, I've done it far too many times to count, lol.
  20. bobtom

    SafeZone with Markers

    If there is a will there is a way... for the most part... Create a marker with certain dimensions on the map, then create a trigger with the exact same dimensions of the marker over top of the marker. This is all done on the map screen. Set the trigger activation to "Anybody" and "Present" and "Repeatedly" In the condition field put: this In the activation field put: while {triggerActivated thisTrigger} do {{if (side _x != resistance) then {_x setDamage 1}} forEach thisList;} That's one way to do it, if you want it from a mapscreen perspective. This hasn't been tested. Change resistance to any other side you want (East, West, civilian)
  21. Not sure what the issue is with the :s, but it's supposed to be the following: Note the } instead of the ] at the end of the line. class AK74 {count = 8;}; class RPG7V {count = 2;}; class Binocular {count = 2;}; Source: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Description.ext#weapons
  22. Lemme get this straight... It randomly generates a different base every time you run the script? That's awesome! Can you change the size and everything? I'd love to see the script! Nice work! -Craig
  23. Nice screenshot! Question: Would you like to take more? I would love to have some quality screenshots for the 1.05 release on modDB. One will also be selected by ModDB staff to be put on their headline ticker on the front page. (http://www.moddb.com/) Anyone else is free to post their favorite screenshots also! Thanks, Craig
  24. Here is a newer testing version. I made some more tweaks on the spawning of zombies. It is tweaked more for setting the spawn range further out, like 100 meters or more. They spawn faster now, and should populate towns quite quickly. As usual: http://bit.ly/1-05Testing
  25. Hello everyone, I have some treats for you today. First off I have made some tweaks to the new zombie spawning, I hope this will work out better. Mainly involving the time between spawn attempts and the amount of zombies possible to spawn. Also, zombies going through barriers. This issue may not be as present in this latest 1.05 testing, but it will still occasionally crop up. Other fixes: Zombies no longer play the death sound when idling (not sure how this got screwed up) Zombies shouldn't attack each other anymore, this was a locality issue caused when the "Zombieness" of a zombie wasn't passed to other client's zombies. Now for the good stuff: A friend of mine had an idea, that idea was to create a fast paced, Call of Duty Zombies type of gamemode. I liked it, and I was looking for a break from normal DZS, so him and I created a new gamemode. It's available in this version of 1.05, select it in the Gamemode's parameter Some features: Wave based spawning Mystery box (like call of duty) Money system Dialog for weapon purchasing Compatible with as many people as you like A video showcasing it in an earlier form. Narrated by Luke Jansen, who came up with the design, and helped script it. Jansen will be showing up a lot more soon, helping me with various things, and answering questions. 097aawTn3Ic Download Link: http://bit.ly/1-05Testing Enjoy, Craig